Letters from the “The Isle of I” No. 8

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Dear Brother Dave,

You know already that I was disconnected from Internet which was a very unpleasant surprise on Wednesday Morning August 14.

Used already to something like a working routine with proofreading and translation for everything channeled by Marc Gamma I felt as if thrown out of a beautiful network of light all of a sudden. Now, at the “Moment Now” then – all I wanted was to go back and joining this divine circle again and struggled for hours to be successful and restore what has been taken off from me. But invain – there was a picture before my inner eyes – I had been thrown off from a wonderful ship into the waters of the wild vast ocean again and the ship was floating slowly but in some unimpeded speed away from me … leaving me alone to cope with my situation.

The next thing I had to attend to was : to stay calm and recollect my thoughts what I would have to do next. I knew I had to notify Marc by what method ever about this new situation of mine. So I went to see friends in the afternoon after all my tricks and tipps I remembered failed to bring about any success.

So I turned to friends for help in the afternoon. But not without making up my mind beforehand in a very concentrated way: “Even if my beautiful ship had gone I was fixedly prepared to affirm a certain set of make-belief that I still was enclosed by this beautiful and protective shield of light in which I floated when still on the ship! So I called for all the Angelic assistance that there are beyond me when setting out to work for re-ligating myself to the ship of light passing away from me to the horizontal line far off where skies from above were touching my remote and sole planet of earth.

I knew I was put to a test whether I’d be able to manifest all by myself a shield of protection around myself while going out in search of retrieving my old maintenance of connection and joint work with Marc and the Angels and our Father of All-There-Is.
This was the inner work to be done and the challenge I had to respond to.

And then I went off to see my friends and all went well – they were at home even if I could not phone them before and make sure. I just laid everything so trustingly into the
Hands of God and never had any fear or any doubt distorting my heart.
Thus I could make sure to reach Marc and the right ideas were given to me from above via my intuition. I could make the desired contact via Facebook-Chat and went home again in quite a calm way.

The next day on Thursday I packed up my laptop and after some deeply heartfelt talks to all my Angelic assistance for the day before with my thanks for the successful yesterday I went out of the house.
I did not know exactly then where to go first – to the Service Station of my Net-Provider or to some PC-Shop for repairing my laptop. I just prayed again for some intuitive good idea and decided to contact personally first the Service Station and decide afterwards whether
to have my PC repaired or not.

The talks at my Net-Provider passed by in a very harmonious mode and I was told that they had a kind of disturbance in the Net and I was not to worry about a repair of my Laptop.
I went home … but still without any connection to Internet operations which remained until Friday late morning …

Something was not in order in addition to the said disturbances – I could sense it – so I tried to phone the net-provider (which had not been possible the day before).
And again the friendly voice on the other end told me to hold on after posing some questions as to the kind of module that I have … and left me alone again ….

Since I had my PC turned off – there was an idea flashing through my mind that I had better turn it on again … and ziczack – rummms – wow …my Internet was on again !

I just leaned back and sent a prayer and thank-you to my guides above and then again the phone rang and the friendly voice again asked me about the state of my connection! All was clear and o.k. …!

So there I was – bordering my beautiful ship of .light again….or  ?
No, I still could not retrieve the old situation floating and bathing in its so beloved circulative vibrations of light energies! I still felt far down and the energetical vibes still beyond me … but at least I was on the ship again !

So I fiddled about on my PC and through the Internet on Friday – notifying all friends caring for me that I had returned finally.

There was only one issue remaining a bit obscure – all the work having been left for me by Marc threw me into some state of confusion and it appeared very difficult to me in order to catch up with all of it and to recognize some kind of order in all the lefts-over.

Nevertheless, I started at one possible end of it – doing my first proof-readings and then translated a bit … but still I missed sadly the long-enjoyed former vibes … I knew I had to call out for our Angelic Helpers and in order to reach them I had to insist of regaining contacts to them again and again just like Jacob on his Ladder to Heaving battling with that Angel who forbade him further ascension. “I shall not give up and battle with you henceforth – until I shall get all your blessing “”that’s what Jacob said to his contrahent then and …. after a long Night’s Battle in Dark … he received his Angel’s Blessing when the lark – rose up high into the red-golden Sky – singing its praise to the coming Day !

What else was to be done for me in such situation? I asked Marc for some more work to  translate and while attending to the ones he gave me .. this sweet floating feeling of being in some ocean of light vibration was back again all around me and I just want to express here all my thankfulness for it.

I am very happy again …having returned to my formerly high level of frequency after all my excursions back to past realms and the people still living in it. I know I have striven for such ascended level of energies but now after my short visit to former realms of duality I have become so much aware how happy I am now and never was before in the old dualities .. this makes me ever so thankful and humble again for all this delight I am in Now!

That is what happened to me now at the end of my excursion falling back into the deep
waves of dark oceans – it was a most valuable experience for me and am affirmation of my kind of persistent trodding on my way which I once ago had recognized it would be my very way to return home to Spirit and All-There-Is.

And this time I veritably may sing together with Frank Sinatra: “I did it My Way!”

This is the finish of my update for today, my dear Bro’ in Light ! Keep well and keep on keeping doing it Your Way!

Yours Sis’ in Light and with compassionate Love

2 thoughts on “Letters from the “The Isle of I” No. 8

  1. Dear Mary,

    Well it does seem that we are all facing various challenges at different times. You got your internet back and mine went off for about 5 hours. Well to be more precise, we had a 5+ hour power outage that ran into the night. Found myself, at home, in the dark, not sleepy, and nothing to do. No computer, internet, power, TV, radio….. and a bit wired up from being back on prednisone. Quite the combination. However I survived it with relative ease. Yesterday, an email exchange between two of my family members became quite bitter and enflamed. I was not part of it, but was an observer. A sad situation, but one that has been probably simmering for too long. It was intense, and many angry things were expressed by both sides. Doesn’t feel like that will heal anytime soon.

    While I feel many situations, I seem to be improving in my ability to observe from the outside without judgement. Also I find myself, thinking what can I do better? How can I use my energies to help heal? It is difficult sometimes to know when to take action, and when to step back. I believe my strength may be with my expanding knowledge of spirit and the universe, and my ability to use my soul energy and deep spiritual love to sooth some of the conditions in the world. Yet I am not always sure how to approach it, but that is part of my learning process. Then again, physically, I am still living in 3D where the wars between minds seem to constantly rage.

    The balance is somedays not easy to maintain, but I feel that there is work I can do, not by directly involving myself but by spiritual action. By shining forth the light of my being, which is part of the life of the universe. I cannot change the minds of others, nor force change upon them, but I can perhaps sooth the energies that surround so many issues, helping others to find their own balance.

    Yesterday I read the most recent message from Matthew, and this little part of it, touched me deeply.

    “Dear ones, nothing to do with light is “just”—or merely or simply or only! Light—the same energy as love and the most powerful force in the cosmos—is not only exactly what is needed to make a difference, it is ALL that is needed! Light-love is the key to attaining peace, harmony and justness in your world! It is the key to a joyful, fulfilling life, to growing spiritually and consciously, to bringing about all the other marvels of the Golden Age!”

    This is how I feel and have felt so strongly for a while now. I am thinking that what I personally need is more personal discipline in my life, to make the effort (time?) to allow the energies of love and light within to shine forth and to flow, wherever they are needed, without condition or judgement. It is so easy to be distracted by the 3D world around us, so my challenge is to flow gently like the light itself and do so without effort, but with persistence.

    Blessings to you my dear sister. We are on our way. And won’t the stubborn ones be so surprised when they wake up one day, and find their burdens of judgement, fear, control, etc, have dissipated and no longer matter. A time when they feel the love light that has always been there with them.


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