Letters from the “Isle of I” No.11


My dear Brother in Light David,

several weeks have passed since my last letter to you and much has happened although when I am trying to recall these weeks – it has slipped off my memory. Only by looking back and re-counting the pages which I filled our blog with,  tell me that there were numerous events and days having passed by and filled with them.

This is what happens to our timeline of Now I believe and I am still busy trying to investigate more about this newbie of time which we now call always “Timeline” as we have found out that  one very new characteristic of our old linear time is it’s diversity of many probable lines and according to our free choice and free will in our attention to dealing with our new realities we are drawing the very corresponding time-line into our lives too.

I just found this out when trying to explain to you here what keeps me busy thinking and investigating all that is new to me about Time.

We are being told that the old linear time of Duality has passed for us and that we are living in the Time-of-Now or Zero-Time – and since then I did not know what this new knowledge would entail for me and all of us.

So I started this investigation as I wanted to find out what this new ideology of time would mean to us … the old broke off into fractions of lines …and it is upon us to make our choice by dealing consciously with each one of this fraction which is to be sorted out by ourselves.

How do we fill moment by moment of this once chosen time-line? According to my belief this depends and is invariably connected to our always consciously acting in each of the moments of our life.

Time-line-of-Now will compel us to this fully awareness once we have made our decision to manifest and anchor our spiritual guidelines into our new realm of higher vibrations.

If this is our wish, everyone of us has to decide to uphold high frequencies of vibration as the new time-line-of-Now does not leave us much space i.e. time-span to ponder with our thoughts on what we want to choose to become our activities. No more thinking with our heads or minds first – weighing out the different scales of actions to do!

It has to come straight from our inner hearts – which will be the appropriate action – we just have to listen to the melody of our heart and its compassionate text (libretto) !

It all is being connected inseparably to each other and if we become aware of all the network between Time-Line-Of-Now,  our choice of the one we want to apply to issues of our reality, listening to what our heart will sing and its words of advice – we shall be fine and becoming one more light-member of the never-ending chain of anchoring the New Golden Age into our lives.

You will have noticed, dear Dave, that I started some telepathic talks with Hatonn my guide, given to me by AAMichael, Marix, and Sarinah who told me of Hatonn the very first time. He is said to be my soul-partner of olden times and it took me quite a while – many months actually – to raise my frequency of vibes so much that we could get into some direct contact.

And since I regained my old capability of typing with 10-Fingers-Blindsystem I had  this huge “Aha-Feeling” again that I did not need my head at all when writing something down. This also led me to be able to listen more into my heart and by using more and more of it’s sage wisdom I achieved quite a lot of matters not being in my possession before.

New thoughts – e.g. about new time-characteristics – turn up into my consciousness at night in the socalled Alpha-Slumber which then are being drawn by me into my daily thoughts and are evolving in a way like here in my letter to you.

I am still in search of getting aware of more features of Time-of-Now and the last nudge I had today in the early morning-slumber before waking up was like follows:

“Time was like some sort of material – soil ? – gravel ? –  I do not know as I could not make it out exactly.  There was some technical appliance with sort of tablets rolling up with each tablet filled with the material of time each newly arising day and when the day had been passed and done its very tablet was just turned upside down and time was thrown into some sort of pit where it was pressed together and becoming something like a crust – heaping on to layers beyond.”

This was a very vivid picture for me how Time-of -the-Now disappeared before my very eyes and before all of us in this new realm.

I have read years ago all the books and channeled messages from Seth to Jane Roberts and he explained in some chapter what was the meaning of time to him in his realm where he came from.

He painted the picture of layers all one upon the other one like in some layers of soil-formation in a mountain and he was able to go from one layer to the other in order to find out what happened in some respective time-layer. It might be compared also to the rings in the trunks of trees being manifested each year into them.

This very knowledge has never left my memory and turned up again now. Being in the blessed situation of Change-Now and our Road-to-Ascension it all came into my mind again – sent from down below from the wisdom of my heart. I now  became conscious that it is exactly where my Higher Self in the divine sparkle of God our Creator is living together with AA-Jophiel who stands for all the Beauty of our Divine Creator too.

Dear Dave, that was a lot I had to tell you here and I am very glad and happy to have rolled out some more of the famous Red-Thread-of-Life which I am enjoying to pull out from the background of all life.

Good and blessed time-line-of-Now that’s what I am wishing you in due course!
Yours loving Sis’-in-Light

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