A Faerie-Tale about Sandalphone given to this Year’s Halloween

eva_elfeHalloween the Great Feast of Fairies and their Tales has just passed by and in order to celebrate this very Feast in my very own way I was given a lovely tale from the Fairies about how the first connection had been established between the Angelic Realm and the Fairy Communities here on Earth.
I wrote it down in my mother-tongue German but it took me some time to have it translated into English to make up a bilingual version for my blog.

Fairies have their own way as have Angels and so one day after Halloween two very delightful matters came to me as further involvement to this tale of mine. Thus it was made fully complete and gratefully I placed them here too with all my thanks to those spiritual beings like Angels and Fairies and the Little People assisting me in such great

Thus this very story became a precious and huge gift to me and made this year’s Halloween a very special one for me.
I do hope when reading it you all will be able to follow sequence here and I am as always with compassionate love of mine to all of you

Yours (Contra)Mary=Evamaria

is some Fairy-Tale about that tiny Angel with his great burning wish in his Heart ….. listen to what has happened to him …..

Sandalphon – the Angel with clappering – tapping sandals …..

by Eva Maria Holstein

Whether you believe it or not – in the beginning of all time on this newly created planet Earth with the name of Gaia there was – once upon a time – a tiny angel in the huge choir of cherubim. And when it was time for all the great and to meet in one of those big councils this tiny one also sneaked into those too and listenened in with his ears wide open and watched everything with big astounding eyes. And he did not wish more longingly and yearningly anything else than be given once such a personal and individual task as well as the great ones were given since these were his great idols he was striving after.

And since “Nothing” and really “Nothing” remains hidden before the Great Angels and our dear loving Father God and our tender gentle Mother God – it did not take long before they had noticed his presence and led him into their mid of all. They recognized at once that there was a younger offspring of them in his very own kind with one sole burning wish in his enthusiastic Angelic Heart: “He wanted to be given as well some personal task from this council which was dedicated to him solely and only to be fulfilled by him and no one else.
Gently our all Mother God heaved him on to her lap – stroking over his somewhat too tiny and tattered wings – and whispered softly into his ear that she would see to it in finding something that solely he and no-one else could do for her.

This calmed him down and all his excitement and je forgot all his grief and distress of time before when he listened to her explanations. She told him that just now she had created for all of the universe a very fresh and new project by the name of “Earth”. And it was her urgent wish that this “Earth” was to become a most beautiful one. That’s what she said. “With so much harmony as ever possible between all entities thereupon and which still were to be created as well. And that she was in need of a most impartial Angelic Being who was to step upon this New Earth as the first one to be chosen for it in order to test how life would be on the new planet.
She took his little feet into her hands and somehow there were all of a sudden a pair of matching sandals with which she cladded his feet one after the other pulling them over his big toes. – Then – she put him on the ground in these new flip-flops and glanced approvingly on this meak figure. “Yes” – this looked quite satisfactorily to her ! She dressed him up also with some sort of cloaking coat putting it around hisfigure and his tattered wings and with caressing strokes on his lit and shining hair she said to him: “There you are with your only and sole task given to you by all of us here !”
It is you who will become the very first test-runner for me on this new earth ! Go there and proceed forward everywhere that your burning heart will lead you to go to …
Open up wide your eyes and watch closely and in some most precise way what you will be able to perceive down there – also make your ears listening precisely what you will hear from this planetary new level ! Then put all of it to your testing heart and listen in what your inner space of heart will respond and in what resonance to it.
And after a while and everything done in this very way – return to us all up here and report accordingly about all of your experience gone through on Earth Gaia.

All the great angels – approvingly smiling – nodded to these loving words since they were occupied with more significant and greater tasks. This was exactly the very one for this tiny angel with his burning yearning for some special particular task to be given.

There he was – standing barefoot in his new sandals before this Great Angelic Council and wrapped in some sort of cloak hiding his somewhat too tiny and tattered wings before disapproving looks. He bowed deep and shed some tiny tears of surprise and ascending feeling of happiness.

… and whusch he was brought to Earth by the name to “Gaia”!

When he regained consciousness again he found himself in a strange scenting meadow amid such amass of green, green grass and getting up he saw so many fantastic flowers spraying their lovely scents over him. First he felt like picking some of them in order to observe and look at them more precisely but then it came to his Angelic mind that picking them and tearing them apart from their roots would not be the very right thing. Looking and this in a very precise way could also be done without hurting any of these buds and flowers!

When these thoughts crossed his mind all the flowers on this meadow began to chime in some delicious and unheard way as if they wanted to express their joyful feelings in some delicate sense of music to him. At once he grasped it that he was able to communicate with them solely by using his thoughts and thus the first telepathic way of communicating with each other had been created.

He fully stood up and looked around. Not far away from him there was a small brook snaking its course through this meadow with all the huge crowd of flowers – and it sprang also joyful over little stone-hindrances in its course.
Looking up our tiny “test-runner” saw a an azure-blue sky whereupon thick fat pluming white clouds were sailing along being reflected in the clear water of the tiny brook in the meadow.
Golden Light of the Sun fleetingly spreaded everywhere on everything laying beneath it here on Gaia and accumulating all of what he saw – our tiny angel felt such a huge and big lump of Angelic joy uprising from his very inner heart ! This was a most wonderful and powerful resonance of his very heart! Now he became conscious what a beautiful and immensely important task had been given to him ! And he looked and looked at all of his surroundings in order to never forget any detail of it again !
He started to walk along and wandered here and there – embracing trunks of trees and taking in their herbal odours – laid his ears – one after the other – also to the trees and sensed the weaving and vibrating power deep in them when they hummed and chanted their very tree-songs!
Looking up into the roof of leaves in the top of the trees – he took grasping notes of small sparkling sun-rays slipping through between the branches of trees down to earth and painting beautiful sunny pics on the ground. They made him sneeze when tickling his nose and he – for the first time in his Angelic life – made the noise of “Hatchee”! It made him laugh out loud too ! And there it was – some tiny echo of this his sneezing of just now! Like a tiny chime and it came from this peeky and so curious tiny sunray being returned to him too!
This was another of his many wonderful experiences and like the many others before he hid it into his deep inner space of heart in order to report it later again to Mother God!

He took up some rocky stones from the ground and felt with his fingers into their ruts admiring their deep and also faint coloured levels and thus sensed for the first time on earth that they were in deep sleep in their manifold way of life!

Some kind of ever increasing enthusiasm – jumping to every new part of his surrounding once he could catch sight of something new to him – unknown to him until now and thus he was made running as fast as he could to all angles in order to discover that somethingappearing completely new to him.

His mantle flew up in this sort of joy-jumping and -running and his feet in their sandals started moving ever faster – yes, they were made some clapping noise in their sandals –
until he suddenly perceived some giggling at his side.

This made him break off his running wildly along and with surprise he looked out from whereabout this giggling had come. And what did he see? There were a crowd of tiny fairies and entities slipping out of all the blooming flowers and plants holding their little tiny tummies with laughter and giggling being added by all the “Little People” also creeping up from under the roots of trees and bushes – they all giggled and laughed until they could not go on any longer !
They told him that his little feet in his sandals had been clapping so loud when running into all the various directions that resonance of this noise with the soil of Earth had tickled all of them to come up and look what was the source of it! Since for them it had become some kind of music too!

They sang their very songs to him and made some music on their instruments asking him to clap the beat to it with his sandals.

And thus – what was it that he did ? He too joined into their singing and his sandals made the appropriate beat to their music … and such started the very first dance on earth ! Since he danced in his sandals in order to find the right beat to all of their music! And thus a great and wonderful feast and dancing ball came into existence – for the first time too here on planet earth by the name of Gaia!

And eventually they got so tired and could not go on any more – they all fell asleep in the green, green grass of their home-meadow embracing each other dearly.

We all know that angels do not need any sleep at all – and this applied to him too. He was laying himself amid all the lovely little folks in the meadow and watched the Silver Moon rising in the ever-darkening sky with the ocean of sparkling – blinking stars with silvery shine too diving down to earth and transforming it into the fairy-shine of silver too. All the trees on this meadow’s brim became a dark wall of protection surrounding all these tiny sleepers here so that nothing and no-one else might be hindering their sleep and them refreshing their powers and strength again.

Observing everything this tiny test-running angel was so pleased and he also enjoyed very much all the ongoings during this night.

And with every look at it – consciously done – he tested which was the resonance of his inner heart to it and in his very own way believed it a wonderful and never experienced before one. Yes, this newly created earth by name of “Gaia” – it has turned out to be a most wonderful success ! It was some other splendid creation of Mother God!
And this was the very thought of him beaming him up again in some blink of an eye to the Great Council-Meeting of the Great Angels.

There was no further need of his reporting to them and Mother God – since they all just looked it up in the inner space of his heart and its vibration in resonance to all of his experience down on Gaia. Their perception was as if they had been with him down there.

Great joy was arising in all of them and this made them laugh with all their souls – some greater enlightment spreaded – spiritually and physically – all over them and into their surroundings and from there all over in all the universes already created.

Mother God tenderly smiled and gently took off him his mantle from his shoulders …. yes, and …..?

Appearing from his back there came into sight two huge wings in the colour of shining white-silver – grown on him in the meantime.

“This is one of your rewards” Mother God told him, ” and the 2nd is that you will ascend to the Great Angels being now an Archangel too.

“Sandalphon” this will be your new name from now on – being that very angel with the clappering sandals on your feet beating to the music and dance of harmony of all nature’s beings on planet Gaia.

And everything having touched you so deeply in your heart which you brought up here too as the special resonance of it – this also will be awarded to you since you will become the guardian of all the following : All your heart’s resonance and echo concerning colours, forms, manifoldness of all pictures painted by Gaia’s nature in all their beauty – which you with your fully loaded heart have shown to us as your newly gained treasures and riches of it – this has to be administered by you in time – being endowed as the new caretaker of her.
Thus you will become the “Angel in Connection to Gaia” too guarding all of her special wonderful beauties and arts still to be created. You also will hide and cover up every bit of it in your inner Angelic heart.
The Archangel – ascended as such just now – straightened himself up and grew before all their very eyes – in some ever increasing transparence of light in his appearance – he spread his huge silver-while wings and encloaking his overall figure with them …. and bowed down deep before all his Angelic Siblings and the Divine parents of God!

Great joy was arising in all of them and this made them laugh with all their souls – some greater enlightment spreaded – spiritually and physically – all over them and into their surroundings and from there all over in all the universes already created.
And there were a few of the Angels raising their voice to a chorus of praise – and soon it grew into a powerful Hymn of Joy “in laudatio” and praise to all creation so divine ! Light spreaded over all the world of planet Earth by name of Gaia and went on and on into universes far away – which all were to be created still in the very same way and form ……
This is a fairy-tale how it could have happened to the tiny angel with his clapper-sandals coming to earth for the first time in assignment of Mother God – and beating ynd dancing to the music of all natural entities with the clapping noise of his sandals.

and here is in addition to the above  some impressive video of how he may have danced his irresistible new tapping dance like this little brownie angel here ……..

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