Welldid’ya-eva ? “Letters from my Isle of I” No.1

“Letters from my Isle of I” No.1

Welldid’ya eva ?

Dear Brother Dave,

Here on the “Isle of I” – remote and separate from the rest of old worlds – I am writing you this letter since I want to tell and share with you what is happening over here …

This is my first attempt to reach you and I am inviting my spiritual guide Hatonn here as well as calling for the Angelic assistance of the AAs of Micha-el. Rapha-el, and Gabri-el/elle.

Since we are living in this marvellous and miraculous Time of Change (we all being prepared for Ascension into higher dimensional realms by heavenly decree) it goes without saying that this also is the peculiar time for us to marvel at and experience miraculous matters which are completely new to us as well.

Did you ever – on waking up – find in your bed a Word ? I did so …. I saw it and sensed it already after each lap of sleep in the night before and always took great care not to touch it with any part of my physical body. Funny, it appeared to me just as the very normal matter which I may experience in my day-to-day-life.

There it was – dark and growing all through the night: “battle”  with one big gloomy dark eye in its center. Who had put it down here just below my right knee ?

Do you know what thoughts crossed my mind?
My comment was just plain and simple :
“Yes, it’s the never-ending battle ! But this applies to the former Matrix of 3-D, the Plane of Duality which we are about to leave now”, and I felt into my inside core: “No, there was not excitement nor any fear!” Just the spirit of pioneering in my heart and a sort of gratefulness as I all of a sudden knew …this eternal battle had been released from out my body for good – showing me that I am on my right and contracted road to manifest the influx of light and high frequency vibrations into my changing body cells …. I am on the Road of Ascension!

I felt lighter than ever before and some stillness in joy came over me …. Yes there are weird matters arising in us and around us as we are living in such a weird time of transformation.

Let us wait and see what will be next released from myself and to find when waking up?
Before I finish this my first letter to you, my dear Brother Dave, here also some other thoughts to this freed and released term of “battle” :

It might as well be a hint that this “eternal and never-ending battle” was solely attached to this special 3-Dimension and probably will fade off when going through the so called Astral dimension of 4-5 D-realms … it will balance off in due course when we reach the next dimensional level of 6-D … just think of these prospects and I assume this very thought will relieve us from eventually and finally of being torn between the two poles of dark and light – anger and joy and  the other “Duality-Stuff” of our previous life.

No longer we shall have to cope and endure some life filled with our “never-ending – eternal battle” of past life in the dense vibration of such lower dimensional matrix which we wanted to experience here on Earth.

These were all my thoughts to begin with, dear Dave ! Fact is that I found a “Word” in my bed and it was the first time in my life ! Hallelujah … so many good thoughts following this event … and what do you think I found today this very morning ?

A sizable bunch of tree-branches with green leaves on it …

Lately I did pick such several bouquets of tree-branches for my vases here at my home … and very often they are from Holly-bushes.

So long dear Dave and wishing you a very good Day !

Your Sister (Contra)Mary = Mary = Evamaria

2 thoughts on “Welldid’ya-eva ? “Letters from my Isle of I” No.1

  1. My Dear Sis Mary.

    What an incredible experience. I have never found a word in my bed but have awoken with many different impressions and symbols running around inside my head.

    You are correct though, that we as individuals and humanity as a whole is moving to a new paradigm of thought. A place where “battle” does not exist. A place where the dualities of 3D do not dominate and where we are able to see many sides and expressions of life without the need for conflict. No further a need to “prove our point” in battle, if you will.

    For as we look about, we see many well meaning souls who remain lost in “battle” as they feel they must fight for what they believe in. In reality, all that is needed is to “live” what we believe in. Battle, be it physical, mental, emotional or even spiritual sometimes, has been nothing more then a means to evade or doubts. When we are uncertain about who we are and what we stand for, then we stake our ground, strive to define or beliefs (which like life are ever changing and evolving) and seek to then put aside our doubts by defending (battle) what we think we know and believe. In doing so, we stop our growth, suspending it in a forced system of 3D beliefs that are in truth without substance, but we want to defend them even when inside we know they are flawed and not complete.

    Your experience is all the more amazing because in a moment you recognized and released that very thing (battling for beliefs) that had been holding you back in some way. We are all going through this process, but you experienced and very clear symbol of your release. How wonderful is that.

    I would say only let us not try to put words to or define all the aspects of 3D but in our release simply recognize and express at every opportunity our infinite joy and love. Conscious/phsyical mind loves its words and definitions that serve to build and reenforce duality in our experience, but to move beyond that we need to release the need to put into words or to define our every experience. Spirit is like a river that constantly flows, every changing, ever adapting, never holding on to what was, but simply admiring the journey and embracing it with love.

    And now what have you discovered? Why nothing less then new growth, new life as the branches of trees with leaves. A wonderful new symbol of your life, that in time it too will pass to make way for more and more that is greater.

    Deep within myself I have been feeling a need to speak, to write, but trying to put into the symbology of words that which is running through my spirit is sometimes challenging. But we all are moving forward. A month ago, it still seemed as though my life was stuck in a limbo that I could not escape, an constant re-running story that had no end, but now I know that was just a phase, so that I could understand what had been, and now I love and release what was and embrace with love and light what is and what will be, even though I do not know its form or manifestation, but I feel it in the universe about me.

    Blessings and love my dear sister. We are on a wondrous journey and all of humanity is with us, even if they don’t yet realize it, but soon enough they will.


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