A QHHT Session with Ron Head and an Unexpected Guest ~ With Suzanne Spooner

A QHHT Session with Ron Head and an Unexpected Guest with Suzanne Spooner – Part 2

Suzanne Spooner

Suzanne Spooner

Ron head 22

Ron Head

(Continued from Part 1.)

A QHHT Session with Ron Head and an Unexpected Guest ~ With Suzanne Spooner

Suzanne Spooner, TAUK Messages, April 18, 2013


Suzanne: Well, you know his very first question was worded that way. It was, “Why am I still not able to activate my clairvoyance and clairaudience even though I have ample evidence that I have these abilities?” How can we get the mind and the mouth to work together?

Creator: He is seeking the answer to another question.

Suzanne: OK.

Creator: You will ask it, and he will read it, and he will finally be faced with who he is.

Suzanne: OK.

Creator: And he still won’t want to believe it!

Suzanne: That’s OK. Sometimes it takes a little bit of time, doesn’t it? Tell me what that question is that he wants…

Creator: Did he walk with my son [Jesus].

Suzanne: OK. What would you tell him about that?

Creator: A long time ago two young boys met in Alexandria. One was what you call Egyptian. He was a little older and a lot bigger. And they played together. They got into trouble together. They ran through the village together. They were brothers. And they walked together for many, many years. He would not take everything my son said just because he said it. My son would talk to him because they would argue about it.

Suzanne: Debate?

Creator: Oh yes! Why? Just because you say so. But, in doing that, they both learned so much. And no one approached My son past that man (Ron, in that life) unless he wanted them to. Never was anyone trusted… You see why he cannot claim that.

Suzanne: Tell me what his name was.

Creator: His name was…I do not know that name. From Ron: ( Since coming home I have remembered the name Mokhre or Mokh’re.)

Suzanne: Okay. And so how many years was he with Your son?

Creator: Forty.

Suzanne: Forty. Wow. And did he… He must have seen your son through some very dark days.

Creator: The stories you hear are not what happened.

Suzanne: Okay. Thank you. Talk to us about that.

Creator: We walked to the high, high mountains. He studied with many, many people.

Suzanne: Your son? Or this..

Creator: Yes, My son. Study is an odd name for something which they were merely reminding him of. And we walked back, stopping here, stopping there. Teaching. Always people following. And when he got home, he began teaching there. And ohhh they did not like what he taught. Neither his people nor the others.

Suzanne: And why is that? What was the root cause of that?

Creator: They were about control.

Suzanne: Yes. What was he about?

Creator: He was about freedom.

Suzanne: Yes.

Creator: He was about love.

Suzanne: Yes.

Creator: He was about, “You are as I am.” So few heard that. So very, very few. And even the ones who heard it were not ready to understand it. But we had to plant that seed.

Suzanne: The time was right for that?

Creator: Now it is. It has taken many, many, many years and many horrible experiences for you to finally turn and say, “I am ready for the truth now. I don’t want any more of this.” And that’s OK. Because… it all didn’t exist anyway, did it? You invented all of that. And that’s OK. Because we wanted to know the things you have learned.

Suzanne: It’s in the experience of having…

Creator: It is. And because you have learned them, others will not have to have those experiences. Creator has an extreme aversion to some of the stories that you have been taught.

Suzanne: Stories of the Bible?

Creator: How does torture and death serve anyone?

Suzanne: Right.

Creator: Well… it does not. It does if you want to cow people. If you want to set yourself up as someone who must be spoken to instead of speaking to me. Serves you very well. Does not serve them. He was about love. He was about freedom. He was about you are as I am. You ARE I am! Not very many people heard that.

Suzanne: So, in the real story, of what happened to your son, did he die on that cross?

Creator: He was on it. And they took him down. And they put him in that place (the tomb). And then he was not there.

Suzanne: Where was he?

Creator: All the rest of that was created… all of the good things, all of the loving things, all of the really beautiful things were set aside. Or erased. Or lied about. Yes, they went back. And yes, they rolled that stone away. And yes, he walked out. He wasn’t feeling very well at the time.

Suzanne: He had a hard day, huh?

Creator: He had had a hard day!

Suzanne: Tell us about Mary Magdalene.

Creator: She was a queen.

Suzanne: Yes.

Creator: She was his wife.

Suzanne: Yes.

Creator: You did not be a rabbi of those people unless you were married. Why would they listen to you? She was a queen. And she was his equal.

Suzanne: Yes. It’s just crazy how that story has gotten so convoluted and out of place.

Creator: Well. They could not let that be known.

Suzanne: No. So was that true that they traveled to France?

Creator: She did. It was a very hard parting.

Suzanne: Why did they part?

Creator: To protect the child. He was hunted and hunted and hunted. It was necessary to draw the hounds off the scent.

Suzanne: OK. So they separated to save her and the child?

Creator: Yes.

Suzanne: OK. Where did he go?

Creator: Back to the East. Back to where the things that he taught were not so strange after all.

Suzanne: OK. So like the land that we might call India?

Creator: There was that. And farther. There was a place you call China. He was old by then. Well! In those days old was forty.

Suzanne: Did Ron, as his friend from then… did he go with him?

Creator: Every step.

Suzanne: Every step. So Ron (in that life) was friends with Mary?

Creator: She was a queen.

Suzanne: And Ron (in that life) traveled with your son wherever he went.

Creator: Every step!

Suzanne: Every step.

Creator: You shall not pass me! He would not let them by. “Who are you? Why do want to talk to him?” “It’s Okay. Don’t worry so much.” They always fought.

Suzanne: Yes. He sounds like he’s your son’s protector.

Creator: He thought so.

Suzanne: Yes.

Creator: My son thought so.

Suzanne: He took that responsibility didn’t he?

Creator: He did, didn’t he?

Suzanne: Yes. Talk about responsibility.

Creator: Is it funny? Even I get emotional about that.

Suzanne: Well, it’s such an experience to wrap our hearts around, this human experience and the bigger experience.

Creator: You have no idea what magnificent, magnificent people you all are.

Suzanne: We are you!

Creator: You ARE! You are.

Suzanne: And this one, this Ron, he seems to be on track. Would you say so? With his purpose?

Creator: He keeps searching. He keeps searching and yet, when other people ask him, he tells them, “You are where you need to be. You are doing what you need to be doing. Otherwise you would not be here.”

Suzanne: Does he take his own advice?

Creator: He does not! (giggles)

Suzanne: That’s a human trait, you know. What would you say his purpose is in this current life?

Creator: Oh, he is beyond what that was about.

Suzanne: Really?

Creator: Yes. He would not take responsibilities. He would not… well, in fairness, he has watched the demise of dozens, of hundreds, of thousands… all under his care. And… it has taken a long, long journey for him to learn that all of those events were merely events. They were not caused by him. He was not responsible for them. He did the very best that he could with what he knew at the time. The turning point was when he fell on his knees and stood up blaming Me.

Suzanne: In the current life?

Creator: Nooo… He has always been a healer of sorts. He has always been what you call a monk. And there was a plague. And his words were, “They’re all dead. They’re ALL dead. I did everything I knew how. I applied all the medicine I know. I prayed every moment. And they’re all dead.” Well… yes, they were. And no they were not. And because of what his beliefs were at that time, he did not know that. And in the way you think of as time, there have been many lives between that one and this one.

Suzanne: Right.

Creator: All over the world. Many monks!

Suzanne: Ron’s well-traveled isn’t he?

Creator: Oh, a well-traveled monk, speaking many languages, sometimes with people, sometimes quite alone, walking, walking, walking, always walking. And… finally coming to the realization that the fear that he feels of failure is only caused by his assumption of responsibilities that are not his.

Suzanne: Would you say that that’s a statement that any human could take to heart?

Creator: It is.

Suzanne: OK. So that is truly a message for humanity.

Creator: It is.

Suzanne: Thank you. Well, I’m a little perplexed here with what to do next. I wasn’t expecting you to come through. And I’m so honored and so excited. He has a list of questions that he has, but I almost feel that there’s more you want to say, to address to humanity. How would you like to proceed? What is the best?

Creator: For him… ask the questions.

Suzanne: Okay. I’m going to get through that, and then I hope we have enough time that you can continue on. Does that sound fair?

Creator: Yes.

Suzanne: OK, thank you.

___________________ PERSONAL SECTION ________________________

Suzanne: He would like to know, who was the being in white at the foot of his bed when he…

Creator: My son! He knows that too.

Suzanne: I know he knows, but it’s really important that he hears you say that on this recording because he’s listening to this recording right now.

Creator: OK.

Suzanne: OK. Anything else that he needs to know about that?

Creator: Well, if he thinks back, he will remember that he had spent some time trying to get out of the body as he fell asleep in the evenings. And he actually did that. He does not remember. But for that instant, for that instant, he was at that level, and he saw my son standing there.

Suzanne: OK. That leads me to a question. My perception is that all of that (that higher level) is around us all the time. But we’re not tuned into it. Is that… is that kind of correct?

Creator: It is.

Suzanne: OK, so when you say, “As above, so below” it really is the same. It’s just we’re not…. Our antennas aren’t tuned into the right radio station?

Creator: Very good. We are talking here about energy. And energy is everywhere, always. So my son is standing, in a manner of speaking, next to you right now. As am I. However I stand nowhere… because I am everywhere.

Suzanne: That’s the thing that gets us humans, you know.

Creator: It is. You are limited by the design of what you are. And you perceive a tiny, tiny, tiny percentage of what is around you, even of what you are. Because your processing mechanism, which you call your mind, could not even begin to handle the amount of information that is where you are.

Suzanne: OK.

Creator: So you must pick and choose.

Suzanne: Ahh! So is that the mechanism we have… that when it feels right to go with it because we’re picking up…

Creator: There is within you a piece of me which knows truth. And, when you hear it, when you see it, that tiny piece will… mmmm… each of you experience it a little differently. Sometimes you feel it… you call it a gut feeling.

Suzanne: Right.

Creator: Well that’s where I live. Sometimes you feel a heart flutter. Sometimes you feel..

Suzanne: Chills?

Creator: Chills, a shift… mostly I would say you just know. But… so many times you just know, but you just.. don’t.. listen. You know so, so much more than you will even allow yourself to think about because, if it were true, it would shatter your world. And that’s OK.

Suzanne: Do you mind if I close the windows real quick? (Leaf blowers outside)

Next part will be ready tomorrow.

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