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Astrology Journal
Your Guide to Planetary Energies for
July 29 to August 4, 2013
By Pam Younghans
Today’s photo: Auroras over James Bay, Canada on July 26 (photo by Michel Tournay, posted on
A RARE (and already infamous) grand sextile occurs tomorrow. The Moon will come into alignment with Pluto and Venus to create a Grand Earth Trine, while Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune are still holding the energy of the Grand Water Trine that was exact last week. These two overlapping triangles create a six-sided configuration in the sky, that astrologers call a “Star of David” formation.
If you search online using the keywords “Star of David astrology” or “diamond tetrahedron,” you’ll find a lot of opinions and discourses on the meaning of this event. One of the best, in my opinion, is contained in astrologer Carl Boudreau’s YouTube video on the energies of July 2013.
CARL BEGINS by talking about the long-term view of reality, stretching us to think as far ahead as 2020. He does this because he considers current astrological configurations — including our grand sextile on Monday — to be preparing us for the Saturn-Pluto alignment at the end of this decade.
I think this long-term view is what immediately resonated with me as I started listening to Carl’s video. As I believe is true for most of us, part of me longs for the miraculous event that magically changes my life in all positive ways. This part of me hopes that my personal experience of “ascension” will involve the skies parting to allow a shower of light from above to wash away all my worries and concerns, and transform me into my higher self (with no further work needed on my part).
I am reminded of the Gary Larson cartoon that shows a professor writing very complex and precise calculations on a board. At one step in the process, he has written “and then a miracle occurs,” which then allows the equation to be successfully completed.
BEING A PRACTITIONER of astrology and a student of life, I know that important changes tend to happen over time on this physical plane. There may be specific events or magic moments that move us forward in key ways, but most times we still must walk the bridge after it’s been created.
Perhaps we can view Monday’s grand sextile as one of those bridges, enabling us to get a glimpse of possibilities and options that lie before us. As Carl says in his video, this Star of David configuration is:
“… a concentrated, condensed, transitory experience of energies that we will experience over the coming year… Powerful planetary energy will be released in an organized and stable way, constituting a creative and transformative energetic field that supports the emergence of revelatory and transformative phenomena.”
THE ACTUAL EFFECTS of the grand sextile are fairly short-lived, since the fast-moving Moon is a key player. The Moon aspects the first planet (Neptune) in the grand sextile at 6:45am PDT and aspects the last planet (Mars) at 7:09pm PDT. This gives us just about 12 hours to work with this energy and see what potentials it holds for us.
If you have an experience to share that you feel is enhanced or even created by Monday’s planetary lineup, please add your comment to my “Your comments?” posting at
THE REST OF THE WEEK offers us another complicated mix of opportunity and challenge — something we should be getting used to by now! On Tuesday, the Pluto-Venus trine provides the energy for us to deepen relationships, but on Wednesday, the Uranus-Mars square indicates that our need for freedom and autonomy is heightened. This can lead to misunderstandings (Neptune sesquisquare Mercury), so be sure to communicate clearly, heart-fully and with forethought.
Thursday is an adjustment day (quincunx aspects), when we may experience emotional cleansing and healing (Chiron trine Mars), but may also have to come to terms with woundings in our relationships (Chiron opposite Venus). In particular, we’ll need to address tendencies to either over-control (Venus in Virgo) or over-sympathize with (Chiron in Pisces) important people in our lives. The challenge is to find the balance point, where we can express love without sacrificing ourselves and can support others in healthy ways, without rushing in to rescue them.
By Sunday, the Leo Sun is invigorated, ready to take a risk and engage in a new activity (Uranus trine Sun). The planetary challenges that occur that same day require that we keep our sights on the deeper meanings of the experience (Sun square nodes) and that we acknowledge and heal any tendencies to let our joy be diminished by a lack of confidence or self-esteem (Chiron quincunx Sun).
Have a blessed week!
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