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The ancient Greeks had a saying : ” Aesculapius everywhere”, which means “The cure is everywhere.”
While there will be also healers everywhere…
But what will make someone a healer ? Nothing special since we all are healers or at least we could all be healers for this is our safest destination.
Follow my reasoning: we are all according to what we believe and when we are evolved enough, we begin to believe unusual things one of which is precisely our capacity for self-healing. Therefrom we realize that we also have capabilities that facilitate healing for others which eventually makes us become true Healers.
I believe some people were born as Healers but others also may learn to become true healers. In such case there have to overcome life experiences evolving and heal oneself.
Evolution or Ascension is not more than CURE.
Jesus Christ,after curing someone often said:
– Go, your sins are forgiven.
Sins are the deviations from our Divine Source i.e. the imbalance of Body and Soul.
My friend (Contra) Mary cooperated with me in this article and as always upon my request wrote a beautiful text on curing:
In this text, she explains that it is the Cure when separated fragments meet together again and are being returned to its former entire whole.
This also applies to us when healing as we meet in this dimension as humans with higher energetical powers – Higher Dimensions – God – our Higher God-Selves, Angels etc.
No matter, because remember what WE ARE? On our return to our origins one of the first things we have to learn is to climb the Ascending ladder with Love and being ONE!
Now let’s look around the world celebrating the Healers and its various forms of healing being aware that the main ingredient of healing is LOVE – always.
And here in the first place I ‘d like to mention as first Healers, the most authentic descendants of the Lemurians: the Hawaiians, to which I want to dedicate this article.
The Ho’oponopono (ho-o-pono-pono) is an ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. Similar forgiveness practices are also carried out on islands throughout the South Pacific, including Samoa, Tahiti and New Zealand.
Ho’oponopono is traditionally practiced by healing priests or kahuna Lapa’au among family members to a person who is physically ill. Modern versions are performed within the family by a family elder or by the individual alone.
When the gods walked on earth and when mankind had the wisdom of the Atlanteans and Lemurians and had accepted this sage knowledge it was the beginning of the time for Healers.
In Ancient Hellas, there was said a great medical doctor existed about 4,000 years on Mount Olympus with healing energy and healing plants.
He was in possession of a Divine gift: he could perceive through human bodies of people and locate their particular illness as if he had X-ray vision.
Rise to human people of Light, the Hellenes, occurred which we today name as Greeks.
Nowadays a girl, aged 16, in Russia, by name of Natasha Demkina, was found in 2004 for having the alike gift of so called “X-Ray-Vision”.
Medicine, for the Hellenic people, came directly from the Gods:
After the Gods who were at the same time great doctors such as Apollo and Chiron the circle of Healers on Olympus was closed and even Aesculapius – son of Apollo – Hygieia and Panacea his daughters, all of them, immersed into being legends for raising the dead and healing all diseases and pests.
Some times later, human healers appeared such as Hippocrates, the father of medicine, on which oath young doctors have to take when starting their medical career, although since from the twentieth century the part relating to the Gods has been abolished:
“I swear by Apollo Physician, by Aesclepius, Hygieia and Panacea and all the gods and goddesses, whom I call as my witness, I swear to fulfill, according to my power and my reason, the promise that follows: estimate, as much as my parents, him who taught me this art; make ordinary life and, if necessary, to share my goods with him; having his children as my own brothers, to teach them this art, if they shall wish to learn it without fee or stipulation; make part of the precepts, the lessons and the rest of the school, my children, my master and his disciples entered according to the rules of the profession, but only these.
I will apply the schemes to the benefit of the sick according to my power and understanding, never to harm or hurt anyone. No one will give a good pleasure or deadly medicine or advice that induces the loss. Similarly I will not give to a woman an abortive substance.
Immaculate will save my life and my art.
There will practice hoist it onto a calculoso confirmed; leave this operation to the practical care of it.
Throughout the house, there will come for the sake of patients, keeping myself far from all damage volunteer all seduction and especially away from the pleasures of love with women or with men, free or enslaved.
To what the year or out of the profession, and the interaction of society, I have seen or heard, it is not necessary to disclose, I will save it entirely secret.
If I fulfill this oath faithfully, may I be given happily enjoying life and my profession, honored among men forever if I get away from it or violate, the opposite happens. “
Two hundred years later in the second century BC, another great Greek Physician, Claudio Galeno, was born in Bergama in Turkey.
And since that time of Galen until the seventeenth century, his Healing System has influenced the whole Middle East to the West and also Iran to the present city of Isphahan which was the capital of Ancient Persia.

In the eleventh century, there lived the “Great Ibn Sina or Avicenna” who systematized medicine of Hippocrates and Galen so that their books, “Book of Healing” and “Canon of Medicine” were used as standard during the Middle Ages and beyond until the Seventeenth Century in European Universities.
During an important part of the Middle Ages and intermittently over the centuries, the dissection of cadavers was not allowed for religious reasons – both in Europe and in the countries of Islam and thus progress of medicine was much hindered due to lack of anatomical knowledge.
In the medieval ages in Europe the profession of Barbers turned to be also successful Surgeons.
These men traveled across various regions presenting a show, after which patients were received in their tents and were cured with minor surgery and simple remedies as herbs mixed with mead:

                              vagon_barber surgeon

I ‘d like to make a small parenthesis important here: the barber surgeons were of great service in their time. Some of them were even very good surgeons and good healers.
There is another worthy profession who have barber surgeons as ancestors: the hair-salon or hairdresser.
It is not unusual that people of this profession are healers because properties of hair are still poorly understood and care provided by a hairdresser involve self-esteem, comfort, relax and even psychological treatment.
Along with other Healers declared as doctors (as), nurses (as) and holistic healers hairdressers are one of my target audiences for this and other articles.
It is one of my goals to disclose these things long hidden – and bring them to your conscience – and the other objective – no less important – is to learn to deal with the particularities of all professions who display and exchange energies…
It will optimize all procedures that are done already now by some good instinct if they knew really what to do.
Some hairdressers are afraid of such energies exchanges and protect themselves excessively. It is not necessary to protect themselves however be very positive and cheerful. By radiating good energy and your Light everything else will go fine.
They can do cleansings of chakras energy as well as take shower at the end of the day still it is not necessary to exaggerate. This goes also for other healers and health professionals!
What they should do is to remain stable and calm but they already know that… :)))
Medical instruments, represented in an engraving of the Temple of Kom Ombo in the Ptolemaic period.
Even older races than the Egyptian civilization and the Hellenic one have left us their medicine protheses, numerous surgical instruments and a history of an antiquity of at least 2700 years BC.
                Papyrus Ebers indicating cancer treatment
Galen studied himself in the temple of Amenhotep:

For Asians the oldest form of medicine,Ayurvedic, appeared in India about 6,000 years ago. We have evidence of this in Vedic texts.

Ayurvedic  influenced the practice of medicine in Tibet and China and all over in the Far East.
The Tibetan, through a distinguished line of Lamas, e.g. Yuthog Yontan Gonpo – developed in Chakpori and other monasteries one Holistic Medicine: the patient is treated as a wholly complex being which is possessed of so many layers.
Same of the books of Tibetans Chakpori:
belonging to a library including in works 29:
As from the eighteenth century Western medicine acquired the foundations of our modern medicine.
The anatomy developed finally unhindered and Pharmacology in the Nineteenth Century eventually came into existence as a Science.
Some time ago there was an article which mentions that most of the remedies so far considered remedies are very poisonous.
Well, my opinion is that many poisons are still out there thanks to the lobbying of Pharmaceutical.
It is our health that requires us to return to natural remedies.
In South America, the Shamans use drugs in order to cleanse the aura of the person with the smoke and magnetic passes like Reiki. They also promote themselves or patient trance and thus promote healing using herbs such as Ayahuasca:


In Brazil you can call Pajé or Tupi, in Africa Nganga or Ngoma (Angola) or Ogan may be called in. In Argentina there are the Machi. No matter the name, what they do is the same everywhere.
                                Healers Lassa-Togo
All they do may be described hereunder:
“Shaman is a source term Tungusic meaning in Siberian language (as literal translation): “He who sees in the dark “.
The Shaman in Southern Tungues identifies himself as carrier of a religious function that can” fly “to other worlds and enter a static state and have access to and contact with his allies (animal, vegetable, mineral), beings from other dimensions and the ancestral spirits.”
Some modern Shamans do not need drugs to incorporate spirits of Nature. In my case only drugs were used in chemotherapy a few years ago and was enough… 😉
The Russians are using pyramids for healing people with much success and also for other things equally interesting.http://io9.com/5559163/the-healing-pyramids-of-russia
Around the world, people are realizing the power of the pyramids:
http://world-pyramids.com/Nowadays all over the world pyramids are found and discussed largely – there are many in China, however, the record is held by the ancient pyramids in Mexico.
Our planet is the planet of the pyramids:
Of course this bears the meaning that more and more people are waking up and so the world will be a better place for living.
Medicine of the future
The medicine of the future is already here.
The use of Nanotechnology, the use of Bioelectronics and the speed of the new “Semiconductor” are allowing the development of non invasive techniques and practically more effective.
The bioelectronics gains new motion with graphene transistors:
MicroLEDs injectable manipulate brain with light:
Battery comestible feeds implants and medical sensors:
             biomedical Karin Barcellos and protein ARHGAP21
Diamonds help cure breast cancer basal type:

                     nanodiamonds cure breast cancer

The pill of the future, is a small chip that collects data from within the body of the patient:
In Portugal, it was news a few days ago, in hospital of Évora:
Every day we have good news in the medical field. However, this is a bit like with the ETs.
We know they are here still we know there is no disclosure on part of the government and we know who is to blame … !
Hopefully the culprits will be held in order to begin changing the world and hopefully mankind will wake up and change this world as well?
There’s no hurry … success is guaranteed, this has been known already for millennia!
Translated and cooperation: (Contra) Mary
Curadora64 Copyright © All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this stuff so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link:

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