The Spiral and Download From the 12-12-12

Notes From the Center of the Spiral

spiral shellSteve’s article posted here on the traditional spiritual meanings of the spiral was a wonderful and welcome addition here at the birth of this blog setting. (1)  He’s just the master of compiling information, which is evidenced by his profuse and prolific writings on these subjects.

The foundation of understanding on spiritual icons is so important to ponder in these times, in my view.  If it weren’t for him and his passion for collecting and preserving these I’m sure I wouldn’t have a clue on how to access them in the now.  Beloved librarian, I love your monkish devotion!

Based on these foundational teachings, I’ve been having downloads now in the most dramatic fashion which have expanded my understanding of iconic symbols such as the spiral, and if I had to put my finger on when this really got intense, it would have to be on the 12-12-12.

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