And Here He is again: Marix from Sirius with his High Vibrations !

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High Vibrations from Marix Sirius

dated 06.15.2013 through Sarinah Aurelia

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We are all One !

While we are approaching already the middle of this year 2013 the plan of First Contact with you has been no longer a mere theory since we are already midway of its execution.
Certainly many readers will think now: “But I do not see anything of it !” But our coming has been actually a fact since long as we we are already here on earth.We are sitting in offices of Governmental Agencies and Administrations where nobody will at least expect us. But we are to be recognized well since we are bearing the logo of our home-planets. The inner circle knows about it as we do not conceal our task-goal which is the joining of the Galactic Family with that one
from Earth.

It may well be that for some lightworkers this is lasting too long until the Great Event will start.This your reaction is quite understandable considering that many humans are of Galactic origin. Therefore they will not wish more eagerly than joining both their two hearts they feel beating in their breasts.

I, Marix from Sirius, Member of the Galactic Federation of Light speaking for the Team of First Contact, should like to stress this point:”There is much more movement than the outward appearance might make you suppose.

You Lightworkers are doing a terrific job and we are at your side working with you together hand in hand even if our presence is not always being acknowledged.
However the leading Heads of Nations do know about us and it will be only a question of time until these special pieces of information will reach your end.
The stream of Golden Energy does not permit any secrecy so that all will eventually appear into the light which was foreclosed on you hitherto.
As in minor so in major – for transformation within the human body does not belong solely to the past tense. How could this be otherwise ?Since your ascension is a never-ending one and will never stop so reversals and resolutions will also accompany you furthermore.
Still these purifications will run differently now – more gently and in waves and it may very well be
that you might feel like rolled-over by some transformation yet in the very next moment you might succeed to ride the wave of such reversal !Not easy at all this time! If one considers that the more enlightened you become the more so you will sense the urge to carry your light to such places where it is urgently needed.

There is a huge wave of helpfulness, love, compassion, and tolerance which was brought in by the high water-floods. Not only that it was a matter of purifying colletively – more than this – humans demonstrated also how much light they could have assessed in the meantime in their essential being so that even those ones appearing once so strong and full of power were moved near to shedding tears too ….
Thanking you and bidding you farewell for the time being ….

Thank you Marix

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Translated by (Contra)Mary

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