Don’t Judge. Don’t Fear. Don’t Classify – Just let your love light shine.

g1.4, g1.4There’s a lot of folks talking about Ascension and World Change but in amongst it all there is a  quite a bit of noise. Nothing wrong with that mind you, it is human nature, or perhaps I should say has been human nature. After all, we are talking about the old 3D paradigm even as a new paradigm or level of awareness emerges.  Like the caterpillar that becomes a butterfly we are evolving and changing individually, as societies and as human beings.  Still there are those who struggle still, but then haven’t we all at one time or another.

There are three things that keep  people deeply mired in the old consciousness.

JUDGEMENT: Some of the great spiritual teachers (pick any one you are comfortable with) have said things to the effect that, judgement belongs only to God (Creative source). The reason being, that while we are divine infinite beings we are “traveling” in a limited 3D construct for a time. And within this construct, we don’t generally see the “BIG” Picture and therefore don’t see all the interconnecting weaves, the whys and wherefores of many situation’s. When we judge, we often do so from a distorted or incomplete perspective. Omniscient God however is infinitely aware of every situation and all the complex inter-weavings that lead up to all outcomes and therefore can see the truth behind every action. As we grow beyond our 3D and even 4D constructs, we too will come to an awareness where we begin to see all the cause and effect interactions that lead to events. After all we are children of the divine and in our highest spiritual natures we already do, it is only our self-imposed limitations of “Conscious mind” that prevent us from doing so now. — Yes, yes, we could blame our institutions (churches, nations, families, etc) for it, but that would just be another “poor judgement” now wouldn’t it? When we let our love truly shine, there is no need for judgement for we know that the universe seeks balance in all ways. When tempted to judge another person or any situation, step back and instead reaffirm your love for all.

FEAR: Once again most, if not all of the great spiritual teachers and even a few not so obviously spiritual teachers have talked about this. When we fear, we are once again giving into the great 3D deception and the control of others. My personal favorite quote is Franklin D Roosevelt’s inauguration speech when he said “Only thing we have to fear, is fear itself” but there are so many ways to say it.

Fear is the great controller, the great manipulator. Fear is that which gives us pause for it takes our attention and our actions away from the act of love. Fear is always the instrument of those who wish to “control” who want to be in charge of everything including our lives. Love however is the great shield and light that guards us and lights our way through the illusionary valleys of fear and shadow. Psalm 23:4 “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,I will fear no evil; For You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.”

Release then all fears, be they personal, political, financial, or take any other shadow or illusion form, for they serve only to distract you from the great love that you are. Look within and listen, for the voice of the creator speaks, “Fear not, for I am with you and am part of you always. No person, institution or nation can take from you the love that I have given you, and it is that love that enriches and sustains you.”

CLASSIFICATION:  I pondered if I should include this, but in the course of humanities learning in this world, it seems that when we cannot accept a particular lesson or person, we like to create another word, to rename it in some manner, so that we can convince ourselves we are not doing or saying anything that is inappropriate, judgmental or fearful. We like to create “classifications”, neat little boxes to put experiences and people into. It is a way of trying to convince ourselves that we have not strayed from our path. If you will, a way of denying judgement and fear, within our conscious mind. So we can say, I’m not judging or I’m not fearful, I am just putting this or that into its correct place, giving it its correct name..   In essence a way for the conscious mind to avoid deep consideration of our actions that might bring about wide-spread change and balance.  Now I could go on for days, weeks or years to trying to explain this but the fact is, we like to “classify” things, situations and people, so that we can be comfortable with them while denying fear of or judgement of them. The more we are immersed in 3D consciousness, the more boxes/classifications we are likely to create. A convenient way to pretend we are not judging or fearing. Look around, and you will see that every generation takes great pride in creating their own classifications for things, so they can deny being the same as generations for them. All these things are words, names, symbols, but in the end they are all the same. Judgements and fears. Classification is one of the most durable of 3D constructs that humanity in this world has. The reason is that if we come through our spiritual growth that something is no longer as we see it, but don’t really want to change our perception, we just re-classify it, re-define it in some manner. It is like a drug that allows us think, we are upon a path, while avoiding the path when it is not comfortable. Re-classify it, rename it, move the box and all the things in it from one corner to another. It has become a comfortable mental way to avoid confronting and releasing our judgements and fears.

LET YOUR LOVE LIGHT SHINE: Life is really pretty easy when we break it down. We are children of the divine, the creative source from which ALL springs and within which ALL exists. We are one. Yet within that one we are each unique expressions, learning and growing. There is no beginning or end, just the infinite journey in love. When we release our attachments to judgment. fear and our addiction to classification, all that is left is our journey of of love. Recently however, my inner soul self who I sometimes refer to as Shak’ta’i, has wanted to speak. Now the message is phrased upon deep soul experiences through many lifetimes. I can’t say for certain of this is my soul experience or the soul experience of another, but it want’s to be shared. I don’t think I need to name the master, for you will either recognize or not, but the lesson has been taught by many masters over the eons in this 3D experience, and only the specific words, expressions and language change.  The essence springs forth from creative source and is always the same.

Shak’ta’i speaks to tell a story. – “And so I sat upon my mother’s lap in fields filled with many people, gently cuddled in her arms.  It was a beautiful day, with skies of blue dotted by white clouds, or at least it felt that way.   A great teacher stood before us upon the side of a hill, there was a light about him but many did not see it. A great many people had come from all around, many traveling long distances. I heard people speaking in words and languages I did not understand, but when the master spoke all heard and understood for he used a language common to commerce and all people in those regions. Many things he did say that day, but for this moment and this writing, these are the words and a small part of his teachings that day, that we wish to tell. For they have been written in many forms and many languages before, over the years they have also been distorted or misstated to serve the intentions of a few. So here then is the the statement of our memory that day. Many might argue over the wording but we translate for you not as the words of languages of the many nations represented there but as the intent of the light that shone from the heart of the master.”

“For many generations you have followed an old way, and while that way was good for that time, the testament and teaching of it has become corrupted and distorted by those who seek power and wish to control others according to their wills. This day I bring to you a new testament, that comes not from me but from our creator, to you, through me. For unto Moses was given 10 commandments, because you were a stubborn headed people. However this day I give you 2 commandments. First that you love the lord god, with all your heart, mind and spirit. Second that you love your neighbor even as if they were yourself. In these two commandments lies the whole of the law, and there is no other. In your life measure your actions, your words and your deeds by this law. For if you love God, will you not love and cherish all that God has created? And if you love yourself, will you not also love and cherish your neighbors who are your brothers and sisters born of the same Spirit? Though born of many nations, in Creator’s eyes you are all one family. Live than as one family by these commandments until the time when you will all move beyond this world to your true home in the heavens. I say to you, I am the wayshower, but it is the light of God within me that is the way.” Therefore cherish and live these commandments I have given you for they are not just words but life itself, and share of the light that is within you even as God has shared the light and life of his being with you.  For only by this living way, may you find your way home again.   Love is the answer.  Love is the truth.  Love is the way. ”

My beloved brothers and sisters of light. So many of us have struggled in the recent years, to release the patterns we had acquired in current and previous lives, that bound us to 3D perceptions. The time is now to shake loose the shackles of those times. Release yourself of fear, judgement and the need to place the people and situations of your life into boxes/categories. Rather embrace in every moment of your life, the divine light within and live the love of that light. The way is simple, the way is easy, the way is love. Let it shine.

Blessings and light from the spirit within me, that is also the spirit within you. We are one family, every one, and each of us is deserving of the love that gives us life.

Brother Dave (Shak’ta’i)


2 thoughts on “Don’t Judge. Don’t Fear. Don’t Classify – Just let your love light shine.

  1. Dear Brother Dave, this is wonderful how you write about those main blockages which are holding us back from progressing forward and you are right when ending up to reduce all so many IQ-contained explanations and return to the simple way of spreading and sharing love as the most effective means to release these old 3-D-habits.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us! And if there are more of such writings in the store of your heart and mind – I for my very own – I shall be delighted to read all about it …Keep on keeping, dear Dave !
    Yours with Love Sis’ Mary

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