It is time! Can you feel it?

Pink RoseHave you been feeling the energies recently, once high, then low, then tumultuous, then gentle?

It is time!  What you are feeling is not just an energy for the earth and the souls, the divine children here but it is much greater.   It is a universal pulse of joy, love and peace that effects everything, everywhere.   Can you feel it?

It modulates itself to each individual soul, to their level, to their understanding, to their choice.  So it affects all, everywhere, but is unique to each soul.  Embrace it, love it, share it.  It is time!  The time you have been waiting for, but unique to your understanding, to  your situation.

It is what you have been waiting for, but maybe not what you were expecting.  It is time!  Can you feel it?   Embrace it, love it, share it.  Then shine it from  your heart back out to all the earth, and all the universe and revel in the glory, joy and love when it returns to you multiplied infinitely.


1 thought on “It is time! Can you feel it?

  1. I love this outburst of your inner heart, David ! Yes it is time and after the pounding large heartbeat of all of us -. GaiA – Human Mankind -and all over the Universe – we have arrived now at the Solstice with its gentle and sweet balance with approaching fall here in the Northern Hemisphere and its foggy coloured softness as a final jubilee before Winter resting on us.

    For the Southern hemisphere it is all about hopeful greens and flowering worlds to come …
    both keeping the balance of this year again in their hands … and balance entails a certain sort of happiness – for us that of inner contemplation coming with the Fall now and for our antipodes that of outside joy and green flowering bliss of nature …. All is well and balance is to be kept by all of us here on Earth !

    Wishing all of us and foremost to our Mother Gaia and all Heavens above a very happy Solstice full of divine Balance !<3 Let's celebrate it with due love and awareness !

    Namasté and Om Shanti !

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