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super moon


On this day we would ask you to center yourselves as much as possible and prepare yourselves for the immense energies you will receive during this super moon and solstice.  Continue to focus upon the inner changes you have been concentrating on, and allow the energies themselves to make the changes in your outer world that can and will be made.

Your input, received through prayers and intentions, is invaluable, but attempting to direct outcomes with your conscious minds is not needed.  Allow the immense and unfathomable energy and intelligence of the All to do what needs to be done, and you will be far ahead of where you would be if you tried to direct the changes yourselves.

Determine, decide, intend, and then allow would be a good way to approach things.  Or you could think of it as deciding with your conscious mind and then letting your higher selves to do the work.  Those from Eastern philosophies teach non-action, wu wei, tao, and other ways of describing this, but learn it in your own terms.  You are familiar enough with the principles now.

The flood of energy approaching you as we speak is massive.  There is nothing more than the intent to ride it out and take utmost advantage of it that is required of you.  If that means, in your particular case, that you need to lie down and rest, then do that.  If you wish to dance with the moon, then do that.  Let your heart and your body guide you for the next few days.  But remember to breathe the energies into yourselves and let them bring to you what they are meant to bring.  A great many of you are sufficiently familiar with this process now to know what is necessary.  Share your hard won wisdom if you are asked. Continue reading

Solstice 2013 as illustrated by Laura Bruno


Preface :  The Beauty of these photos has not been diminished at all within the lapse of last year and I presume … all my readers here will just like myself still find great delight in viewing this “Magical Walk on Solstice” again in some alike manner ! Namasté  Evamaria=Contramary

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Magical Solstice Walk in Goshen Woods

David took some lovely photos from our little Solstice walk in Goshen Woods. We saw a turtle and a snake! Potent signs of Earth, healing, boundaries, and transformation, although the snake moved too fast for a photo op. I’ll let the rest of the pictures speak for themselves. Thanks to David for documenting our walk. (You can always tell when David takes the photos, because they’re in focus and nicely framed. LOL, I still haven’t mastered my iPhone, and David has quite the photographer’s eye!)











Solstice 2013 copied for Solstice 2014

Fopr Re-FMagical Celebration MidSummer

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Preface:  Just like the Magical Walk through Goshen Woods on Solstice 2013 posted by Laura Bruno a year ago … this is another one worth and valuable to read again each year on Solstice …(according to my personal and private view)
Enjoy it and celebrate Solstice in some wonderful adequate manner ! Namasté Evamaria=Contramary
Fri, June 21, 2013  –  June 18, 2014

 Magical Celebration MidSummer

The Battle of Light and Dark

In the Craft the solar year is often seen as being ruled over by two opposing kings.

The Oak King rules the waxing year from midwinter solstice to summer solstice, the

part of the year when the hours of daylight increase. The Holly King rules the waning

year from summer solstice to winter solstice when the hours of daylight decrease.

At each solstice they battle for the hand of the Goddess and the honor of ruling the land.

The summer solstice begins with the Oak King in power, but this is reling Uished to

the Holly King at the close of the festival.

This idea of two gods, one of summerllight and one of winter/darkness, occurred

in many myth systems. These two lords, often twins or even hero and dragon/snake,

fight for rulership at the beginning of summer and at the beginning of winter.

The Greek sun god Apollo killed the python at Delphi with his sun-ray arrows.

The serpent represented the powers of darkness, underworld, and earth womb

as opposed to Apollo’s gifts oflight and sky The Egyptian god Ra, as the solar cat, fought the

serpent of darkness Zet, or Set. Similar stories are of sky gods fighting serpents, such as

Marduk and Tiamat, Zeus and Typhon, and Yahweh and Leviathan. In Irish myth the

Fir Bolgs and Tuatha de Danaan first fought at Midsummer. The monstrous Fir Bolgs

represent the powers of winter, decline, and death.

The dark twin, or the dragon, is not an evil power but merely the other side of

the coin. One is light, the other dark, one summer, one winter, one sky, and the

other the underworld. Pagans accept these polarities as a necessary part of the

whole-winter comes but summer will return. The sun sets, travels through the

underworld at night, and is reborn with the dawn. The king dies, returns to the

underworld womb of the earth goddess, and is reborn. Continue reading