Reponse of Brother Dave to the Letter No.9 from my “Isle of I”

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Brother Dave – Shak’ta’i on September 10, 2013 at 10:51 PM said

Beloved sister Mary,

Thanks for sharing so much of your greater self. I often think, that we get caught up in the words we receive from spirit and miss out on some of the essential energies. This is a great time we live in, but as I think back to my memories of what is before this earth, and before our many incarnations here, I marvel upon what we have accomplished. We are traveling a road that has yet to be made. A path none have walked before. So it is easy for our expectations to sometimes get ahead of us. But you touched upon something in your experience, the essence of Joy. The Joy of Spumante, the joy of a small indulgence or maybe two. Our journey may be one of joy or one without joy. That is always our choice, but it is so much more enjoyable when it is filled with joy. Remember that joy of Spumante, that joy of ice cream? Dear sister, that was a little bit of ascension.

We talk often of Ascension these days, but what is it really? Is it a moment, an achievement, a landmark in time? Is it a changing of roads or is it a new road? Nay, it is none of these. I look back in my greater soul, to that place before this earth and I remember. I remember the way we were, I remember why we came here, I remember our commitment to our spiritual brothers and sisters who had forgotten themselves and I remember the great journey we had all agreed upon to help them. For to free them from their perception of limitation we had to become them. We had to lose ourselves so that in our finding/remembering of ourselves, they also would find and remember themselves. In the sense of 3D where things are measured it seems like a long and winding road, but it is for all of us, just another journey and we have had so many. None before quite like this one, but still a journey that when we look back from our spirit heart that will seem but as a moment.

Ascension is not a goal, it is not a time or place, it is our journey. It is our awakening, it is the road we travel. From the eons ago, ascension is our work, our lives, our being. It is the never-ending story, the never ending journey. It is the joy of our lives each and every moment, every day.

When our spirit brothers and sisters speak to us they speak from a place without words where expressions are energy. But our conscious mind struggles with understanding those energy expressions that are not quite linear, not quite definable to our conscious mind. So we take the infinite energies we do not understand fully and substitute “finite words or definitions” for them. And yes, this has always been one of our many challenges. I catch myself doing it many times a day even still, though now I find I can laugh at my errors, my misunderstandings, my habitual thought patterns, and return to a place of joy.

It is not that we will ascend, it is not that we have ascended, it is that we are ascending, each and every moment. The difference is our awareness of where we are in the now. We ascend with the earth mother. All of us together. And yes, there are a few lagards along the way who stubbornly try to cling to the old thought patterns. Perhaps we can entice them to catch up with some ice cream.

You are ascending, look within and see where you are now and glimpse briefly where you were some time past. I know you can see that difference. We travel together, we ascend together. The surest sign of our ongoing ascension is the joy filled moments in our lives, and our ability to still relish some ice cream or other fine treat. And if we stub our toe or fall down, well ice cream or other tasty treat of choice is a good healer for that as well.

Please also share this with our brother Marc.

“Except that you become as a joyful child, you may not know the kingdom of heaven.” We are all children of the creator, children of the divine. Let us be the children of joy and love that we truly are. Let us unfold our wings and soar joy filled through this journey. We are not being tested, except by ourselves. Every moment of our being is part of our greater journey. We only need to decide how we will live it.

Blessings, love and Light. I am enjoying our joy filled journey together. Now, have you any clues on how I might find my daughter? (laughing, maybe she will hear me)

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