How to integrate spirituality into our outside 3-4-D-Realities

6887c-pure_waterHow to integrate inner spirituality into our outside 3-4-D-Realities

These thoughts have kept me busy since we were told having progressed so far that we had left 3-D-dualities and thus were enouraged to manifest the newly reached matrix into our lives of outside reality.
From the very beginning when told about anchoring new ideals and new ethics as underlaying backgrounds to our new era to be manifested as the Golden one by us thoughts about of what ways could be achieved these goals kept me very busy …. In the beginning I was really at a loss of what mode and ways could be applied by us – being told we are the wayshowers – lightpacemakers et al. Brooding over it did not give me any clue … and finally I decided just to do it in a way that really was my very own. No more brooding theoretically but just trying to do it practically.

So I started – when going out and being in a public-traffic-Bus I just spread light fromout my heart to all passengers in there … imagining it pervading also the wheels of it and rolling on and on in the streets that my spreaded light goes deep down into the soil and planet Earth right to the heart of Mother Gaia … enlighten it and shaking loose all negative facts brought down to her.

I also visualized my inner lights and my connection to my heart’s inside to be spread all over the material of the bus and the passengers being there and still to get on to the bus – so that they all become carriers of light and unknowingly also would spread their light wherever they would go. Catching on divine light of the heart-space of mine – having given it out very consciously to all of them – would have to become viral and contagious in some way.

This I have been doing as my very part of anchoring the light here all around me. Lately these measurements have undergone some sort of improvement.

Sitting in the Bus again I recalled all of a sudden a previous meditation of mine which I called “Pocket Meditation” since it was abreviated from the very long meditation of going with my conscious breathing. I posted it also here on this blog and the link thereto is Meditation :  This is the structure of my socalled “Pocket-Short-Medi”

I practised this sort of Medi first for myself and then it flashed through my heart and mind that I could do it also with all the other people in the bus too and going ahead with mine I shared it with all the hearts of the others too …. and it was so easy imagining them all following sequence of what I was doing …. and in a way I thus connected them all to Heaven and Earth – clearing at the same time all their negative parts off into the heart of Gaia to be transformed into light again.
I am certain that I was blessed with this kind of idea – using my pocket meditation (once given to me from AAMichael) not only for myself but sharing it with all human beings around me and to hand this blessing on that once came from heavenly guided assistance down here.

This is some very practical and useful way of what we could do to anchor more and more light into our reality with people not yet fully awake.

Go into your mostly favoured meditation of any structure and imagine sharing it with people around you and you surely will spread your light on and on and on …… Also add a special blessing to it that all which receive this meditations of yours in their hearts will carry and spread it on to everybody they come in contact with.

I thought this is such a wonderful idea of light that I just had to share it here with all of you!
As always with so much compassionate love to all of you I am yours with
Om Shanti and Namasté


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The Years of Life tell me that I am old - My Inner Heart tells me that I am young - it is proof that I still live in Duality and as I decided to outgrow this Matrix I am prepared to ascend into some other realm leaving all the old and shabby patterns behind me pluck up all my courage for the New Age with shining lights so Golden of Promise - And take with me nothing but love - peace - harmony and one only virtue of 3-D density : staying a pioneer all my lifes ... ready for another adventure ... with the Help of God Almighty...

12 thoughts on “How to integrate spirituality into our outside 3-4-D-Realities

    • thks for your appreciation – although I am not named with that nice name of Isabel – my nick-name here is Contramary and in reality Eva Maria …. but I do not mind the name of Isabel either, dear Nane Jamia ❤
      Hugs and Light to you !

      • Oh, Contramary is a lovely name and also Eva Maria is beautiful ♥ I express my gratitude to you ♥ I really enjoyed reading this wonderful article, knowing that there are so many people who share and spread the love and the light in our world. Sharing your feelings and experience about living here and now encourage us to manifest the true nature of our soul, living in harmony, peace and love with all that is… 🙂 My deep appreciation to you, hugs and light to you also. Thank you ♥

  1. TY Nane, if you are interested in what I started writin g just severa,l weeks ago … you may find it tagged under Telepathie/Telepathic just beneath the cross-over of this blog and under evmaria’bilinguals…. I just started my very few steps about channeling or telepathic talks and are about to translate the German Evamaria’s “Life” Reportage into the English Evamaria’s “Live Report” which are also the tags for these writings.

    I do have still another blog with more practical topics like plant healings – new housing structures of living tiny which might come in very useful perhaps later when more is bein manifested in our new Golden Era with the new matrix. You may find it on the right column of this blog under “Mary’s Blog” on the Home Page here.
    I do not want to impress myself to you here but just in case you may be interested to find out more …… ❤
    Hugs and much light

    • Yes, ContraMary, I read the last one, from 16 November, Telepathy : Life Report… and I found that so amazing. Now, I read all of them, from the beginnig and it is so wonderful to know and I am really happy that you’re connected with your Higher Self and all your guides and angelic beings… this is truly beautiful. Thank you for all the information you gave it to me, thank you for sharing this here with all of us and wish you all the light, love and beauty accompany on your path in the New World that is already created in these beautiful times we live here and now. Much love and blessings to you ♥

  2. TY so much – your appreciation means a lot to me – as apart from Marc G. and Sarinah and Brother Dave and last but not least Paula Mourato I have not so many positive responses to my writings here … there is a lot here on my blog which might be also interest you .. e.g. various meditations of which one (the Spanish version has been made into a video by Eduardo Duendes – it is terrific) and I am still searching somebody to bespeak it in English too) It is all here to be found … do you know somebody who could do tht for me … I am sure Eduardo will agree to it. I am speaking typical Oxford English intonation and that would not suffice here – moreover I am a little deaf so I cannot control my voice properly. ) Link to the English version is : Script for a guided Meditation – Joining the Divine Circulation From Your Father SUN to Your Mother Earth established by your Conscious Breath and to the Spanish Video is : For more meditations look under Tag: Evamaria’s Bilinguals – English- Meditations ——)

    Sorry for bothering you with my issues … but I thought you know so many lightworking people – perhaps you could assist me with this issue … have a look firt into the video and you will decide
    if it is worthwhile….with compassionate love yours

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