Telepathic: Evamaria’s “Live Report” 2nd Channeled Talk with Hatonn

Mensch, werde wesentlich,   denn wenn die Welt vergeht, dann fällt der Zufall weg, das Wesen, das besteht.                                                         

Angelus Silesius (Der Cherubinische Wandersmann)

Become the essence of yourself – since when world will fade away – there will be no more accidents – sole essensece and your innermost prevail – and life of neverending – going on and on ……………………….

Translation of (Contra)Mary=Evamaria 2013



10.19.2013 Another Day – another Evening too !
“How to change the Velocity of Time”

This has turned out to be some “incredible” Day compared to yesterday which had been incredible beautiful one.
Starting with so many moments of interruptive sleep in the night so that there was no real rest for me and I accordingly woke up very late in the morning after 10.a.m. Since I had scheduled quite a lot of matters to be done on this very day which I had neglected and overseen early this months because not sufficiently been grounded to our Mother Gaia. I had been in a sort of floating state all the time and hence lost the real oversight of all reality-matters I should have attended to.

This is why I had to hurry up a bit this morning  in order to deal with everything I wanted.
Which I did and when looking out of the window I saw this day outside was exactly matching my inner day with me, a bit nebulous with the seasonal autumn – still with that very soft and gentle tuning of red-coloured falling leaves – floating cautiously and gently down the trees from across the road reaching and landing likewise softly in the entrance of our house where I live.
Yes, and since I had enjoyed the beauty of sunshine on the ferry across River Elbe on my outing the day before I still had to attend to my fortnightly duty of cleaning the staircase here in housefloor too.

After my scribblings in the morning done on the PC and posted messages channeled by Marc with AARaphael – I did this actual cleaning job whereby I enjoyed much of this seasonal earthen atmosphere outside the house sweeping its entrance. It is fall and you can smell, feel it over all your body and in your mind.

Still time was progressing by then towards 3.00 p.m.already and after some shopping at the next-corner-supermarket I felt really tired – by  the telling of my legs about their decreasing strength …. so I had to lie down … ant this was it then for this finely nebulous day of Fall ….!

Time had run so swiftly going through the listed jobs to be done on this very day. …….   And now today is being approaching to its end in the very sense of it – since early in the morning I did not ring the bell again for Hatonn to come – so I shall do it now at once.


Hi Hatonn, thank you for having been with me today – as I sensed you at my side which made me think also of you all the way.

Hi my girl, yes I have been with you …..

Hatonn, I still am on the track how I may get to know more about the “Quantum Leap” in our daily human life and I made up my mind to attempt with your help some sort of recapitulation of my days in order to find out more about it. I thought it might be advisable to write a kind of diary passing again through all events of life which I deem related to such quantum leaps.  Perhaps later we may find again the socalled “Red Thread” running in the background of human and here “my” life und thus make visible all the minor quantum leaps which may eventually lead to the huge and overall Quantum Leap of us humans transgressing the Portal of Ascension.

You know Marc has installed all respective tags on my blog as archives of all our talks here are you in agreement with such a structure?

Sure, my Sweetie, that’s the right way to handle it. Just take your time so that you may finalize everything leisurely since there are still left to do for you the somewhat unpleasant chores in the house and I know you do not find it easy to concentrate on more than one certain topic of work to be done. I see that it is quite difficult for you to establish true balance between two so differring activities like translating, proof-reading for Marc and all the work of tidying up your home too.

We have therefore to look out how to stretch and widen the “Rapidity of Time” so that we may pocket all the above differring activities into this increased lapse of time. I know how it is done and I shall assist you accordingly.

It is a mode of focussing necessarily to be done first in the morning in the spam of waking up while you are still in the so-named Alpha-condition.  Both of us we shall conduct a talk with the Entity of Time and ask for her helping hand.

This – you have done several times before already – entirely intuitively e.g. when coming home from the shops fully loaded with heavy bags and the weather was about going to rain.
In such situations you have talked to the clouds up there showing them too a bit apart and asked to put off the coming rain for a while until you would arrive at your home. In fact you then talked to the Entity of Time to stretch itself a bit …..

This now you may repeat as well now with Time and I am sure she will stretch herself on your request accordingly so that your – all odd jobs of the day will fit into her enlarged pockets. We solely have to ask her for it in the morning of our days. It is just the same procedure as with all the angels and us exterristic guides – being linked to the Law of Free Will – they all have to be asked first from your side – until they may intervene and assist you with their helpful measures.

My Sweet One,
this is it with our first preparations for the next week to come. And tomorrow you have to work out again some similar schedule what has to be done in the course of next week. I know you don‘t especially like such procedures but otherwise you also may forget and overlook easily some items necessarily to be done. I shall assist you and give you accordingly good hints how to do it. And this is it for now  from me……

Keep it in your mind and don’t forget to talk with Time and your other Guides so that they know you need and appreciate greatly their assistance and support.

Thank you dear Hatonn and have a nice evening ….

Same to you, my Love …..


I  believe this may be accounted again for some minor Quantum Leap – to perceive Time as “living entity” and therefore asking her to stretch and widen herself a little for some reason of assisting us with our odd jobs at hand ….

This – my Sweetie – you have acknowledged it just in the right sense of it –  not so stupid in thinking wholly along such lines and moreover comprehended in the very sense !
Thumbs up, Darling !  Bye !


These two channelings have happened to me in the first beginning now and all I can foretell now that it is continuing furtheron. I myself are quite eager to watch and experience how the future proceedings will become. Yours with compassionate love as always….  Evamaria=(Contra)Mary

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