Telepathy “Life-Report is going on today ….” Nov.16, 2013

e40a1-medicine-wheelNovember 16, 2013
Life-Report is going on today ….

I am sitting on the porch of my heart – guiding and safeguarding my inner space and its light of the “I Am”
Waiting – waiting for what … as there might be coming something changing again all around me and transforming my inner self into some vast and unknown space in which I have to settle down and merge into my Higher Self – still now living in my inner space of heart.
And I do know now what or whom I am waiting for … it is Eren my Higher Godself to come finally out of my inner heart and its light and emerge with me – the incarnated part of me –
sitting here on the porch and waiting for the final merging with Eren – to become the wholly conscious and conscient being again.
And thus I am calling for Eren – the extraterrestrial part of what I really am –
I am calling for all my Angelic guides my partner of my soul Hatonn too – for their help and assistance !
I want to return to my old and wholly conscious self again – and I am waiting !
There is some lovable cat at my side and both of us we are at the moment like shipwrecked ones stranded on a strange shore and we are waiting …… want to go on still do not know whereto and how to do so …. waiting for some sunrays or light-beaming from the moon and my hearts uprising desire to show me the road right into the middle of my very own heart ….

Hatonn is that you ?

Yes, this is me, my Darling …. called  to you by your call for assistance and help. And with me are AAMichael with his very blue flame encloaking you with his love and protection and Raphael flaming around you so emerald green and with violet is the the Ascended Master St.Germain …. we all are helping you to call the Higher Self of you by name of EREN ! To come out and connect with you in some very tight bond as before and for good !
Do you know that your above passages was a very strong invocation to all of us and we are here at your side as fast as we could and we all ask EREN to come and join us too.

Yes, and I too could not resist to your calling me …. this is I, EREN,  diving up from the deeply hidden God-Sparkle of your inner heart where I dwell with AAJophiel – following you and your longing call. I will be following you and merging with you whenever you call for my connection. I am the one connecting you in a powerful way to “All-There-Is”  and I shall drive away all feelings of yours being stranded on a strange shore like some shipwrecked ones …. just being washed on some unknown isle or coast of whatever it may turn out to be.
Go and explore – together we are strong – this is your new soil and earth to live on – so try to get to know it and  be thankful that it is a good one althouth still unknown completely to you. You have to learn, you will have to get more cognizant of it and eventually you will form and build, structure it as well. It is entirely yours to shape it into something very agreeable and beautiful to live with and in it.

This is your new land and it will be thine entirely !

EREN, did I transgress that “Super-Portal” of which I heard and read lately?

Yes, you did, my dear other Self – and that is why you were having these queer and lost feelings which you described here in the beginning on top.
Now make a new and fresh start – you will not be on your own – you will find some more souls – formerly human people of Duality-Earth – who like you have left all what is to be considered the past now and transgressing together with your Mother Gaia this Super-Portal just opened up in the Timeline of Now. This is your new Earth …. and Mother Gaia is waiting for your constructural work now … manifesting the life you always dreamed of … with harmony of love, kindness, and peace all around you !

OMG, thank you so much  –  and thank you my EREN for teaching me these preliminaries now. Thanking you too my Hatonn and all your Angelic Beings helping me so much and special gratitude goes to you too, Ascended Master of St. Germain.
I just had to send to you all these particular thanks of mine once more again !
Thank you !
Eva Maria = and all other aspects of mine now being connected again to EREN my HS!

Farewell and make the most of it, dear Sister in Light !

Greetings until we meet again….

From yours

EREN, Hatonn, AAMichael, AARaphael, Ascended Master St. Germain, AAJophiel.

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