When we enter Taurus …to which this coming Month of April/May is dedicated

Yes it is a good read and fudder for thoughts not only for Taureans yet especially for the latter… Yes I am a Taurean and with a whiff of air of the arrows of Sagittarius being my ascendent.

Read this it is very elucidating I found.

Yours (Contra)Mary

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Earth Guide, Sun in Taurus, 2013 – from Zooey!

mushroom_house1“Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.”

    – Kahlil Gibran

If there is one word that can sum up the feeling of love, it’s the word, home. It’s there that we first learned to walk and play and interact with others. We dress it up with sunshine and fine linens in the morning; and it’s there we curl up at the end of a long day. Simply put, home is where our hearts dwell.

It’s also where we’d find a Taurus. The gardeners of the world, the Druids of legend, the Hobbits of the Zodiac—if something is growing there, it’s guaranteed you’ll find a Taurus close by with a watering can. They’re not only our best friends, but best friends of Mother Earth.

That moment when we’re on the side of the road hoping someone will come by and help? It’s usually a Taurus that shows up. It’s my bet that many have incarnated at this time to assist in Gaia’s birth of the new Age of Aquarius. Taureans are here to remind us of how precious this world is, and that we need to love and care for one other. And to play. And, you know, build a house, make some shiny coins, and have some kids along the way.

Is it any wonder Venus, the Goddess of Love, rules this sign? Or that many of the people born in Taurus are some of the sexist people alive? Their eyes either smolder with a deep, earthy passion or sparkle like the heavens. They are anointed with demure cosmic vision; and they never, ever rush anything.

I thought I’d focus on our homes this month because a couple of exciting things happen to our grand abode, planet Earth. We have a partial Lunar Eclipse at the end of April and a full Solar Eclipse at the beginning of May. For the entire first half of Taurus, right up until the New Moon’s Solar Eclipse, we will be surrounded in oodles of unified-mind, cross-current, psychic energy. I wouldn’t be surprised if a few miracles happen for people during this time as eclipses are especially useful when talking with our Higher Selves.

Also, Uranus the Revolutionary and Mercury the Communicator will be conjunct in fiery Aries as the Sun and Mars move into Taurus. Again, it’s some of that portentous, witchy stuff that I watch for in the heavens. With Mercury briefly joining Uranus in beaming, active Aries as a Mars-powered, volcanic Sun moves into the fixed, earthy sign of Taurus, it is an omen that there will be a lot of positive, domestic changes this year, and that a lot of people will be in on making them happen.

A revolution of mind is beginning to occur across the planet, and it’s happening against the backdrop of a svelte and sexy Taurus sky. It’s time to welcome the Age of Hope, Love, and Universal Connection; and to open our Hearts to the much heralded Age of Aquarius.

We are now living the New Age. It’s time to be ourselves.

lunar_eclipse1~ Full Moon Eclipse in Scorpio ~

On April 25th, the Earth will pass between the Sun in Taurus and the Moon in Scorpio at 4:07p Eastern Time, just a few minutes after the Moon goes exactly full. All Gaians will feel a little tug in their tummy as the Feminine Earth and Moon unite and balance with the Masculine Sun. It will be a time of internal peace, and I do hope everyone takes a beat to harmonize with this exquisite, genderless(–ful) moment.

As I mentioned, an eclipse will happen twice this month; first, the Earth will block the Sun’s light in a partial eclipse of the Moon allowing for a more rounded, emotional perspective, and then the Moon will completely block out the Sun from our view a couple of weeks later. This indicates a very profound sexual and mental energy exchange within our psyches as the year gets underway. I believe many people will truly wake up and find enlightenment as their minds become One over the next few weeks, and over the rest of the year, as well.

That makes me smile a lot. It’s a wonderful harbinger of things to come; we need a new generation to help focus on making things happen in the world and here they come. Making really good things happen. Really, really good things.

Let’s us all try and welcome the newly awake with comforting arms as the Full Moon rises; those who are bringing in a fresh perspective on Aquarian living. This generation understands that existing within community comes from inner unity and honor (as does every other galactic citizen) and this eclipse reminds us to act accordingly and do the right thing.


~ Merry Beltane! ~

The few days that traditionally mark the festival of Beltane is a period of “no time”, like Samhain, where the veils are very thin between this world and the world of spirit. It is said that one can communicate with those on the other side at these two points in the yearly cycle; and, whereas All Hallow’s Eve is a time for talking with the dead, May’s Eve is a time of talking with those yet to come.

Hence it is one huge, honking, fertility feast. Are we supposed to think those colorful witches dancing around the May Pole are cavorting with a simple, wooden pole? Have you seen the size of that pole? Or the undulating streamers they are wrapping around it? Um, no, my dearies, they’re dancing around a *bleep*. I’d use a more euphemistic term like ‘a penis’, but no witch is dancing around a penis at this time of year; no, no, they’re dancing around the world’s biggest kahuna.

Think the ritual stops with that dance? It’s a time to git bizzay and every Pagan knows it. It may not be a bad idea to be careful walking home late on April 30th or May 1st because we just might find the person of our dreams…and everything else we were secretly hoping for.

This May’s Eve, we find a Taurean Sun trine Pluto in Capricorn. I probably don’t have to explain what our Master Gardener, Pluto, has been up to by now, so it won’t surprise anyone to know our Soul Sensei is clearing the Way for some more growth this month; especially for those who have been putting in a lot of hard work lately. Look for some relief in the form of unexpected opportunities, some help around the house, or even a bit of money to help us along our life path—if we’ve been going with the karmic flow. If not, weeellll, I’d expect a bit more spiritual pruning.

But! For goodness sake, get out and have some holiday fun! Celebrate all that new, earthy, green abundance! We’re Humans after all. Why not dance to the tune of Gaia’s heavenly waltz through Taurus? Beltane is one of the eight spokes on the witch’s Wheel of Life and it deserves special attention as an important planetary passage.

Mercury also enters Taurus on Beltane and the Moon will be conjunct Pluto. It affirms our minds would do well to focus on working on our homes, comforting our loved ones, and taking the next step in our lives. While we’re enjoying the festivities, stop and smell the roses. Beltane is celebrated outdoors for a reason; let’s relax, hunker down with Earth’s roses, arms folded behind our head, watch the stars come up, and become One with it all.

Just remember, any food left over from our May’s Eve celebration is to be left out for the Fairies on May 1st. The wee folk are just coming back from their winter home and delight in playing pranks on those who do not make their journey easier on Beltane Day.

It’s better to honor them with a tasty, mid-morning munch so they move along to their own realms—unless people like the idea of gremlins having fun in the walls for the next few weeks. In other words, it’s best to keep our house well-stocked over the holidays. Try to avoid any Fairy-rings at this time of year, too. *wink*


~ Full Solar Eclipse – May 9th ~

Then, time stopped.

Yes, it’s Eclipse no. 2 of the month. We’re blowin’ the lower hatchways, Cap’n! Heaven help those who are standing in the Divine Feminine’s way.

Many of us have been hanging on to a butt-load of psychic baggage—that’s no surprise, really, as our minds have been the favorite dumping ground for the Illuminati’s garbage for ages—and I think a lot of people are about ready to give. And why not? What was, was. Isn’t everyone ready for what’s next?

As an Empath and Ojibwe Medicine Person*, I have been counseling people to let go of the struggle for personal and galactic freedom, that silly NWO war for our minds, and simply get on with things. We need to stop feeding their never-ending, intellectual fear-fest, turn off the TV, put down the sign, stop holding up the pyramid, talk to our neighbors again, take a vacation, calm down, and begin living a better tomorrow today. Yeah?

It’s like some women’s self-esteem issues. I’ve met so many amazing women who solar_eclipse1have spent a lifetime trying to get out from under all the patriarchal crapola only to realize that the whole struggle is a scam. It’s a faux-argument meant to condition us into thinking that men have a right to decide how a woman looks, acts, thinks, or feels. It exhausts us before we even get to the real issue—that Big Daddy doesn’t even have a say in the first place. It’s a shell game designed to distract us while we’re being ripped off. We’re fine the way we are, just walk away.

The truth is, and always has been, that women are very powerful psychic creators. They don’t need anyone’s permission to be themselves or to live their lives in their own way. By setting a war between a woman and her body, and then encouraging society to support (and judge) a woman’s ability to successfully live detached from it, the Illuminati have accomplished the most insidious mental and emotional assault on the Human race in thousands of years.

They scored a direct hit on one of our most sacred rights: a Woman’s innate free will; and her right to an unfettered life for herself, her body, her mate, her children, her village, and her planet. A life lived with soul. It is to female children of Gaia that we owe our very existence; and that is something that has been taken for granted for far too long.

What these ‘rapidly aging’, Babylonian sorcerers have done is despicable, and yet a very effective means of population control. It pits one half of the human race against the other in constant bickering. We are so busy taking each others inventory that we are too busy to notice who’s minding the community store, or the bland, imitation products they’re selling.

As the Moon stands before the Sun at 8.28p ET on the evening of May 9th, all good witches will be out realigning the Light’s, usurped Feminine dynamic. Let’s put on our pointy hats and join them in spirit. Sister Moon will strengthen the Earth’s psychic field during the eclipse and allow us all to move our beautiful Gaia along Her path. We can help heal a millennia of pain and move on with Her.

Venus is entering Gemini at the same time making it ideal for voicing our feelings on universal respect, the new Planetary Bill of Rights, and the need for genuine communion. If we are out taking part in eclipse events that day, we may want to take a moment to physically call out the words of change we’d like to see in our lives. Meditate on gender-balance and the power of women (and whole men) in our on-going social (r)evolution. Above all, take a moment to appreciate the Divine Feminine.

~ Under the Emotional Microscope ~

This is just a reminder that we’re all still under the effects of a retrograde Saturn in Scorpio. Many of the past, painful relationship issues that came up for us last fall and winter may pop by for a visit again. I suggested everyone stock up on tissues in my last article. Hopefully everyone bought a couple of cases because we’re gonna need ‘em this year.

I think that many people are seeing that what hurt at first turns out to be an opportunity to put some old ghosts to rest. That’s great because we need to be in good, empathic shape for the emotional tidal wave this summer. All three Mercury retrogrades are in Water this year, and if the sloshing around in the Washing Machine of Life doesn’t get us, Mercury’s ‘Emotional Water Slide of Doom’ will.

We’ll all be doing a lot of psychic clearing this year; and if folks haven’t made peace with our last few trips around the Sun, they’ll be swamped in Karma by the end of this one. As the song goes, ‘It’s better to burn out than it is to rust.’ Similarly, Saturn says it’s better to deal with old grief now than repeat the same patterns of avoidance year after year.

~ Feet on the Ground, Head in the Sky ~

This month, I chose ‘Naive Melody, (This must be the Place)’ by The Talking Heads to remind us of the importance of play and discovery. Each day is an opportunity to create a little joy around us; each day is another chance to welcome others to our lovely home under the stars. Let’s toast our wonderful world floating along a galactic river in the endless rhythms of time. 225 million years just to get around once, baby! Woohoo!

Here’s to Big Momma, Gaia, our breathtaking ‘home sweet home’, our very reason for being here, one of the great jewels in the North-western Spiral Arm of the Milky Way. Cheers, everyone!

Oh! And, Merry Beltane!

Blessed Be,


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