E.M.H. Letters from my “Isle of I” No. 5

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Dear Dave,

Every time on starting another letter to you I sense a sort of anticipation about the eventual outcome of this project. Somewhat tensed I feel some uncertainty myself whether I ‘ll be able to succeed to depict with my very own words exactly what I am thinking.

You should know that some times I do not even know the very same day what I shall write about. So when I go for a rest after midday I am asking AAMichael and AAGabriel/le requesting their assistance for the beforehand letter … and waking up after this little nap in the afternoon there are very often some sentences arising from my heart into my mind demonstrating me how I could begin and what is the subject valuable enough to deal with.

This was my pretext as I thought just now : “Why not telling you how I generally proceed
to put down all what is in my mind before I settle down to scribble such a letter ?” Very often there are ideas and thoughts in me on which I have pondered frequently and this for several times in my past life and sometimes they have risen before to the surface of my consciousness and then went into hiding again. And such is the case with which I deal today.

Returning to the already mentioned message of Sananda through Ute Posegga-Rudel I remember that discussing my translation into German at that time she made a final amendment which she had overlooked so far in her own message. viz. that our Mind/Brain
reacts in some way alike a transformator as all our thoughts are of electric nature.

And since this very fact came into my mind again I responded thereto today –  that we may not forget that there is no inbuilt gadget there filtering our thoughts according to where they come from and to what ethical basis they are build upon.

We likewise will not know at all whether these thoughts rolling through our minds are being our very own ones risen from our inner hearts or being sorts of infiltration from somewhere else.

I’ve read and heard so much during the last decades about the “Power of Thoughts” and I strongly believe that it is of essential importance that we are learning how to control our thoughts as well – better to exemplify it – to exert control about our way of thinking !

And hereunder falls likewise the use of discernment which we are so frequently requested to use. So you see there is a long queue of consequences entailed when starting with this so much reputed and frequently repeated admonition to control our thoughts.

To me – as a painter I like to see pictures – this “Toughts-Controlling” is like the head of a snake with a long long tail of consequences following and all depends how and in which direction its head is moving – and so will also its long long tail…. I leave it to you to imagine and depict – color out with your own mind in an individual follow-up what this snake may do to everyone of us if not treated properly.

Did you ever read some books by Dr.Joseph Murphy …he was the one I started with end of the 80ies when reading real spiritual literature showing toeards the New Age after having gone through literature of vsrious religious beliefs and that of magic and occult teachings.

He was the real relevation for me – displaying his teachings based on the Group of Unity – and he had many followers over here in Germany. He was the first talking about Universal Laws and the Power of our Thoughts. Everwhere here – this I can tell naturally only about Hamburg – Murphy-Circles were established where people on their search met to discuss these special topics.

And with regard to myself – not having the financial funds to attend costly seminars – I was led more and more by my spiritual guides (this I know now) to bookstalls with remnants where I found these books by him which were affordable to me too. These were like gifts to me falling from heaven on to my feet and I had only to pick them up and the next weekend of mine was thus safeguarded. I read and I thought and this filled my time off duty from being a very busy professional secretary in some commercial importing and wholesale branch of a well-known healthfood-co-operative organisation here in Germany.

So If you did not read anything by Dr.Joseph Murphy you would be well advised to do so and if you know his teachings you will certainly agree with me knowing what I talk here about.

Already in these books one may find his elucidations about the power of Thought-Control
but then at that time I could perceive its true essence only with my mind.

It is only Now – some 20 years later – that I am able to unertand with my inner heart the full impact and essence of its spiritual basis and thus all underlying basics of what Dr. J.Murphy tried to bring into our world with his books are rising up again – appearing to the conscious surface of my mind. And I am sure that I won’t be the only one here of his recent fans and those – picking up his books for the first time of their lives – will add up to the huge crowd of his spiritual fans too.

So, my dear Bro’ Dave, this was it already, the No. 5 of my letters to you. Let me tell you quickly also here that I met this topic of Thought-Power and Thought-Control way down on my mining search to reach the Point of Stillness in my Inner Heart where I may get rid of any thoughts and may release them like white clouds flowing into some heavenly stillness. ( I am still at those of my exercises of which I told you in my previous letters.)

These thoughts got stuck amid a huge heap of trashy thoughts infiltrated into
my deep subconsciousness and I could break them loose when digging myself so deeply. And the release of them was just now to you… and here they are pure and clean as all the trash glued on to them has already been washed off with my bare hands healing all my wounds attached to them.

Do you know now, my dear Bro’ in  Light, how essential it is for all of us lightbearers to install something into our minds and hearts in order to prevent all thought-matters not sourced by the Light nor by our Divine Father/Mother from invading into us?

We do need something like a filter for all thoughts pervading us so that it will be made easy for us to hold for keepsake only thoughts of celestial high vibration and to let go of all other thought-matters not entailing the high vibrational light from our All-Creator.

Let us ask our guides for their assistance to this issue of ours and I am sure they will rush to support us also in this very case. But first of all we have to ask them as they have to respect the “Free Will of Ours” since they must obey Universal Laws too.

This is it ! And so be it!
And until next time of Now I am with all my good wishes to you
Yours Eva Maria

To all the Seeds from the Stars – Bearers of Light from so far ,,,,

What are our Targets ?
Love and Ascension !
Are we focused on these aims ?
Not to be distracted by

any news-given shame?

….and how much we are ,
considering myself from a bit afar
but I know I am with all my might
never to lose the target out of sight
and focus on Love to shine like a star
from out our hearts all over the world……

(Contra)Mary 2012

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The Years of Life tell me that I am old - My Inner Heart tells me that I am young - it is proof that I still live in Duality and as I decided to outgrow this Matrix I am prepared to ascend into some other realm leaving all the old and shabby patterns behind me pluck up all my courage for the New Age with shining lights so Golden of Promise - And take with me nothing but love - peace - harmony and one only virtue of 3-D density : staying a pioneer all my lifes ... ready for another adventure ... with the Help of God Almighty...

2 thoughts on “E.M.H. Letters from my “Isle of I” No. 5

  1. My dear sister Mary,

    Well, this was quite a lot to take in. But once again I was on the “unpleasant” medicine for 5 days. It’s effects on my overall physical and mental systems were quite strong. At the same time I found myself trying to remain balanced with the incredible fluxes in energy all about. Suffice to say, I went for days with little sleep, and then once freed from the disruptions of the medicine, desired only to rest, whenever I could. In this moment now I feel quite well. I think a spontaneous nap in the afternoon allowed me to restore both physical and mental balance to a great degree.

    i have never read the works of Dr. Joseph Murphy. However while still in the US Navy, back in the 1970’s, I was deployed for a short time to a remote Navy Air Station called Adak Alaska, located in the Aleutian Islands. It was there at the Naval Air Station that I had what was perhaps my first great “spiritual” breakthrough. It was there that I was introduced to the works of the Edgar Cayce, and found my life forever changed. Suddenly the orthodoxy that I had been indoctrinated with for all of my early years just fell away, and things I had always known within, suddenly made sense. In an odd synchronicity, I found other kindred spiritual souls in the military, including my unit’s “intelligence officer”. Who would have ever expected that? This began then my “opening up” to all the thoughts that had been forbidden me from my early upbringing. Before this time I had already been questioning the belief systems I had been raised with, but had lacked any sense of direction. So it was that the Cayce readings gave me direction and allowed me to expand my spiritual search to ever greater realms and philosophies.

    These times also remind me of the illusionary world that we live in. As we look about, our world, our conscious minds seem to see much chaos, anger, confusion and disruption. But if we learn to see with our spiritual minds and beings, we can pierce the veils of illusion and see then the many, many powerful threads of spiritual love and awareness that interweave the illusions and slowly but persistently reshape them. Even in places we would least expect them, there are individuals and spiritual leaders who are actively holding the space for humanities growth and ascension. What is not obvious to the conscious mind is the tremendous growth that has already occurred behind the scenes.

    I believe strongly what we should not do is give strength to the illusions, by seeing them as conflict. For that very word, carries a great disruptive energy. As you dreamed before and felt in your life, we need to leave behind us the “battle” and focus on the energies of our being in balance with all that is. Balance is not a middle point between light and dark, good and evil or any other illusion of oppositions. Balance is when we just allow our energies of love to flow without judgement or fear. There is no conflict, no difficulty, only a moving with the energies of the universe.

    For a few days, I felt conflicted, confused, battered, tired, worn out, even sad. But then today I feel free, the energy flows and there is no conflict of any kind. What I notice most of all is that within myself, the days of illusion, days of difficulty and conflict, come less often and last for shorter and shorter times (as humanity perceives time) and the days of balance, joy, love and flowing freely with universe come more frequently and last longer. But more importantly the transitions are less and less noticeable, and more and more natural.

    I still find a challenge in releasing some preconceptions and in letting go of “the material details” of life. Yet, each day I feel within my spirit, more of that freedom that joy that we all shared, before our incarnations into material (3D) experience. Likewise while I remember more of the time before, I worry less of the moment that is now. I know that this experience is but a moment in the greater story of our infinite journeys. A moment that we chose. Our challenge then, if anything is to enjoy the moment. Not the illusions that sprang out of it, but the moment, the now of being in this experience. And to do this every moment, knowing that we are already free and living in the infinite universe, now. The time is always now. It is not something we wait for, or hope for, but something we live, NOW. And each and every soul has their NOW. But when we live our NOW, we help others to live their NOW. We are all interconnected. We do not need to change the world, only to change ourselves, and the world will change with us.

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