Invocation to AAMichael before his Message through Marc Gamma dated 11.27.13

Bild von Eva Maria Holstein

Good Day my beloved AAMichael,

As Marc wrote me when sending the German Original of your Message to me  – you will come and help me when I start translating your wonderful message … I thought it might be a splendid idea to address  you and welcome you here before I shall start upon this work of mine.

You know that from the very beginning I fell in pure and unconditional love with you my dearest Archangel and there is no morning of my life now when I do not get into touch with you asking for your company and assistance with your blue flame – after waking up! You are always so near to me as you also safeguard my lovable friend Aurelia – Sarinah too. Take good care of her please ! And give my loving greeting to quirly Marix too – he always makes me laugh in my heart too.

My dearest Earth-Angel Evamaria – your above words are giving great delight  to my heart – even if it is the heart of an Archangel – thank you so much.

I am here at your side and I can feel your yearning to be near us – your guides and mentors from “Beyond Earth” and that is why we shall proceed more and more in order to participate in your life as long as you still dwell on this 3-4 dimensional planet. Waiting for all the belated humans to reach finally the Great Portal – it is not an easy task for you and Marc and all the others as your yearning has reached us since long ago – still you are in a position like the Bodhisattvas … on reaching the Ascencion Portal they and you too turn around and stay there helping all those needing pure and compassionate Love-Help in order to pass through their Ascension Portals.

I love you too getting now connected to the small crew of faithful souls fulfilling their soul-contracts in Divine Love to our All Father, the Creator of “ALL-THERE-IS” and his Divine Light !

Please, accept my deepest thanks, my dear AAMichael – I am so much obliged to you for your loving speech to me. And having said all above we shall now proceed to our forthcoming translating work!
Ready, steady, go !

You are ready – I make you the steady one – and both of us – shall we go now ?

6 thoughts on “Invocation to AAMichael before his Message through Marc Gamma dated 11.27.13

  1. Where is the portal to the 5th dimension located? Does it just open when we are ready and we step in or is it located in a secret location on earth where only a select few are allowed to step in?

  2. Also, what do we have to do to step through the portal now? Why is it taking sooooo long for the planetary ascension to happen? I have been hearing about this and expecting it to happen for years!

  3. don’t ask me …please – I did only the invocation to gain more strength from AAMichael from his assistance when I was going to translate his message into English and this message was a re-blog from the blog “Healing4 You” … you had better address Marc Gamma who is the blogger there and also does all the channeling which I then have to translate into English … Would you please pose you questions there under comments? Perhaps there will come some response directly from AAMichael himself if Marc asks him ??? That’s what I’d do if I were in your position … ask Marc ….Love and Light and Namasté from me to you ….Contramary

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