High Vibrations from Marix Sirius

High Vibrations from Marix Sirius
Channelled through Sarinah
dated 07.02.2013



When seamingly some road has come to an end because there does not open up a further way despite past agreements …there often opens up some portal of golden capabilities and eventual possibilities.

There has been many a talk about this and that but matters remained still hidden and were concealed from you due to believing this would deplete power and voters.

However truth always seeks its own way to come into the open and those who sacrifice themselves to expose these secrets – they are true heroes – since they risk so much and they are acting according to their soul-contracts.

And thus there arises some peculiar dialogue among people who – no longer -do not swallow everything they did before – no – they, those bearing the light, join together and demand all that what they are convinced of.

Thereby much a stir is being caused since people get wind of what are the matters behind the curtains and this concerns those citizen which normally do not have any interest in such matters and do not engage themselves.

It is indifference which is truly dangerous for nothing is worse than looking at injustice and terror and staying socalled “cool like a cucumber”. Apathy and indifference are very often partners of escalations.

Why? Well, because injuring energies will thus be able to gain ground unimpeded without meeting any relevant resistance.

Whoever looks the other way round if his/her neighbor needs some help will inevitably experience him-/herself something alike …. The Law of Resonance may not be corrupted in the least way and does not react to any argumentation.

Still how wonderful it is to observe how your young generation is able to form in a “blink of an eye” social networks and unite in order to come forward with special activities of assistance or simply to share their inspiring ideas in a community.

It is the most precious treasure what a country may posses – its Young Generation ! Since everything their parents were not able to turn over into manifestations because they hadto overcome too great a resistance – all this is being converted into activities now by those young people which have grown up in the loving and all-knowing care of their parents.

This is Now ! The Time of Sharing – The Time of Freedom – The Time of Conversion ! Enlightened activities are in the forefront and all of everything – cited here – it is such reminiscence your children are giving you in the Now.

This is I, Marix from Sirius, Member of the Galactic Federation of Light and speaking on behalf the Team of First Contact: “This will be a special mutual co-operation of us all – a unity – which has never been seen before !!!”

Thank you Marix


Translated by (Contra)Mary

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