Ascension Symptoms and Solar Flares

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Today I’m sharing an article by Denise Le Fay. She does a nice job describing the Ascension symptoms and reactions to solar flares that so many of my clients and colleagues continue to experience.

I wear a Q-link necklace and a hematite bracelet to help counteract the radical electromagnetic shifts happening right now. One advantage of being so sensitive to energy is that I can offer multi-layered readings for people all over the world from my own living room. The downside of being so sensitive is that when the poles start shifting, I really feel it! When the Sun starts shooting coronal mass ejections of high vibe energy into Earth’s atmosphere, my crown chakra gobbles them up until it wants to explode. I know others have been experiencing this, too, as fevers, headaches, pressure, sleep disruptions (either too much or too little), and inability to concentrate. Last week, during…

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The Years of Life tell me that I am old - My Inner Heart tells me that I am young - it is proof that I still live in Duality and as I decided to outgrow this Matrix I am prepared to ascend into some other realm leaving all the old and shabby patterns behind me pluck up all my courage for the New Age with shining lights so Golden of Promise - And take with me nothing but love - peace - harmony and one only virtue of 3-D density : staying a pioneer all my lifes ... ready for another adventure ... with the Help of God Almighty...