Introduction to: “Letters from my Isle of I” by (Contra)Mary

Introduction and some Explanation what these Letters will be about

This is some sort of introduction to what I call my new project. It is titled “Letters from my Isle of I” and as described above it will entail letters from me to my Brother Dave in which I want to express all what is happening to me at this weird and miraculous TIME of Zeropoint and Now.

Used all our life and mine too each one of us humans living under the matrix of 3-D and experience duality at its best and its worst it appears to me that I have lived so far until now
on a little isle of my own I – separated from anybody else – and being taught all my life to mind my own Ego and dedicated all my care for it.

Often I was called a silly girl in my childhood as I neglected all these ways of caring solely for my Ego and none whoever I turned to offering my vast amount of love inside me was in a position to understand this desire of mine. I so often felt like somebody wandering about with my hands and arms outstretched and full of this inside-love of mine and nobody was in the least interested to share it with me or take part of my load off me….

So I – rebuked and resigned in a kind of way – I turned and journeyed through life secretly
overwhelming my surroundings with the light of my inside love … although realizing that there were only few or even less than few accepting it.

So I poured it out as a great secret of mine learning my first and essential lesson that it does not matter if one is rewarded for it or not …if you have this huge amount of love inside yourself …pour it out to everyone – to everywhere – and do not expect any gratitude in return….

I thus created a place for myself a “little Isle of I” – a very remote place, a sort of sacred space for myself, far away from all the turmoil of dualities and by and by got so much used to living on this my very “Isle of I” that it appears to me like living on a star and shining into the world with all my love I had to give.

And as times were  changing and many a hidden truth is rising to the surface now with spiritual guiding to evolutionary quantum leaps into some higher realms of better vibrations all that had been taught as ethics and well-behaviors of our old Matrix is crumbling to bits and fragments leaving us at a loss with a big questions mark — ?

Divine powers and celestial energies from higher spiritual planes are overwhelming us with their power of light and love of our Creator of All-that-there-is.
This is also the time that I sort of step down from my secret “Isle of I” opening myself up wide to the Power of inflooding Love and Light.

To do so I decided to write letters to my Brother Dave depicting all the weird little events of my days here which show all the crumbling tidbits of our old matrix – experienced and seen with my very eyes around me.

Nothing what was regarded stable and solid will remain in the old way we are used to.
And to be very frank here I shall truly tell all about the new matters of thoughts, ideas, and happenings and also insights arising from my heart with utter evidence.

We are all wandering to some place and realm never seen or experienced before. We are the pioneers in the very sense of these terms … building the bridges for us to cross the deep abyss beyond these differing realms which can only be done by Love without any structures – just pure and unconditional love relinking us all back to the Great Love of One.

Some days ago keeping in my mind something a friend of mine told me that I am to open up my heart consciously for the new spiritual power of some exterrestical guide to enable his approach to me …  I invited him before I went to sleep …and I knew when waking up
he had paid a visit to me … so much light was around me and joy !

I decided then to write and create these letters in the time to come and depict and explain all my thoughts given to me during my lucid dreams.

It is an adventurous route I want to share with my Brother Dave and if you like to be on the same road with us you all are welcome and invited to join us here.

As always with compassionate and unconditional love
yours (Contra)Mary

You will find all these letters to my Brother Dave on the Page of Evamaria’s Bilinguals tagged “Ideas/Thoughts” and in case Bro’ Dave joins this correspondence he
may tag his responses also hereunder – as his heart is invited to it from my heart.<3

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The Years of Life tell me that I am old - My Inner Heart tells me that I am young - it is proof that I still live in Duality and as I decided to outgrow this Matrix I am prepared to ascend into some other realm leaving all the old and shabby patterns behind me pluck up all my courage for the New Age with shining lights so Golden of Promise - And take with me nothing but love - peace - harmony and one only virtue of 3-D density : staying a pioneer all my lifes ... ready for another adventure ... with the Help of God Almighty...

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  1. …if you have this huge amount of love inside yourself …pour it out to everyone – to everywhere – and do not expect any gratitude in return….


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