The red thread of our new time to be loopholed with Hatonn dated 10.30.2013

Telepathy or Channeling ? Basic reflections on it ….

Posted Original in German on Oct.30, 2013
Translation into English on Nov. 24, 2013


Telepathic Talks …. channeled Talks

As I originally wanted to proceed here – according to some fixed and manifested linear structure drawn up beforehand about the sequence of publications here on my blog – I now realize it was some real set-back to old and foregone procedures of linear structures i.e. setting some premissed assumption beforehand and then proceed in according adherence to it in some sort of automatical and blind way.

This old system of procedure should be relinquished by us in the Timeline of Now as being surpassed and not decisive any longer! It no longer has any validity for us since it is the matter of another old dimensional structure of duality – being no longer valid for us having advanced so far on our route to ascension. And following all our previous achievements it also is no more beneficial and neither worthy nor adequate a measure of procedure.. This is so much among other matters too from which we have to separate ourselves if we want to advance further to reach our Higher Selfwhich is the real essential being of us incarnated on earth i.e. “The I Am” .

Therefore : let go of all these linear and overdue method of procedure when posting my channeled talks !

On “Browsing” through the Internet I came across several articles dealing with alike subjects “uni sono” in some very similar meaning – the divine dispensation – the alignment and confluence into unity and last not least the latest  message of Sheldon NIdle that we are on the brink – being members of human mankind here on earth – of some process of awakening.

Also there is the message of AAMichael channeled through Marc Gamma which forcefully tells us of the now imminently huge waves of energy approaching us shortly and the consequently arising urgent necessity for us to make our final decision now with regard to our certainly to be expected ascension.

All these reflections lead now again to my yesterday’s talk with Hatonn which for the first time I was called to attend. (Before request for talks always orginated from myself only.) This made me clear in some absolute way that my endeavors are now exactly about having to find out some contemporary ways of procedure in accordance to our present timeline  of now. And this again was what originated into my explanations and thoughts of above.

This is why I decided to break off any linear sequence of publication and to publish what is being dealt with from other channels too at present as actual topics. I believe this will be some more appropriate way of dealing with actual present issues of our spiritual essence of the moment now.

Any other way of procedure and foremost the old order of sequence  cannot justify all the great change of our inner selves any more and moreover – it has been surpassed. Do I repeat myself here?  Still from my view this opinion may not be repeated much enough so that these thoughts are being manifested also into our subconsciousness so that we may later act upon these thoughts automatically and intuitively pertaining matters arise in due time.

Now, this is what I obtained yesterday from Hatonn in our talk and at first I was under the impression that there was not much new information and still known to  us all – being solely one more repeatedly admonishments of our extraterrestrial friends and mentors.

Yet not at all ! Here again I was completely wrong – which I found out when reading through other messages at present  published in the Internet.  This turns out – at least to myself – like an ever returning loose-leaf-file threading itself  these days through most  of the telepathic messages.

It is this read thread I take on intentionally with my vivid consciousness like poking with a crochet hook into some surface tissue deep down beneath the surface and grasping the respective loop fromout the innermost woven grounds – and dissolve it on the surface – and thus widening and loosening the tightly interwoven surface of tissure a bit. And in such respect I feel that my yesterday’s talk was some much appropriate one compared to all other telepathic messages in the Internet.

Please, read attentively all the following passages of my conversation with Hatonn and put them deep down into your hearts so that they may procure some new and even more beautiful vibrations which will reinforce you on your further road towards the changed dimension of our earth.

And all this with unchanged and compassionate love to every matter here on this so beautiful planet in Blue-Green Colour !

Yours (Contra)Mary – Evamaria

Mensch, werde wesentlich,   denn wenn die Welt vergeht, dann fällt der Zufall weg, das Wesen, das besteht.

Angelus Silesius (Der Cherubinische Wandersmann)

Become the essence of yourself – since when world will fade away – there will be no more accidents – sole essensece and your innermost prevail – and life of neverending – going on and on …………………………………………………………………………………………


Oct.29, 2013  I just had the follwing talk with Hatonn (11.55 a.m.)

The red thread to be loopholed with Hatonn

Don’t know what is the matter with me today – there is an old song about”Loreley: “I do not know why I am so sadly laden in my heart …” and this is what I sense today – a sort of some very strong feeling moving up from my heart to call out to Hatonn since I am under the impression he is calling me too …

Hatonn, did you call me?

Yes, my dear and you will be able to notice it when you are feeling this certain pressure in yourself – being a feeling also as if you were uploaded in a way – that this is because some sort of channeling is advancing towards you – either with me or with some other entity as e.g. “AAGabrielle”.

Yes, as I know it now I shall be able to recognize it well – just in some circular sense of it regarding the Whole and Greatness of All I am under the impression now that it is not soley myself where there is something to be lumped together but also concerns the entire planet of ours – as if Gaia is pregnant and in high time shortly before her confinement.

And herewith you hit the nail again on its very head, my little clairvoyant darling. Thus is true in the very sense of it – we all and with all our helping friends have rushed here from every remote corner of the universe – acting as midwives to your so beautiful and vulnerated Mother Gaia – expecting the long overdue birth of the new Golden Era in its manifestation here on Earth. This is the “Golden Child” of Mother Gaia having expected such a long time.

And  this is my special request to you: ” do not cease letting your ever-persistent love shine sourced by your inner heart’s light and your inside endeavours to embrace the planetary Mother and the Divine Mother in great affection and love – alike that embrace which you have done so many times before in the past! Since you last incarnated here on earth you have practiced it and very often I was at your side then – at those momens when you hugged Gaia as the most preciousness of your being here – since you could not help to express this your very love-glow rising from the depth of your heart  in any other way.

And thus is the very way again today with you – you are conveying – submitting all these rays of your internal being which is pure and only love over all the world for its healing and in preparation of Gaia’s forthcoming birth of her new Golden Child. We all came here and are forming a big circle around our beautifuly sister and to signalize her that we are all prepared to receive this child with our special great and joyful welcome.

This is what you are sensing now and this is the secret of your feeling bearing such a loaded charge in yourself.

Do not ever let go of this your loving radiation since each one ray is being badly needed  and not solely from yourself but also from all your human sisters and brothers having decided themselves now to follow the light and for this coming Golden Era. Everything which you willgrasp with your love and light of your inner hearts will be transformed into the Golden Age becoming the decisive matrix in your life from now on.

This will be a festival of Thanksgiving after all your past endeavours and efforts lasting so long and so much desired as well as your target – you now have actually arrived at the threshold of the Final Portal so much aimed at by you! Get all set and prepare for passing over into some new life of yours –
Look back with some short glance only to all your painful efforts of your past – take your whole hearts firmly into your hands and raise your faces into our forwarding and welcoming light – creating its special huge shining on you  which will never end in any way !

And now let’s go …… you finally have arrived now ! Ha le lu jah !

We are holding hands with you and embrace you lovingly – just to show how much we also have longed for this return of yours.
Enjoy your well-deserved rest now  – finally  you have made it !

Thank you so much Hatonn – I am so happy about what you told me today !  It is really true ? We have made it finally  ? How wonderful – and I am calling out loud with all of you too: Ha le lu jah !

This day – today – has become so much more filled with light and there is such a great joy all around me and with the chorus of : “Ha le lu jah!”
Thanking you again, Hatonn and good bye for now.
Bye my dear !

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