Telepathy or is it Channeling ? (Introduction and entry into some brandnew project)

… and how this channeling or telepathic communication has been really been induced?

Always I have admired from far all those people on reading their channeled Internet messages.  And apparently this has been the true reason why I bought myself a laptop on instalmental rates more than 2 years ago. I just simply wanted to know more about the true ongoings out there in the outside world. No more I was to be held content with those general news of the mass media flowing into my remote home.
I felt that most of such news were not in correspondence to the real truth behind in the background.

There were even some printed messages of Salusa and Sheldon Nidle translated into German which were handed on to me by friends in some likewise spiritual search.
And these messages incited me to expect always the next one in the row with ever increasing impatience and curiosity.

So why did I want to be connected to the Internet?
All this I just wanted to read by myself and not to have rely any more on the spritual benevolence of other people.

Going into Internet with my laptop
During the lapse of more than two years now I was able – due to the great help and assistance of other people – unknown to me until now – that I may call two blogs my own where I do post articles and channeled messages which I deem important for all of our spiritual evolution and transgression into some more conscious human beings of us all on ascension.

These were in fact the foremost reasons for some sort of spiritual work which lead me to spreading accordingly spiritual news on to the internet.

Translations of original German Messages into English
In the meantime my service as translator had been requested by certain channel-mediums in order to produce translations of their original German messages into English – which I have been doing already for a while.

Thereby I became aware of my wish also to be able to do this sort of telepathic communication – which unfortunately has not been fulfilled up to now.

What originally is channeling?
So now what is it about this telepathic communication or channeling originally and in the true sense of it? This expression derived from Anglican Realms and has been spread meanwhile to such extent also into other lingual realms like here among German speaking people and therefore has become widely known. And in its true sense it is nothing else than some sort of connection and communication conducted in some telepathic mode of use.

My Fingers recall their former knowledge and activities of blind-typing!
For quite a while I had to be content to writing on the smaller Keyboard  of my laptop with some “3-4-Finger-System” wich meant to me to exert some amount of more stress since in former professional life being a secretary and correspondent of foreign languages I had been able to acquire some huge efficiency in the use of “10-Finger-Blind-Typing”.
Now finally I was able to afford some bigger immobile PC-installation and this was then a great pleasure of mine when I discovered that my very own 10 fingers just were gliding again into their old knowledge of typing and everything I was reading my finger quickly took up typing it down without the use of my mind or better expressed – my head ! -This head of mine was simply cut off from the line of conveyance from my heart to the PC. For me it was some sheer feeling of delight when experiencing how my fingers just transported everything coming straight from my heart on to the screen of my pc. I so much enjoyed the refound skill of my again-knowing-fingers – words cannot tell how much! It just reminds me of a sort of parable to us all who are so much trying to regain in this Zero-Time-of-Now all that we have known before in the true sense of former consciousness. It has been done already in some smaller detail  with my fingers! Some special fact that I am enjoying greatly !

Typing again in the mode of my former capability of 10-Finger-Blindsystem opened up my heart immensely by cutting off the route through my head.
And then it all started … since my fingers with their refound knowledge have switched off my head’s work entirely – they simultaneously opened my heart up wider and wider.
And this not at least was furthered again by the increasing influx of light-energies during the last weeks – I was given also some more riches of ideas which I have never experienced before.

I had become aware by some readings from AAMichael that there was some particular soul-partner of mine on the other side – waiting to get into contact with me.  It is Hatonn some commander of a huge light-ship of some extraterristic fleet attempting to help and assist us in this time of change and ascension.

These were news making me very happy and afterwards I really had some experience when translating when there were some interferings of him by way of capitalizing letters of the text by themselves. Still there were no more going-ons…and there were no more developments.

Mailing Hatonn
Now, after my fingers displayed their return of knowledge and consciousness some new idea flashed through my mind – just to write down some of my thoughts addressing thereby Hatonn …. and everything reading over afterwards – I found out – everything was so much like a real conversation with him – or ? some sort of channeling.

At first I could not believe it and that is why I requested some more confirmation of my first hunch here by sending a copy of it to Marc Gamma and asking also AAMichael via Sarinah-Aurelia (without any copy).
Both sides were delighted in their confirming response. This was some true channeling of mine – and I was so surprised since I felt it had been so easy!

My first communication channeled with Hatonn
This here was my introduction to my process of channeling now and after Marc Gamma had communicated also with Hatonn he encouraged me to manifest here all of it in some form of a diary. This again to encourage many lightworking people in some similar situation like myself to also go forward on this particular route.
(In due course soon there will be also some post to be published by Marc Gamma giving a detailed instruction of use regarding channelings or telepathic communications.)

What will come next ?
Meanwhile there have been installed two new Tags on my Blog “Illuminations Now” under : “Telepathie/Telepathic”  with “Evamaria’s Live -Report”  (for English) and with “Evamaria’s “Life” Reportage (for Deutsch) Please, look at the crossover-band on top of the blog.

All future posts of our channeled communication between Hatonn and me as well if found necessay with Marc Gamma in the way of diaries will be archived thereunder after having been posted first on the Homepage.

This at first is considered to be a test-run in order to submit to all parties interested in it to follow and observe these starting attempts and first steps of channeling onward. I myself also am very eager to see what will come out of these beginnings and it is my wish to let things run freely and easily by themselves in their very own way.

So, now let’s go ! And I shoud greatly enjoy any company from your part in this journey and also should appreciate much any comments from you.

In very sense of it – I am wishing all of you sharing this route with me :  A very happy Journey !

Om Shanti and Namasté
Eva Maria = (Contra)Mary

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