Messages of God: about doubting …..

14th June 2013 of Badeem – Sirian Starseed

Doubt is the cause If your hopes will not come to realization –
Messages from God  June 14.2013

The characteristic feature of doubt generally derives from non-awareness that one may not be able to acknowledge one’s own allround full responsibility for his-/herself and his/her pertaining reality of life. Only if you are able to acknowledge your true inner greatness it is that you will make yourself also aware that it is only doubt which impedes you from being aware that limitations always are defined soley by yourself.

If you doubt you will adjust your order to the Universe in such way that you will – as result thereof – experience doubt. Since the universe always will give you back in accordance to your order.  Such is the universe obliged to give you everything needed for your further and greater growing. Everyone getting aware of this fact is on the road to eliminate doubt. Once there is no longer any doubt all limitation will have disappeared. Limitations are of restrictive nature and therefore they are not desirable. Only those which have become aware of their very own limitations will have truly lived. And those which never were prepared to acknowledge or tried out their limitations – are the ones which do not know what true living actually means.

To live means to experience i.e. to become aware of one’s limitations. This is solely made possible if beforehand all doubt has been relinquished. Be prepared to cease feeding doubt in any way and it will disappear altogether. This is the Law of the Universe and I can assure you the Universe will adhere to it ! Be prepared to make the first step into it and this will set you free to see and experience your limitations since this is the aim, why you have incarnated here on Earth.

Be prepared and you will get to know the miracles of life. You also will discover that this is what you wish and it is also what we want to make possible for you.

You will encounter doubt any time again if you feed it with fudder respectively your attention. Withdraw your attention from any doubt and there will be no more of it ! If there is no more doubt this will make it possible for you to experience and to do things which you deemed until then entirely impossible. This should be enough stimulus for you to let go of any doubt now. Go henceforth and train your thoughts since it is there where your doubt starts – as this this is the origin of all your doubts.

With great Love to you my children
Father God

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Translated by (Contra)Mary  dated June 14.2013

Source of German Original: 

which I re-blogged this wonderful message and translated it into English. CM

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