Ascension has many Challenges …. Part 1

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What Factors Make Ascension Challenging? – Part 1

Crwods 22Most articles on Ascension talk about what Ascension will bring – a return to “full consciousness,” world peace, global prosperity and a pristine environment.

But in this series of articles, I’d like to look at some of the challenges that facilitating our Ascension involves that are lesser known to us or that we may overlook – its scale, its innovativeness, the need to take into account our freewill, etc.

I think the first challenge we may overlook is that the scale of Earth’s Ascension, as Mark Kimmel’s Adrial says, is “vast.” In  2009 numbers, it potentially involved “the transformation of Earth and her six billion humans.” (1)  Jesus calls it a “massive task [to bring] all of your brothers and sisters home to their natural state of living consciously in peace, harmony, and abundance.” (2)

And SaLuSa also reminds us that “it is, was and still is a massive undertaking to shift a whole population onto a new path.” (3)

A part of it involved the subduing of a dark cabal. The task “to rid you of the Illuminati and their minions” was, SaLuSa says, also an “immense work.” (4) The creation of new governments is similarly challenging.  SaLuSa called it “a mammoth task to reach the point where we can allow our allies to step into power.” (5)

Another part involves the creation of global abundance. Matthew Ward reminds us that the “conversion to a new economic foundation and operation is an enormous undertaking.” (6)

“It cannot be publicly heralded that this is occurring as that would cause panic throughout the business world. The lighted souls who are leading the way know that panic would fuel the dark ones, who are clinging on for dear life; it is essential that these new leaders take judicious steps quietly to avoid creating a fear-filled populace.” (7)

Saul points out that “vast societal changes are occurring all across the planet.” (8) We can see populations on the move in the Arab world, Europe, South America and elsewhere.  Therefore if Ascension were to proceed by “sudden extensive revelations,” SaLuSa cautions us, it would “seem to [terrestrials as if] their world was being turned upside down, and be unsettling.” (9)

For all of these reasons, Matthew suggests, “a process the magnitude of world transformation takes time to evolve so that order rather than chaos emerges from the unprecedented changes underway.” (10)

“What is happening is not a revolution, it is spiritual evolution – that is the way of the light! It is the way of lightworkers and light warriors, whose armor and weapon against the darkness is the power of love.” (11)

Therefore, something as huge as our Ascension cannot be accomplished overnight but requires long and slow preparation.

What else should we know about Ascension? In the articles that follow, we’ll look in more detail at some factors that we may not be taking into consideration when we think that Ascension should occur immediately or in short order.

(Continued in Part 2.)


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