Letters from my “Isle of I” No. 4

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Dearest Dave,

it was such a great surprise to read your latest post on our blog. I can’t tell you how much joy I sensed in my heart on reading it. There was so much light in it – it made my heart jump with joy and gladness. You really did made a turn of 180 degree ! Be blessed my Bro’!

When it comes to me I am still busy here with the topics of my previous letters. I found out – the more I am imagining and thinking about the still-point of our hearts – that this is really something so much worth to keep on thinking about. One thing I am certain of is that it is my way of inner growing and anchoring the huge incoming flux of light and its high frequency of vibration into me.

And I am telling you what this means to me in my daily life:

I know I have to dig the way down to the innermost core of my heart where there is only light and nothing but light. Twice in my former life I was given the unexpected present to experience this light arising from my innnermost core and spreading all over myself – body – mind – and all there-is belonging to me in the past 3-D-realm – wiping away all issues of duality for a while. These were some huge experiences although their source of offspring from my heart were of quite differring causes. But I went through these experiences knowing at once then at the very moment each one was a most prescious gift from my Creator.

So when I read from the channeled message of Sananda through Ute P. and also the script of Steve B. about the Still-Point of our Hearts it flashed through myself again: “Yea, this is it, that I have to work on and try to refind with all my heart-power.

And not enough:
In the forum of discussion of AAMichael, The Golden Age of Gaia-Group, they talked about a sort of Mantra being of great assistance to them: “Open-up – Let-Go – Allow!” This also appeared to me as some very proper tool to take up into my daily exercises of approaching more and more Spirit living in my heart.  I know: shoveling and digging my way to the source of divine light in my heart – this will be my very own kind of method to reach all that I want to gain from Spirit.

I know from my above described experiences of my previous life that while this light prevailed running through myself there was not one blink of thought crossing my mind lest for the sense of deep love to Whom Who Did Me Send Such Heavenly Experience.

And there was a deep stillness of Bliss (not the kind of bliss we usually connect to this expression it was something else) around me. No more thoughts – no more wishing – just
sensing the “I Am” in the Still of My Heart!

And this is what I am now attempting so much to retrieve again and not by mere chance but consciously and intentionally.

And as I was told that my spiritual guide and mentor is in the stand-by now to connect with me fully and in direct contact I have had the splendid (so I assume) idea to make use of my above explained “mining research” into my own spiritual light core of my heart in order to also be able to open up entirely my heart to my extra-terrestial guide Hatonn so that we may finally establish some direct mutual contact.

I had some readings from AAGabrielle and she/he told me that I am so very near to such
event and that I have only to open up entirely myself.

Taking her/his words to my heart I am going through some sort of exercise daily and foremost before I go to sleep.

1.)Doing my conscious breathing meditation I invite at the same time Hatonn to come to me but before I ask AAGabriel(le) and AARaphael for their protection  and of course AAMichael too. (My latest news about the latter is that Marc Gamma started channeling now messages from AAMichael (the first one I translated already yesterday) which gives me another huge enlightened pleasure in my heart.)

Then I start doing my work of mining myself into the depths of my heart and this feels alike going down through some kind of rings of no colors but shades of dark to lighter greys. It is getting stiller — the deeper I am going … but until now I did not succeed to reach what I consider the main target of all this activity. … So I am keeping on and on since neither Rome had been built up on one day ….

This was the part of my letter dealing with my inward life … the outward just flows on
without any much remarkable new matters cropping up. The translations for all channeled messages through Marc Gamma are giving me much delight and spiritual urges to which I follow with my thinking and I am deeply grateful to be given such valuable push to drive on through my days.

Looking around outside into what the world’s activities are in the momentum – I do not feel
any interest to participate in those – they all seem to be so far away from the center of myself and there is no way of being distracted from what I experience with myself here on a day-to-day-basis.

I know I am still on my “Isle-of-I” but I also know that there soon will come some sort of
“Now” when this “Isle-of-I” will change its nature from being an isle to some sort of “Junction Point” where alike-minded “Lighters” (that is us) will meet and join with their own pieces of work. Something like this, we, Curadora64 (Auras,Cores e Números) and I, have done already mutually with the sort of co-operation between our two blogs the Marys’ and her Auras – and this has so far proved to have a very fruitful outcome – helping each other and thus spreading light more than before by rounding off our blogs to something special.

Yo, my dear Brother, this was No. 4 of my letters and I hope you will like it when reading?

Keep well and let me tell you again that I like much what you post about your thoughts.
So long and take care of yourself.

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