Letters from My “Isle if I” No.7 Still Keeping the Balance

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Dear Dave,

I do hope you are still well ? Or are you on Prednison again? Which would feel me very sorry for you.

I’ve just gotten the Newsletter of Laura Bruno as I am a follower-up of her blog and I do appreciate much what she writes about. Just to make it easier for you to understand what I am hinting at – I give you the link hereunder to the respective article of hers:
http://laurabruno.wordpress.com/2013/08/13/you-are-not-alone-in-your-challenges-right-now/. Quite a lot has happened since my last letter to you and when I throw some glances back to last week it  appears to me like a some sort of broader network enveloping us all as “The Issue at this Moment of Now”.

To set some example for it only I can describe what has happened to me  especially since last Friday.

All the days before since beginning of August Marc and I had been working diligently and enthusiastically on some larger Project titled “The ToolBox” and we are still on it as we want to make it a
special one regarding all the Tools which have to go in there. The latter
conctitute some special teachings of various ArchAngels given to us Humans here on Earth how to avail ourselves of substantial auxiliary Angelic instruments in order to cope better with our daily issues in life. It is such a marvellous gift I can tell you as I did all the translations of these into English. But it takes a bit more time than some of all our other single messages as we want to deliver in the end as a complete workpiece harmoniously rounded up as some sort of whole complex work collaborated by all of the ArchAngels concerned, and us, Marc and I.

Anyway such were the days before last Friday – so filled with this kind of work and of our all endeavors co-operating, brainstorming, and collaborating together. To me it was a powerful experience when translating the messages of the various ArchAngels and St. Germain I underwent also some completely new sensations. These made me do a sort of slowing down my speed and diving deeper into the vibrating modulation of the individual Celestial Messenger.
I eventually ended up taking some particular delight in every passage I was to translate at thatvery time. It gave me a feeling of floating and bathing in each and every vibration – it was some wonderful sensation – like praying and been very very near to our heavenly family and friends. It was ” Ora et Labora ” (Praying while you work) in the very and original divine sense of it.

All the foundation of the ToolBox had been laid and all basics had been done until Friday last – we were about only to do some corrections and balance out some special explanations therein …. well….
…..and here we come again to the special issue of this letter i.e. “BALANCE” !

Now I can see it in some very clear way:

We had arrived at this point of having to balance out our Workpiece in some vibrational higher frequency adjusting it to the New Earth of Golden Age and its higher dimensions. This I am able to perceive now yet not at all at that time.

So Friday Evening came and I went online to my bank account recognizing that shockingly my “Friendly Banker” had reduced my Dispo-Limit substantially. Yes they had announced it to me beforehand but since I do my banking online it had completely surpassed me in a way and so it came now as a shock to me as it concerned also my monthly rent for my flat not being honored by my “Friendly Banker”.

So what was I to do ? It was Friday evening ! Still in all the divine upper vibration of my former translation work – I did not freak out at all.

I made myself a delicious cup of tea (the English way) and sat down into the Evening Sun on my balcony —- looking at all the beautiful flowers there and I sipped my “cupper tea”.
Then I called upon the ArchAngels to give me some helpful advice. And I got it.

I went online and made an appointment with my “Friendly Banker” for the coming Monday which was yesterday.

Then I was strongly nudged by my Angels and I felt a vivid urge to become the first one to avail myself of the ToolBox.

I decided to give our ToolBox a trial run for my special issue. And from that time until Monday morning I have been working with the appropriate new tools of our “ToolBox still in
Constructure” .

Do we have Tuesday Afternoon now? Yes we have – and the meeting at the Bank has gone and is over.
It was most harmonious and centered on their offer to transform all my pending dispo-amounts to some Credit Contract which I shall have to repay installmentally. It yet has still to go through the board of approval. But I am in very good hope

So what has happened since beginning of this Month of August? It all centers around keeping and establishing the right mode of balance …keeping the scales of my individual life in more equal level and transforming former heavy inequalities to some levels much more more balanced. Is this the anchoring of the New Age already into manifestation of higher frequencies here? I guess so!

So it all was about learning a new way to keep better balance in myself. Also reducing the innerrushing hectic which we all know and have been used to in our past lives. I appears to me as if we were hastening through our days since there was a little man deep  in us with a long whip always lashing out on each of us and driving us madly ahead  in the so called “pursuit of happiness” of some distant future …neglecting present moments of life entirely.

Reducing and foregoing this inner hectic of duality is the other great achievement of these first weeks in August !

And trust – newly acquired – in our mutual connection to our celestial friends and family when dealing with such special issues once more arising in some final attempt from out the darker planes with low vibrations. To overcome such events without fear and anger but with kindness and friendliness
of compassionate love!

All this I have learned when coping with what I call my recent “August Issues” challenging me and putting to tests everything which theoretically I have noted and become aware of beforehand.

So my dear Dave, thank you for reading this mail so far and having so much patience with all my “rabbling” here. Many things I mentioned here came to my mind only now and on the spot when trying to depict the story to you here ! And therefore a big thank you to you !

To make ends meet again… I have to refer again to the article of Laura Bruno mentioned above –
the best confirmation ever for me that this is what is happening to many a lightworker of us!

This is the Time Of Now when the snake-like hidden past issues curl up again in some final old way giving these old and painful terrific issues another try to drag us back to thei
r lower vibrational realms.,

Coincidence – there is nothing like such matter ..and that is fact ! Which we all have to acknowledge finally !!!

Good evening dear Dave and keep well – keep on keeping your personal balance with the help and assistance of Heaven above us !
Yours Sis’ Mary

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The Years of Life tell me that I am old - My Inner Heart tells me that I am young - it is proof that I still live in Duality and as I decided to outgrow this Matrix I am prepared to ascend into some other realm leaving all the old and shabby patterns behind me pluck up all my courage for the New Age with shining lights so Golden of Promise - And take with me nothing but love - peace - harmony and one only virtue of 3-D density : staying a pioneer all my lifes ... ready for another adventure ... with the Help of God Almighty...

2 thoughts on “Letters from My “Isle if I” No.7 Still Keeping the Balance

  1. My Dear Mary,

    It was an interesting day today. It began with a phone call from my niece advising me that her husband’s mother had passed away the night before. She had been sick for some time so it was not un-expected, but still a very difficult time. He didn’t have the money to travel to her funeral, so my day was spent conferring with family members and getting an agreement to draw upon some emergency funds so he could make the trip home. In the end it all worked out, and he should be home with his family now, for the next few days.

    I found myself, flowing from instant to instant, phone call to phone call and yet never felt anxious. I knew what needed to be done and accomplished it with everyone’s agreement. While the day left me feeling a little drained, it passed in a gentle way. The ebbs and flows of spiritual energy throughout the day kept me going. Times of energy and times of rest, but all was well.

    Thank you for the link to Laura Bruno’s website. I followed it and read her article, and from that followed the link to Timothy Glenn’s – The Heart Breath meditation. It is quite similar in some ways to the mediation I have felt guided to practice. So it provided to me, an affirmation that I was on the right path.

    Energy flows in cycles. In each cycle there is an upper point, and a lower point. This is the nature of energy. There is also a frequency, the speed at which energy makes the changes from upper to lower and back again. Ideally, the point where we are is in the middle where each cycle transitions. This is like our bodies heart’s. In the heart there are two chambers, we might consider one the lower chamber and the other the upper chamber. For our bodies to live both chambers must function together, first one pulses/pumps, then the other. This is a rhythmic cycle that we call our heartbeat. So it is with all energies, they have a heartbeat, that we call a cycle. The speed of the cycle is a frequency. Both the upper level and the lower level must exist in balance. We exist not at the high or the low, but in the middle, the point between the high and low. These energies are our spiritual heartbeats I guess you could say. As we move to higher levels of awareness the frequencies increase (happen quicker) and the distance between the highs and lows is less. But for the energy to flow, there must always be a cycle, a heartbeat. When we live in the middle, in the quiet place, we are in balance. Each person, each human being has their own unique “spiritual heartbeat”. The goal though is not to focus on highs or lows but to live in the middle, the still place of balance. The cycles, like our heartbeat, when it is healthy, will find their appropriate frequency for each moment. We don’t really need to focus on anything except balance. All other changes will come naturally in their appropriate time.

    I guess what I am saying is that Ascension is not something we need to strive for, it is something that we already are, when we are in balance. So many people want to live only in the highs or lows of their energy cycles, not realizing that by living in the middle, they have the best of both. Because they focus their thoughts only towards one or the other, they tend to cause one or the other to be dominate, and then the cycle is disrupted, they have a spiritual heart attack. The cycles must be in balance. That is the nature of the universe. Then and only then is both the physical and spiritual heart healthy.

    I hope that makes some sense, it just flowed tonight.

    Blessings and Light.

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