The Eagle’s Cry

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My dear brothers and sisters.  After so long with little to say or share, it would seem that my cup runneth over.   Spirit is strong and the new energies have stimulated my creative desire.

Spirit has asked that I share some of my experiences for the benefit of those who may find themselves struggling a little with their spiritual progression.   Those who may be doubting themselves.   Now is the time to let go of fear and doubt.  Now is the time to embrace who we really are and what we are here to do.   No more waiting, no more hesitation.  Humanities ascension into a greater and more balanced awareness and being is at hand.

I was raised in the Roman Catholic Church and attended Catholic school for 12 years.  I had always had an intuitive sense and was quite shy and withdrawn.  I was always deeply spiritual though I would not have used those words at that time.   I had once thought I wanted to become a priest, but as I matured and developed some sense of independence as most teenagers do, I came to question many of the church teachings.  Though when some people ask, I just tell them that I had discovered cameras and girls.   I was fortunate that much of this time in Catholic School was under the influence of Pope John XXIII who was quite progressive and the Catholic School I attended had a number of progressive nuns and priests.  Some of them were really quite amazing, even enlightened to some good degree.

Upon graduating High School I left the church and began a lifelong search for a truth that made sense to me.   To make a long story short I began to experience many other differing viewpoints.  The great breakthrough came however while I was in US Navy.   There I was introduced to the works of Edgar Cayce which opened up many intuitive and meditative doors for me.   One day I became very ill.  My barracks mates were all out and about and I was so ill I could not get help.  I crawled into my bed, with great stomach pain and eventually slept.  What I experienced then is difficult to describe, for words are insufficient to describe infinity.   In essence I remembered.  I remembered myself and others in a moment before this earth, when we were all infinite souls soaring the universe.  Perfect energy and infinite we were unbounded.   We traveled with a thought and interacted with each other by mingling our energies.  We knew each other not by name but by our energy vibrations.   I do not know who long this lasted, but eventually after what seemed like a few hours I awoke.  I was no longer ill and the pain was gone.  All this time my barracks mates had been gone and I had been alone.  However I remembered.  At first, remembering nearly drove me crazy for conscious mind cannot understand infinity.  But I eventually settled into a place where I understood but did not try to figure things out, only accepted them.

The years following that time, my life went through many changes and turmoils.   Relationships were difficult and often disruptive.  I knew that I needed to be upon a different path but didn’t know what that path was or which way to go.   I think it would be safe to say I struggled trying to live up to other people’s expectations.

I jump forward now to the mid to late 1980’s.   My life was scattered and I was back living at home with my Aunt and Grandmother.   I had my first computer, an Apple IIc.  During this time I was working through various jobs but more focused on trying to discover my spiritual self and understand the various spiritual experiences I had.   I knew I had a different purpose, but doubted my self often.

It was during this time that I had a most wonderful meditative vision that I will describe for you.  It was a meditation vision.  One that has stayed with me ever since, through good times and bad times, through confidence and doubts.  Through relationships and the ending of relationships, including my short marriage.   I has been my foundation and my comfort and even after all these years it will just “come back to me” every now and then to remind me.  It came back recently out of the blue just a few weeks ago.

For those not familiar with Native American lore, the eagle is often considered a messenger between the Great Spirit (Creator) and humankind.

The vision:   I am in a different place and time.   Standing high upon a cliff, I see myself from behind.  I cannot see my face.  I observe myself as I stand looking out into the sky, my hair is long and dark and a heavy robe of animal skins rests upon my shoulder.   I am aware of winds.   Standing there I lift up a bundle or an object like a prayer pipe (not clear which).  Praying or chanting I look to the heavens.  In the distance I see a great eagle soaring around in circles.  Each circle brings it closer to me.   As the eagle draws close it is immense in size, feathers of the purest white and its wings nearly fill the sky in front of me. The Eagle cries out to me but I cannot understand.  Its words are like the wind itself or rushing waters in a river.   It draws very close to me and hovers in front, reaching out 1 wing tip and touches my forehead.  Everything changes.   Before me is no longer an eagle but a brilliant being of light.  Surrounded by a golden aura and yet radiating the purest white light.   I can now hear and understand the Eagle/Being’s words.   Even today, decades later they are burned into my mind.

“I am the Eagle and the Dove, the Hawk and the Sparrow.  Since the beginning of beginnings I am.   I am the first word and the first light.  I am your brother and am come to you that we may soar together upon wings of perfect spirit.? “

Many more things that were spoken to me that day that I did not remember but they were poured into the depths of my spirit to be remembered when I was ready and the time was right.  I had a sense that I had a purpose to bring certain knowledge and hope to humanity but often over the years have doubted myself.   For decades the “needs of the world” to work, find love, and be a productive person, distracted me from my spiritual work.  For a time after this vision, I and a few other person’s (Bill John, Red Feather Heart being one)  published a small newsletter called The Eagle’s Cry (it was pre-internet) that was distributed for free to a few metaphysical book stores in the Denver and Colorado Springs area.  Typically only about 2000 copies each printing but amazingly a few of those copies made it across the oceans to other countries, hand carried by other people.  Eventually I fell away from the publishing, burdened as it were with daily life.  My co-publisher Bill John eventually passed away and for a short time two ladies who lived in the mountains kept it alive.

The advent of the internet changed things a lot for myself and others.  I tried setting up spiritual websites and and chat boards but with little success.  Again life’s necessities and distractions interfered.   Every now and then that vision would come soaring back into my mind out of the blue, it would not be forgotten.

Some of you may be familiar with a song by Peter Gabriel called Solsbury Hill.   For years I heard this song on the radio but never listened to the words.   According to what I have found on the internet after he left the band Genesis, Peter Gabriel had a spiritual experience on a place called Solsbury Hill in the UK.   From that he wrote the song.  (information not verified)  One day, a few years back, after years of hearing the song, but never the words, suddenly as I drove down the road, I heard the words for the first time.   I was shocked and moved to tears as at the same time my vision came flooding back to me with incredible force.    I was amazed at how similar Peter’s vision was to my own in many ways and how his personal experience was also similar.   It was then that I realized that my experience was not just my own be also belonged to many other people.   Spirit was trying to wake us up and get us moving on a different path.

Link to the song Solsbury Hill with Lyrics on YouTube

Much as was expressed in Peter Gabriel’s song, I realized that one of my problems was I was afraid of what people would think.  Not just the general public but family and friends (not that I every had many real friends).  After all, some of what I was experiencing was getting out there, so to speak.   I had grown up in a world and family that was set in its ways.   I had grown up the youngest and mostly ignored for my thoughts and opinions as I “couldn’t know as well” as the older and more experienced.  So it was that I had doubts and sought to avoid confrontation over ideas.   Didn’t want to disturb the peace, which was always fragile in my family.   And pretty much as the youngest I was expected to be seen but not heard.    Strangely enough that feeling still exists within my family.  Not that they are bad, just stuck in their thought patterns.  My outside of the box ways don’t make sense to them I guess.

Dreams and visions have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.  Not many as strong and powerful as the Eagle Vision, but I have always been very intuitive and empathic.  In some ways that was also my weakness as for a long time I couldn’t distinguish between feelings that were mine and those that were actually someone else’s near me.  What I can say though is that for an empath like me, getting drunk in a bar was an emotional disaster waiting to happen when the flood gates opened and I felt everything going on with everyone.

Suffice to say, such strong empathy often played havoc with love relationships as well.

Despite all the upsets and setbacks in my life, somethings were as solid as a rock, and and “The Eagle’s Cry” is one of them.  It may fade temporarily buts always comes back when needed.   The thing is I don’t just remember the vision, I re-experience it in many ways, just as if it was the first time.   It still brings me to tears of Joy.

During the time when I was publishing the Newsletter, The Eagle’s Cry, a spiritualist minister, Rev Jackie Slater, who saw my writings called me and wanted to send me something she had channeled many years before.  She said she didn’t know why she had channeled it when she did, but when she read my writings, she felt it strongly it was intended for me.   It also moved me strongly like my vision but while I still doubted often, it also has stayed with me.  It has become my personal mantra and revealed to me some of what my true life’s work is.

I sing my soul to God
A silent song of praise
A stillness of my being
A growing of my spirit

My wings are spread to catch the Joy 
To soar on high within and speak in Silent Whispers. 
My song is a wall, against the desert of despair.
I am the song, and my wing’s are God.  

Now I have wandered on here a while with my story.   What I am getting to however is that after many experiences and time, I have come to realize that for me to be happy and joy filled, I must live my life, not the life that other’s expect for me.  That can be difficult sometimes but I’m finally up for the challenge.

It has taken a long time for me to realize that I must stand on my own and establish my life for me, not for others and their expectations.   Pretty crazy isn’t it for someone who has had many, many lifetimes, some spiritually advanced.   And I know it.

The reason for telling you my story is that I know there are others out there like me.  Others who are not living their true purpose and spirit wants to assure them that it is okay.  Never give up.  Make a choice to live your life and don’t worry about what other people think or say.   Be who you are spiritually and live your life  of love and joy as it should be.  Inspire who you can along the way, but don’t dwell on the logistics or number or acceptance.  Just live, just be, who you are.  If you are positive, if you are loving, if you are joy-filled, if you are inspired, then you are on the road that you should be on.

Now I will leave you with one little writing that I wrote out of nowhere, so many years ago when publishing the “The Eagle’s Cry” newsletter.  I had sat down at my computer and the words just sprung forth.  Like the others, it still today has great life to it, and moves emotionally and spiritually in amazing ways.  Like the other’s, it just suddenly springs back from out of the blue now and then, to remind me.  I have a destiny.  A work to do.  A love to share.  A joy to demonstrate, a hope who shine, a light to weave into the doubts of the world.

Sleeping Eagle now awakens
Darkness reigns no more supreme
Voice of spirit now is sounding
Rising to heaven’s glorious realm
Divine love erupting forth cleanses flesh and mind of limitation
Awaken child of Eagle’s Dream, awaken to the Life that is Yours.  

If my story helps others to realize their own spiritual purpose and to move beyond their doubts then my story has served its purpose.  May the blessing of our Father-Mother Great Spirit guide you and may you find your true path.

Now it is time for me to stretch my wings and to soar forth like an Eagle or perhaps an Angel.   Remember to listen to the Eagle’s Cry when he/she comes to you.   Only Joy, Love, Peace and purpose await.  Live your greater life and freely soar the heavens as you are meant to.

Until the next time.  I am your brother in love, light, joy, peace and spirit.  May we soar together on wings of perfect spirit and aid humanity in its Ascension into a greater consciousness.


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  1. Thank you Dave. Meanwhile I believe that we starseeds and lightbearers have similar life experiences, our call to awaken comes at a specific time and when we don’t listen it nudges until we hear it and begin our work on earth. We are strangers in our families and have to find our true family. Life isn’t always easy but it will be better now. Ascension is happening and you did yours for it to happen. Thank you for this brother Dave. Love and divine blessings for you.

    • Yes, I believe you are correct. We are strangers, not only to our families but often to the world about us. I think this is because we see differently from a different, more universal frame of reference. Yet we do find our true family. 🙂

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