Letters from “The Isle of I” No.9

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My dear Brother Dave,
you have not heard from me for quite a while and there is a solid reason for it. So starting with another letter again I do not really know where to begin. The last week has been to me like a large tablecloth covering profound feelings of disturbances and nondisturbances as well and — all of it been boiling in a pot which has only been simmering until now – going through all sorts of stages that there are about still deeper stored issues of my inner heart.
And then there was this thick carpet-like tablecloth which I had put over all of it since long ago. 

This is the picture that I want to share with you and how I feel about it. — The facts are that I had been told that my imminent ascension was upon me and so I made up my mind
to prepare myself for such an event – even if it might only be a test or another attempt from the other side to assist with ascension. We always have to consider that this very kind of ascension in our alive bodies has never been made before in all the history of universes. It is for us, as well as for our beloved friends of the Angelic Realms and ET-siblings, just as new all over … and basically may always fail or be successful. At that point of standing I realized first of all that despite all my foretellings and decisions it is not that easy to go through such final preparations in such way like simply getting up and let everything material (e.g.achieved the very hard way all through my past 30 years of life) go like make it flow from my hands and through my fingers like drops of water. I’ll give you some example: All my love in this incarnated life here is for beauty. I write, I paint and take all delight in what I consider beautiful … and beautiful is all that makes my heart sing and join the great chorus of praise to All-There-Is. 
And this very view applies as well to all kind of handicrafted and also highly sophisticated jewellery. Having always been leading a life of just meeting the ends .. there was not much hope for me to obtain valuable objects of such a hobby. But nevertheless despite all odds against me I started to collect decorational jewellery … bit by bit … cutting off my resources of 
nutritions and living maintenance … looking up many a corner on Flee-Markets and elsewhere for bargains and with such persistency I collected quite a bit over the years. I started from scrap .. and my taste and sensitiveness of appreciating pieces were evolving more and more. It was a great experience and eventually ended up with some sort of great inner knowledge … I just had to ask my inner heart – letting glide a piece of Amber perhaps
through my fingers and I knew what it was worth to me. 

I myself did not wear so much jewellery as some decoration for myself – I preferred the 
pure and simpler structures like a string of pearls either made of Sweetwater-Pearls or simpler stuffs like crude gemstones in form of Cabochons. And during all these years of my collecting I thought it would be a nice surprise for my daughter and my grandchildren to find this collected sort of jewellery when I shall have finished this incarnation here. 

This was the historical pretext of my late 26-30 years … trying to accumulate some sort of heritage for my off-springs. 
And now two weeks ago I was about to prepare consciously to go away – ascending in to some realm without any materialisation as known by us until now.

So, even if it were for a short time only and still much more for the delight and joy of one moment …I packed up all I had lest for some pearls together and gave it away to my children with hands so warm with all my love for them. I believe it was just some upheaval
of surprise and joy to them as it was to me. When I recall these moments .. it was much easier than I ever had imagined. Moreover I felt relieved in a way – even when it turned out that this time the way of ascending was a complete failure again. 

But now I know that I was so much prepared to leave this realm of duality as never before, I listed up what I still found missing in my lifer hithertoo. And this was drinking
Champaign and a delicicious cup of Icecream at some special Icecream-Café ….

The first I skipped when being in the Supermarket and decided to take a good Spumante instead and I drank it with much delight. 

The latter one … I treated myelf and my daughter and granddaughter to it … and it was so delicious that I took a 2nd one too… These were for all the years of lack and without Icecream … 

And now after the anounced date had passed and nothing what was announced had occurred, there was this empty space in me … the days afterwards were filled with some big lump of blocked feelings in me and there still were the huge influx of solar energies
that my body and my heart has to digest and cope with. So the days went by and I did not feel like reading nor writing with subsequent posting. There was this soft carpet-like tablecloth with my deep fatigue just covering me and nothing more … everything regarding life again in 3-D was so difficult to attend to and I had to take recreational naps 
quite often in the daytime.

I did everything I could asking for the assistance of the AArchangels via the ToolBox being now published and after some days just started to translate the remainder of what had been left over by Marc Gamma. This was not easy because of my deep confusion but I succeeded at last. And here I am – picking up again the left-overs and starting again.

But I know now – I was so much prepared – and I got over the last weeks’ storm!
It reminds me all of the song: “When you walk in the Storm keep your Head up high ….”!
And I think I have done just this very thing during the last week and the days before it!

This I wanted to share with you my dear brother … this is my true life-story of the last fortnight here in my daily life. 

I am grateful for all of it and this experience had opened up our family’s hearts again in a fast and wide way … and relieved us from past pains of our inner hearts ! What can I say than “Hallelujah !”  ???<3<3<3 Sing it and join the Chorus : Selamat Gajun — Selamat Ja  Hallelujah !<3<3<3

Om Shanti and Namasté
from your Sister

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The Years of Life tell me that I am old - My Inner Heart tells me that I am young - it is proof that I still live in Duality and as I decided to outgrow this Matrix I am prepared to ascend into some other realm leaving all the old and shabby patterns behind me pluck up all my courage for the New Age with shining lights so Golden of Promise - And take with me nothing but love - peace - harmony and one only virtue of 3-D density : staying a pioneer all my lifes ... ready for another adventure ... with the Help of God Almighty...

6 thoughts on “Letters from “The Isle of I” No.9

  1. Beloved sister Mary,

    Thanks for sharing so much of your greater self. I often think, that we get caught up in the words we receive from spirit and miss out on some of the essential energies. This is a great time we live in, but as I think back to my memories of what is before this earth, and before our many incarnations here, I marvel upon what we have accomplished. We are traveling a road that has yet to be made. A path none have walked before. So it is easy for our expectations to sometimes get ahead of us. But you touched upon something in your experience, the essence of Joy. The Joy of Spumante, the joy of a small indulgence or maybe two. Our journey may be one of joy or one without joy. That is always our choice, but it is so much more enjoyable when it is filled with joy. Remember that joy of Spumante, that joy of ice cream? Dear sister, that was a little bit of ascension.

    We talk often of Ascension these days, but what is it really? Is it a moment, an achievement, a landmark in time? Is it a changing of roads or is it a new road? Nay, it is none of these. I look back in my greater soul, to that place before this earth and I remember. I remember the way we were, I remember why we came here, I remember our commitment to our spiritual brothers and sisters who had forgotten themselves and I remember the great journey we had all agreed upon to help them. For to free them from their perception of limitation we had to become them. We had to lose ourselves so that in our finding/remembering of ourselves, they also would find and remember themselves. In the sense of 3D where things are measured it seems like a long and winding road, but it is for all of us, just another journey and we have had so many. None before quite like this one, but still a journey that when we look back from our spirit heart that will seem but as a moment.

    Ascension is not a goal, it is not a time or place, it is our journey. It is our awakening, it is the road we travel. From the eons ago, ascension is our work, our lives, our being. It is the never-ending story, the never ending journey. It is the joy of our lives each and every moment, every day.

    When our spirit brothers and sisters speak to us they speak from a place without words where expressions are energy. But our conscious mind struggles with understanding those energy expressions that are not quite linear, not quite definable to our conscious mind. So we take the infinite energies we do not understand fully and substitute “finite words or definitions” for them. And yes, this has always been one of our many challenges. I catch myself doing it many times a day even still, though now I find I can laugh at my errors, my misunderstandings, my habitual thought patterns, and return to a place of joy.

    It is not that we will ascend, it is not that we have ascended, it is that we are ascending, each and every moment. The difference is our awareness of where we are in the now. We ascend with the earth mother. All of us together. And yes, there are a few lagards along the way who stubbornly try to cling to the old thought patterns. Perhaps we can entice them to catch up with some ice cream.

    You are ascending, look within and see where you are now and glimpse briefly where you were some time past. I know you can see that difference. We travel together, we ascend together. The surest sign of our ongoing ascension is the joy filled moments in our lives, and our ability to still relish some ice cream or other fine treat. And if we stub our toe or fall down, well ice cream or other tasty treat of choice is a good healer for that as well.

    Please also share this with our brother Marc.

    “Except that you become as a joyful child, you may not know the kingdom of heaven.” We are all children of the creator, children of the divine. Let us be the children of joy and love that we truly are. Let us unfold our wings and soar joy filled through this journey. We are not being tested, except by ourselves. Every moment of our being is part of our greater journey. We only need to decide how we will live it.

    Blessings, love and Light. I am enjoying our joy filled journey together. Now, have you any clues on how I might find my daughter? (laughing, maybe she will hear me)

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  3. My dear Brother Dave ..

    .How shall I express to you my feelings when reading this wonderful response of yours. ? Thank you is but a simple but trueful term that has to do for now !

    I am so much down to earth that all that I believe in theory goes thought my living body and reflects itself back by some sort of intuitive living outcome called “experience of life”. So since being on the route to more awareness which is also called AS ASCENSION I had to go through a lot of intuitive experiences of simple practical ways which later turned out having a much deeper spiritual background as it was with the joy and delight of intaking this delicious iecream!
    I think all my body-cells were rejoicing when I enjoyed it so much. And if I recall back my life …it was always like this that I gave all of myself to whatever I experienced with body and soul …and sometimes it was not so easy to disentangle myself again from such deep immersion of myself into some realms strange to myself – but up to now – I always managed to make – what I called by myself – “My little Get-a-way” and returned to my true and real inner self- life again.

    So I am only able to tell you what my life-experiences are in response to my inner thoughts and spiritual evolution and you picted this up and wrote upon it from some so much greater allround view of the analying kind ..To me this your response was a wonderful one as it surrounded and fullfilled the whole topic adding some new aspectrs to it also.

    Thank you my brother Dave and intuitively I went on this road furthermore – I bought a notebook for my granddaughter on instalments since I had given to her my still unpacked PC-Assembly (immobile one) in the rush and excitement of the imminent ascension. which now I wanted back badly. But having preached all the time that matters given away as present do not belong any more to the giver – I got the wonderful idea to buy some much more appropriate notebook for her and to ask her before whether we could then exchange these two devices. She was so enthusiastic about it and yesterday the notebook arrived here and we perfected the exchange.

    She was so full if joy and embraced me many times …. and see my Brother Dave, this is another proof of ascension to me – since in old and other times I DONT BELIEVE HAVING GOTTEN SUCH A NICE IDEA ! This was another way-marking joy of our re-united hearts on our road to better awareness and consciousness ….

    All that you defined so beautifully in your above response about the experience of joy . I have lived it out in the meantime and everything you have written about it – made me so very much conscious of what these minor delights may entail in truth ….

    Thank you my dear Brother – you have done it – what ? Shoving me a bit more onward on my path of ascension with a soft and gentle push and nudge ! Thank you and bless you for it …. and regarding to finding your daughter ? Try the old way if imaginating it – just take a sort of picture or video into your mind how you are packing a parcel of gifts for her in order to mail it to her. …. perhaps it will be better to imagine such an event than that big one of finding her … as this one would entail already the big one has happened … knowing her address to send a parcel to and picking up a phone to call her ….. this is all I am able to think of as advisable …. and ask your Angels – like AAGabrielle and AAMichael for their assistance. …

    Yours with all blessings and Om Shanti

  4. Joy fills my heart. Now as to the question of my daughter, I was being somewhat playful. For does not always the parent ask of everyone, “Have you seen my child?” 🙂

    No doubt, the energies of our meeting are in motion. There are still a few obstacles in our way, but love like a river never succumbs to any obstacle, for it finds its way around all, and follows its path to its destination. I do ask Gabrielle and Michael for what assistance and guidance they may provide. All is well. Each day that passes she is in my mind and heart. And so I send her my love and to her mother as well. For it is love that will bridge the void of time and space and heal all wounds. To know of her is a light that guides me ever forward, my feet strong upon the path. Like all parents, I worry for her, but trust also in her great spiritual strength. And what I cannot give in person, I give in spirit. All is well, for absence is not an obstacle, but an opportunity. Distance cannot keep apart that which spirit and love have brought together.

    • Dear brother Dave,

      just when reading your latest comment here …another idea flashed through my heart and mind as if launched from divine realms:

      “How would you like it – if you make a CALL UP on this Blog …calling out for her – telling all of your love broken up in your heart now for her and that you are in search for her and her mother ???
      Put it on our blog and spread this “CALL UP and Search for My Unknown Daughter ” on your Facebook page and to your friends in the Philippines and then give it away to the Angelic Assistance and to our all Creator ….???

      There must be something to it as such ideas always come to me from Heaven and are in waiting for us here to deal with it in our special and humanly ways.

      Just this for you to dwell on my dear Brother !<3
      Good Luck to you and all my blessings!

      • I will give this thought, though I would not be so direct. There are many forces, energies at work and I know what they are. Sometimes it is best to let these thing flow until the feeling and inspiration is balanced and true. Her mother and I have some communication though it is sporadic and uneasy. Yet there is hope.

        Yet you’re thoughts give me cause for contemplation. When the moment is right, the words will come.

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