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Balancing in a differing Way – in Response to the Response of No.5

Hi to you dear Brother Dave,

How could this be otherwise? Again after having had the first 2-3 hours of deep sleep
something or somebody intervened and gave me a nudge to get up. This same experience seems to be building up itself as a sort of routine when there is some heap of phrases accumulated in me that wants to see the world.

And just in the very morning of a new day there is so much stillness here around laden with ingenuity and fragments all of which are rising from my inner heart leaving their hiding.

My eyes and my mind are still of sort glued to this very passage of your response letter:

“As you dreamed before and felt in your life, we need to leave behind us the “battle” and focus on the energies of our being in balance with all that is. Balance is not a middle point between light and dark, good and evil or any other illusion of oppositions. Balance is when we just allow our energies of love to flow without judgement or fear. There is no conflict, no difficulty, only a moving with the energies of the universe.”

This especially is happening in the “Moment of Now” to me and it is as if I am undergoing a test how in reality of still 3-D (at least the rest of it) I am able to react to a sort of challenge. Earlier some month ago still I think I had panicked feeling unsecure and in a sort of danger.

Fact is still the same and it could have happened before just as well … only my approach to it has changed in a considerable way. Naked and pure fact is that my friendly banker has reduced my dispo-limit of account and in some way his announcement has passed me by unnotedly so that I was taken by a great and darned surprise today when I saw that even the rent for my flat has not been honored and paid by my bank. So what was to do? At first – I must admit – it was kind of a slight shock – but no panick or working myself into a state.

So, there it was – again some fragments of past 3-D-Duality breaking through again and trying to drag me backwards into long-gone-realities of fearing about Life-existence. I felt down inwards into me …but there was no sign of fear or upset to be sensed. I just sat down and told myself not to spoil any of my precius Life-time with worries but to attempt to find the most appropriate solution of this new problem. Since where there is a problem there also is some solution of it too.

Sitting down on my balcony with all the beautiful flowers I sipped my cup of tea with as much delight as it is a genuine English assortment and I love English Tea – I thought about best steps to be taken already now.

I made some calculation what the exact amount is missing now with the reduced upper limit of my Dispo. I looked up my papers and last year’s receipts of pension from the agencies’ concerned. I went online to the bank and made an appointment next possible day so I shall go and meet my “friendly banker” beginning of next week. I know already that I have to convince him that it was a mistake by some employée of the staff there. As according to my calculation there is quite a different final result.

All this was done in some unbelievable calm and ordinary way. I think I passed this very test!

I also mailed Marc and asked for his intervention and a reading on my part from his celestial guides – I myself went to bed then and called upon the same guides for help and to create a positive vibration when this meeting takes place.

I went to sleep not neglecting my activity as miner continuing the digging deep into the worm- or rabbithole towards the inner core of my heart where the divine light is shining. The last matter that I sensed was as if a golden shiny veil had been thrown upon me with such a still melodious vibration that I suddenly knew I had arrived so deep in there and was just about breaking through to my innermost lighted chamber of heart!

So when I just read over again this particular passage of yours I became so much aware
that this is what I experienced today and handled so far was exactly the way of balance which you described in your response. I am very glad when I arrived at this conclusion since most of the times I just go through such experiences but not so consciously than today.

Often in my previous life I experienced in actual life what I had discussed and thought over theoretically with others being connected to a certain issue or topic and afterwards I had to live it out in some physical and bodily sense. Just like this very latest experience which still is wearing on.

So far about keeping the balance towards life and one’s very own heart and mind whereby the heart again took over the lead.

Talking about the 2nd subject of your response is Edgar Cayce. I’ve read a few books by him and there was not such great uproar of emotions like yours. I had read so many books
before him so that it was solely some other story to me. The uproar in me was stirred up by Carlos Castaneda and the Teaching of Don Juan … these books I just breathed into myself and still do once and again. I am drawn to everything which has a touch of Shamanic Magic too and when I come across such vibration it always feels like there is some distant “Call from A-far” rising from Mother Earth up into skies of crystal deep ultramarine-blue like several transparent domes slipped over each other.

This particular sky I saw in one of my lucid dreams when waiting for the arrival of our celestial families at “First Contact”. It was breath-taking with the extraterrestical fleet of lightships arriving – first looking like a heap of stars growing then in size and my heart was pounding with joy !

Dear Dave, here I’ll stop my description as I won’t allow this joy overwhelming me again already now – as there is first this breakthrough of old issues with which I have to deal. The very moment has not yet arrived but I know it soon will – how much happiness we all have to look forward to!

Keep well and keep your balance even if it is hard when you are on this special medicament!
I knew when you were on Prednison lately – there was such a block of grey clouds hovering around and over you and with my thoughts I could not reach out to you ! But you will get better I know it for sure, my dear Brother in Light!
Your Sis’ Mary

First Contact

Angels will sing
and chimes are to ring
my heart’s delight is here
with First Contact to cheer!

It was worth all the while
we are more than ever before
we ‘re washing our feet down there
on rivers – and never – ever allow
to be drawn back from this Great Door.

The door of entry with threshold of light
let’s go or leap into – whatever one’s like –
And waiting for us in motionless flow
are long-missed siblings
applauding us now!

Still now we must keep still
and countenance with all will
it’s not yet the time
but it will in the end
all we look forward
is Heaven’s Event!

Eva Maria = (Contra)Mary

August 10, 2013

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