A Meditation for Love, Peace, Children and Ascension

Pink Rose © David Wendel Robinson, AKA LightweaverTo all that see this, please share it wherever you feel led to do so.   Share it freely, but if possible, it would be appreciated if you provide a link back to this writing, and/or give credit to Illusions Now.  But most of all share it far and wide, let it pass to every nation, and every people.   Feel free to translate  it into every language. 

My dearest brothers and sisters of humanity.  I wish to bring to you a message of hope, a message of peace, a message of love to aid you in your pending ascension.

The world about us is filled with illusions and dreams of chaos.  At times it may seem as if the darkness is about to swallow all that is.   But the truth is greater than the illusions.

There is, even in this moment a great army of light that covers the earth.  They are the most powerful army that has ever walked upon this great and loving planet.  They are all about you.  You’ve seen their presence and touch them every day but you do not know them for who they are.

They do not number in the thousands, nor the millions, nor tens of millions, nor hundreds of millions.  Yea their number is in the billions, and there is no city, no state, no nation, no land that humanity inhabits that is not touched by them.

They are an army that cannot by defeated by illusion, by shadow, by weapons, nor be penetrated by any darkness.  Who you ask are they?

They are the children of the world.   

Each and every one of these divine souls, chose by their own free will to be here now, to be in this world, this beautiful planet Earth (Terra) that is filled with the spirit of Gaia.   They have no fear, they have no doubt, they have no hesitancy to fulfill their chosen duties.   They are the perfect army, not of war, not of fear, but of love and light.

But this beautiful and divine army needs your help.  Not just a few, but every one of us.  In fact, their mission, their purpose depends on every one of us helping them.   How you say?  How can we help?  They are not of my family, or my nation, don’t we have enough burdens taking care of our own?

Oh, yes, you recognize these thoughts and phrases don’t you?   But I tell you, if you want peace, if you want love, if you want ascension, if you want all that is good and loving for your own,  you must help them, even as they are already helping you.  None of us progresses alone.  We do it together.    It is the only way.   There is no room for selfishness in ascension.  We do it together, each and every one.

So how may you help them?   It is the simplest of tasks really.  Give them your unconditional love.  That is all they ask, all they need.  YOUR UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.   For with that love they will transform the earth, and all its nations and all its people and lift all of us together into a better place.

So now I wish to give you a simple meditation.   Actually an outline, for what I share with you need not be done exactly as the words given.  You are children of the divine, take what I am about to give you and play with it.   Have fun with it.  Just hold to the general concept and feel free to decorate it and be creative.   Play some light, gentle music without words, if you wish. Or do this in silence, if you wish.

Sit quietly now, in a place and manner of comfort, but not so comfortable you fall asleep.  See your body filled with a great pure light.   I would say white light, for in the science of humanity, white is the perfectly balanced presence of all light as humanity perceives it.  But it is quite okay to have a few bright colors dancing about.

So seeing your body filled and surrounded by light, breath gently and deeply.  With each breath, breath in the light of your divine being, the light of God that is always about you, it surrounds you, it is the air that you breath.    Take it deep into your body, mind, heart and spirit, then let it flow all about you and through you.

Now focus on your heart.  Can you see it, can you feel it beating, gently but steadily?   Look more closely at your heart, and see that it is something more.  Your heart is the earth itself, gently beating and pulsing, and on that earth-heart is all the people you know, and all who you dont’ know, and all the children.

Gently now, fill your earth-heart with light, just pour the light of your being into your earth-heart, there is no rush, just keep pouring in the light, and watch as your earth-heart grows. Let it fill  you chest, it is becoming as light itself.  Now let it grow beyond your chest.   Keep expanding it until it totally surrounds you and more.   Now look closely at yourself, within the earth.  Do you see it?  Just as the earth was your heart, not you are the heart of the earth.

Breath now, and be comfortable with this experience for as many moments as you need.  Prepare yourself for now comes the greatest step of all.

As you reside in the earth, and are the heart of the earth, reach deep within and summon up all the light and love you can muster.  It is there deep in your spirit, an infinite fountain of love and light that is fed directly from the creative source, from God however you perceive God. Take that light and love from within you and shine it out in every direction from your place as heart of the earth.  Just let it flow with complete abandon.  Make no judgments, no conditions.   Shine it out to your family, to your friends, to your co-workers, to your company leadership.  Shine it out to the politicians, the armies, the religious leaders of all faiths.   And now, last but not least, take everything you have, every bit of love and shine it out to all the children of the world, and watch as they take it and shine it forth again and again, increased many times over, increased until all of the world is filled with it.

This is what these beautiful souls, gathered from all the heavens and all the universes have been waiting for.  Your love, that they may take it and increase it and shine it forth again to you and to everyone, without conditions or limitations.   Your love, becomes their love and is increased, and their pure unconditional love cleanses the hearts of humankind wiping away the illusions, the fear, the dark desires to control.

And then comes ascension for humanity and the earth.  Perhaps a little at a time, as humanity sees it, but no one is left behind.

Breath deep now, relax and come back to your consciousness.  But remember what you have experienced and you can return to this meditation, any time you like.

Feel free to share your experience if you want in comments and please share with others as well.

Your brother in Light – David

5 thoughts on “A Meditation for Love, Peace, Children and Ascension

  1. so wonderful my dearest brother – I could not go on reading as tears were flowing down my cheeks veiling my eyes – this is something huge and really great and Love-Light bursts out even from the Blog-page where it is published … THANK YOU SO MUCH 1

  2. Wonderful Dave, I will make some FaceBook postings in some Spiritual groups to spread your Meditation

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