My very own Thoughts about Healing

My very own Thoughts about Healing

Being asked to write something about healing I first was at a loss and did not know what to write and where about to begin.

“To heal” in German has also the meaning of “making one whole again” and what only could be made whole again ? It is something which has been broken of into pieces beforehand ……

So let us put this way: healing is to make one whole again (sort of repairing and tracing back broken off fragments to some entire whole again).

This were my first thoughts and they led me to my research to find out what the real primary whole was like with regard to healing.

I am a European now in this incarnation and this is why I might consider solely what the European Healing was like as an outcome of the former 2000 years and before.

It traces back to the Classic Hereditary Belief of the Tatars and in sequential logic all the Mongolic peoples of Sibiria that around the Mountain of Meru there used to live some certain celestial people from the stars which they named Tengri, Tengeri, Tänri, Tegri and more of those deviations. The source of all these designations is the term: “Tan” meaning Light – Dawn – Dawning of the Day. Chinese, Turkish and Mongolic peoples have a word for “Heaven and God” with Thian, Taegri, Tangri and also the Indogerman tribes are told to have developed a similar belief to the Sibirian peoples and they honored at particular times this Celestial Race living around Mountain Meru.

These “Celestials by name of Tängri ” are said to be the Protectors and Wardens of each and every part of the world system – each and every realm – kingdom and people and foremost each and every human.They live in remote places and inaccessible deep forests.

So when in course of the mass exodus of Asiatic peoples with the Mongolic peoples and the Tatars they clashed into Europe trying to conquer the Plains of Hungary and
realms of Austria they brought also their believes and rituals i.e. all their knowledge of natural and shamanic healing and of the so-called “Celestial People” to Europe merging it into the already existing natural healing methods of the Celtic and other European common inhabitants.

Since beginning of German colonisation there has been something like a dualistic system
of healing here in Europe.
On one side there was the medical healing system of the dominating upper society brought via Greece – Rome to Europe – let us call it the Academic Medical Healing with all its roots in the ancient medical teaching of the Sumerians, Egypt, The Hebrew Kingdom, and Greece.
On the other hand there were the likewise hereditary healing methods of the common folks helping themselves with plants and other methods taken from generations-long knowledge of their ancestors and behavioured natural environments. Watching animals’ behaviour … trying out medical use of herbal plants of which common people living a simple life acquired a profound sage knowledge of using certain healing methods.And to all of this came additionally the also deeply rooted spiritual belief and sage knowledge of the Tatars and Mongolic races within the clashing of he Mass Exodus when entering Europe.Perhaps these are the roots of the socalled “Sage Humans” ,frequently females, falling out of the general normality with their wisdom and sage knowledge of healing andadvising  those who came to them for some sort of relief and advice.As duality had grown so much accelerating to separate common and higher aristocratic humans from their life in unity with the celestial rules of being one whole, the two methods of medical healing drove further apart.
And the more this separation went on – the more the realm of thinking with humanly left half of our brain – the more illnesses and ailments prevailed in human society everywhere.
This clear separateness from pure and divine rules of life made life quite more and more  complicated and also miserable and for many people of all layers of society it was the only left way to seek secretly the advice from “Sage Women and Healers” of the common people who still knew about the salvages of healing herbal plants and other methods. And with duration of centuries they were more respected and also feared and not any more loved since their healing methods could not be explained and were highly
contradicted and later persecuted by all governing
authorities since these healers frequently were nothing like “0bedient Subjects” to them and very unpredictable in their behaviour. They also tend to live in quite inaccessible areas and forests.

Thus the former highly reputed “Sage Women and Healers” were called “Witches” which finally led to the court hearings and queries/inquisition of the Catholic Church approved by the wordly governance and burns on the scaffold.

Personally it is painful for me to even touchthis topic in writing … I do not not know why yet I sense in a way that I am somehow drawn into this very circle in past incarnations.

It is said that by hereditary genes parts of this knowledge sometimes flare up in certain humans which then do not fit into the general norm … and since my Grandfather studied
Pharmacy and our family has lived since abt. 1750 in a little town in East Prussia formerly by its German name“Heilsberg” meaning “Healing Mountain” and now “Lidzbark Warminski
which I was told is by no means a Polish term (assuming that it is a term of the extinct Prussian indigenous folk) – there are no proofs but at least speculations as to what is in my genes.

Why being a child of 8 years did I take certain herbs and rubbed them on some sore spots when I had hurt myself? Why do I abstain from visiting a medical doctor for about more than 12 years.

One of my grandcousins told me once: “You know – we are a bit of a mystic family – having lived and intermarried for some centuries in this little town surrounded by a beautiful landscape and overshadowed by only one big hill (mountain?) shaped like a cone (or is it a former pyramide) and we are all made by our beloved Creator to live a sound and a healthy life. So when we are ill or not feeling well – there is a Godly Sense in it and there is no need to rush to a medical doctor at once … unless it is a severe case.

To me healing is to make some whole again – at least in our time to approach wholeness again (which is to balance out spirit – soul and body). 

There is the blessed Hildegard from Bingen in the 12th Century who contrary to common belief did not accumulate her medical healing system from among the common people but it was given to her by some visionary divine experience from an Angelic or Godly Source:
 Quoting Hildegarde :

“What happened in the 1141 th year of the incarnation of Jesus Christ, Son of God, when I was forty-two years and seven months, the heavens were opened and a blinding light of exceptional glow flowed into my brain. And then she burned my whole heart and breast like a flame, not burning but warming and suddenly I understood the meaning of the exhibitions of books, ie, the Psalms, the Gospels and other Catholic books of the Old and New Testaments.”

Some of her rules for right living are:

a healthy nutrition
– natural applications-
– good rules of living
– leading a religious life
– following Divine Laws of Nature and Worldview
– making use of healing powers of herbs  and gemstones.…/…


Im Jahre 1141 der Menschwerdung Jesu Christi, als ich zweiundvierzig Jahre und sieben Monate alt war, sah ich ein überaus stark funkelndes Licht aus dem geöffneten Himmel kommen. Es durchströmte mein Gehirn, mein Herz und meine Brust ganz und gar, gleich einer Flamme, die jedoch nicht brennt, sondern erwärmt. Es erglühte mich so, wie die Sonne einen Gegenstand erwärmt, auf den sie ihre Strahlen ergießt. Und plötzlich hatte ich die Einsicht in den Sinn und die Auslegung des Psalters, des Evangeliums und der anderen Schriften des Alten und Neuen Testamentes.


This is but a short exposée of mine about a huge theme still I wrote down solely what are my own thoughts about healing and not going much into details.
After all I found some true phrases with which I’d like to end this writing:
Healing is not an overnight Process,
it is a daily Cleansing of Pain,
it is a daily Healing of Life.
(Leon Brown)

and may I add thereto: 

“It is our human return to the entire Whole of Universe ….”

Written in the still of the night on my 79. Birthday ( I am 78 years of age today and this is my very own birthday present that I am giving to myself)

Blessings to all of our world and to Gaia Sophia in gratitude to Whom Most Beloved by me ……
April 24, 2013

For the version translated into Portuguese please click link :
1 Note: Meru, etymologically comes from Mer that in certain languages ​​medio Eastern (Semitic) means Light There is a Mount Meru in Tanzania and Tibet
2 Note: The term Yoga also means reconnecting ie back together that which was separated and many Eastern medicines like Ayurveda and Tibetan treat the individual holistically.


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