Let your hearts, be not troubled. Neither be afraid.

23b49-arcanjometratonMy beloved brothers and sisters.   We are living in amazing times for humanity.   While the world about us may seem at times filled with turmoil, what is not seen is a truly amazing transformation in the hearts and minds of most of humanity.  If you can see the energy that flows through this world, you quickly realize that never before in Earth humanities history have so many people risen within to greater understanding and peace.  The tide has turned and darkness no longer rules the day for the light of spirit is strong and shines through the hearts of the people.

The title of this writing may be recognized as coming from Christian scripture.  Specifically the Gospel of John the Beloved, Chapter 14 as he relates the teachings of the great Master many know as Jesus (the Roman name) or Jeshua, Yeshua, Issa, etc.  The truth is this master passed many great lifetimes through the Earth, and is known through the ages by many names and it matters not by what name masters are called but by the spirit of understanding of each individual within.  For spirit knows not names given by men but only the truth and intent that lives within their souls.   For me, John, Chapter 14 in Christian Scripture really summarizes the teachings of the this great master, by whatever name you know him/her.  It is perhaps the most important of all, and the least understood and quoted.

But I do not come here today to speak of scripture, or of one master expression.  I come here today to  speak to you of the spirit and the Master within you.  This is important for you see the great Master Yeshua often spoke not as that consciousness of the man but rather as that consciousness sometimes called Christ, Christos, Christus, and many other words or names in the histories of humanity.   So using Christos as an example, let me explain that while the man Yeshua was born into materiality, his consciousness was not the consciousness of materiality.   Within all of creation there is an essence at the core of everything and everyone.  This essence is the essence of the creator that fills all of creation.  This essence is Creator and is within  each and everyone.  When the masters speak, they do so, guided most often by this essence, and doing so they speak not as men or women but as Creator.  In the Gospel of John the beloved, Yeshua speaks not as the man but as the spirit, the Christos within.   So also have many other great masters as the ages.  Though they live as men or women, they speak at times not as their physical forms or conscious minds, but rather attuned to the essence within they speak as creator.

And so it is with these words:  “Let your heart be not troubled, neither be afraid.” These are not just words of a man in history but they are a statement from creator that is embedded in the core of every aspect of creation.  More then that they are as a promise and a hope.

The world of humankind’s mind is filled with many sorrows, but the spirit within us, that is the spirit of of creator and all that is created and lives within us, knows no sorrow, worry or fear.   The illusions of the world are humanities creations, existing only when we have forgotten the spirit that is within us.

Know then that the spirit that lives with in the Masters of the Ages, within the Angels, within all life and creation, lives within you as well.   Trust in this, believe in this and you will then know the spirit and become one with it.   Even as it has spoken to the Masters, so also will it speak to you.    Take time, draw into silence away from the noise and turmoil of the world and allow yourself to be filled with the love, joy and peace of the creator within.

Within the world allow yourself to express that love, joy and peace in all your actions and interactions.   Let it fill you, nurture you and all those about you.  For when you are attuned to the essence within, you become as the masters who lead the way.  You become one with all creation and are yourselves co-creators.   The master Yeshua spoke well when he said “All the Things that I have done and Greater Things, you will do.” You are masters of miracles yourself and are indeed living active miracles.    The spirit within you will guide you and show you the way.

Father-Mother Creator speaks:   “You are our children, our beloved children, and never have we abandoned you.  You are our essence and our joy, our love and our purpose, you  complete us, even as we complete you.   We are one and inseparable.   Our greatest gift to you is your free will for we wish for you to be as we are, creators of joy, love and miracles.   All that you have experienced in your worldly existence has been your choices, even the illusions of disruption and fear.   But We are with you and the time is now for all of you to awaken again to know your true being.    We await you within.  Our love, peace and joy  surrounds you always.  All you have to do is accept it in the now in the this moment and every moment.   It is by choice you have walked your worldly path for so long and it is by your choice that you will change that path to one of Joy, Love and Celebration for life.    But it must by your choice.   You see, we will not do for you, what you already have the ability to do for yourself, and we will not deprive you of the greatest gift we gave you, your free will, your freedom to choose, but we will always be here for you.   Our love is infinite and we are with you even now.  

Let your hearts not be troubled.  Neither be afraid.  Our love is with you and we surround you with it and with our Joy at your being.   Our peace we give to you, not as the world gives peace but a greater peace we give to you.” 

My dear brothers and sisters, for long have we labored in this world of 3D thought and being, but never has it been as we thought.  All the imagined and illusionary difficulties of our lives here have been of our joint thought creation.   We are the children of creation and we are co-creators.   We chose this path, for many reasons, but is/was an expression of our free will.  We lost our way but were never really lost for ever have we been bound in spirit to the greater universe and to our Father-Mother Creator.     It is only in our forgetting who we are that we have suffered for we came to believe in limitations and the false gods of fear and control, using them against others or allowing ourselves to be victims.  These were all our choices.   That time however is passing.  Ascension is upon us and it does not remove us from our being in this world but it removes us from the limits of our thinking.   It removes us from our thoughts of limitation, it removes us from our fears.   It awakens us to  who we truly are, the children of Father-Mother Creator.

We are infinite beings and the time has passed for this “experiment” that we willingly chose.  Now is the time for our awakening.   It is written time and again in the words of the Masters, “Ye are Gods”, “Ye are Angels”.   Know this now.

Though the world’s illusions may seem to still to hold much sway over our lives, open your heart, mind and spirit to the essence within you, and know the love, joy and peace that is our birthright.   The way is clear before you and you know the way.   Fill your lives with Joy and step into the light of your true being.   I say to you, even if others cling to the illusions, you will be free.   Find that which brings you Joy and live it.  Celebrate your lives now.   We are one together and one with Creator.   We are one with all life everywhere even those in seemingly far away galaxies.   When we free our minds, heart and spirit removing all illusions of limitation, even distant places are near.  Just a thought away.

We are creators, Joy of living is the key.   For even in this world of illusions we can create Joy and shine our love.   The way will be made clear.

I give you my love, my infinite love, and I embrace your love your infinite love.   I joyously celebrate life with you now and always.   I am your brother-sister.   We are one family together.   One with each other and one with our father-mother creator.

Let your heart not be troubled, neither be afraid.  The light within will guide our way.

In love, joy and peace.   Your brother David.

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