A QHHT Session with Ron Head and an Unexpected Guest with Suzanne Spooner – Part 1

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A QHHT Session with Ron Head and an Unexpected Guest with Suzanne Spooner – Part 1

Suzanne Spooner

Suzanne Spooner

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Ron Head

Steve: I spoke to Suzanne for an hour on Quantum Hypnosis Healing and has agreed to do an article on the subject.  So many people doing such interesting work.

A QHHT Session with Ron Head and an Unexpected Guest ~ With Suzanne Spooner

Suzanne Spooner, TAUK Messages, April 18, 2013


Section One

Note from Ron: Last week, after waiting months for the opportunity, I finally had a Quantum Healing Hypnosis session with Suzanne Spooner. After we reviewed the recordings and discussed it, we have decided that there might very well be material that will be of value to others in what we recorded. I find that this is not an easy thing, publishing to the world what you have dredged up from your subconscious, but Suzanne has smoothed the way for me as well as let me keep personal things to myself, for which I cannot thank her enough. I offer this to anyone interested, for what you may glean from it. So! Here we go.

Note from Suzanne Spooner: Several months ago my dear friend and fellow TAUKer had mentioned he would like to have a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy session with me. Our only issue was the distance separating us. Ron lives in Florida, I live in Iowa and QHHT sessions must be done in person. I mentioned to Ron that my husband and I would be in St. Pete’s for vacation in April and would he consider the drive up from Miami for a session? He said yes and everything fell in line. We made plans for him to stay with us overnight in our rental home as his drive was substantial and his session would run about 4-5 hours. Mr. Head arrived, we sat down to dinner and conversation and talked a little about his upcoming session.

As we sat down the next morning, I believe Ron mentioned that it felt like something big was going to happen! The room was already feeling electric with energy and I agreed with him. I didn’t want to lead him in expectations but thought that his channeling buddy, Archangel Michael might pop through for a chat during the time of the session where Ron’s High Self came through to answer the list of questions Ron had prepared. I had Archangel Gabriel come through at a session with a different client and The Council of Twelve came through at my own session once, so guest appearances weren’t uncommon. I advise my clients, prior to a QHHT session to leave their slate clean of all expectations as ANYTHING can happen.

We started the session. We were guided by Ron’s HS to two past lives. One in ancient times, before history as we know it was recorded we were told. In this life he had no responsibility. Ron referred to this as a ‘vacation life’. Swimming in the ocean for food and living on a beach seemed to be the theme. The next life he was born into a family of tribal leaders who accepted great responsibility for the tribe members and their way of life. It was later explained that Ron had had many lives like this second one. The contrast of the two lives shown then was one of no responsibility and one of much responsibility.

We finished looking at those experiences and I called forth his High Self (Subconscious, The Universal Mind~ There are many names we put to this energy. It’s the bigger version of us. The part of us that has been with us since the very beginning)

Suzanne: Do I have permission to ask questions?

Ron: Yes.

Suzanne: Thank you. Now I know the high self could have brought forth many different lifetimes for Ron to see today. The last time that we looked at one was when he was in the body of a hunter, being like a tribal leader. Why was it that you chose to bring forth that life for him to see? Why did you pick that lifetime for him?

Ron: He must learn to accept the responsibilities. They are not his.

Suzanne: OK. OK. So he has made it past that?

Ron: This time he has.

Suzanne: OK. Very good. And that lifetime you showed him where he felt that he had a shell for a body. Why did you want him to see that lifetime?

Ron: He has learned to live in lack. He has learned there is never enough. He has learned life is hard. And that lifetime was not.

Suzanne: OK. That was an easier… he said that was like a vacation.

Ron: He took a vacation.

Suzanne: OK. That was a vacation life?

Ron: Yes.

Suzanne: OK. So that was a life in contrast to those other experiences?

Ron: No responsibility.

Suzanne: Ohhh. OK. It was an interesting body that he carried as his vehicle in that experience. Is that an animal or a person or a creature that we know about?

Ron: You would say long, long ago.

Suzanne: So that’s nothing in our current history, that type of being.

Ron: Not even in your stories.

Suzanne: OK. I’m learning there’s a lot that’s not in our stories, and not a lot that’s correct, actually. Was there a name for that type of being?

Ron: He did not have language.

Suzanne: Say it again?

Ron: He did not have language.

Suzanne: He did not have language. That’s good. That’s kind of our thing isn’t it, trying to label it? So that second life was about teaching him that he didn’t need to be responsible for everybody else? Is that right?

Ron: There was responsibility. There were things that had to be done. He was the best one to do them. That does not make him responsible for everyone else’s life and decisions and… HE MUST NOT BLAME GOD! Ever again.

Suzanne: OK. That’s important, isn’t it? Because it seems that he and his father, his father’s father… that group of men (speaking of the men in the life of the tribal leader), were taught that they were responsible for everyone, is that correct?

Ron: How to do that.

Suzanne: OK.

Ron: Do not order people about.

Suzanne: He seems to have mastered that in this life. He seems such a gentle soul. I can’t imagine him ordering anybody about.

Ron: Nor can he.

Suzanne: OK. OK. So it seems you’re showing him both sides of the coin in lives, one where he had no responsibility, and one where he a lot of responsibility, is that right?

Ron: Yes.

Suzanne: OK. And how does that relate to the current life?

Ron: He has put himself, over and over again (in many lives), in charge of groups of people, in charge of their spiritual life. And every time he has run away. And he has finally learned why that is.

Suzanne: Why is that?

Ron: Because he was afraid of the responsibility. Because he was afraid of failing. Because he was afraid of failing them and he was afraid of failing me. And he knows that he reached that moment when he saw that. And he knows that I took him back.

Note from Suzanne: Just prior to this last comment the energy in the room really amped up. The “High Self” was also doing something not seen in most of my QHHT sessions. “It” started to refer to itself as “Me” or “I”. I had a feeling that something bigger than Ron’s HS was giving the information.

Suzanne: You’re aware that we’re recording this. Is that correct?

Ron: Yes.

Suzanne: OK. Can you tell me who you speak as?

Ron: I am. He calls me Mother/Father God, Creator. And I suppose there is a level at which that is true. He also calls me Self. And that is true. There is a part of him which knows those things and yet he does not know how to say them.

Note from Suzanne: Talk about a moment of “WOW!” I really needed some time to collect my thoughts and figure out how to proceed with this session. If YOU could sit and have a one to one, verbal conversation with the Creator of our universe what would you want to ask? Or would you ask nothing?? I had had a similar moment before a few years back when I received my first God message through my process called TAUK. I felt I should stay on track and ask all of Ron’s questions but thought there might be a message for humanity as well. God/Creator doing what it does so well, answered Ron’s questions and expanded the answers, in most cases, to address humanity. A win-win!

Suzanne: I think that it was kind of like a craw in his throat. He would like to be able to say and see and know those things. But he knows that he has the ability to do that, but yet he feels he doesn’t experience it. What would you tell him about that?

Creator: Cease worrying over someone else’s reaction to what you say. That is not your responsibility. Your responsibility is to say it. Not the things you think, not the things you read, the things you know! You have been places… You know so much. I trust you. Trust yourself.

Suzanne: Wow. It’s quite an honor and a joy for me to experience this communion and conversation with you. Tell me how is it to use his body to speak through?

Creator: We have done this many times. He has walked in places that I honor him for. But he will not remember them.

Suzanne: Why not?

Creator: He has been afraid.

Suzanne: What is he afraid of?

Ron: To claim such things.

Suzanne: OK. What would you tell him about that then?

Creator: You must learn to honor all of what you are, all of what you have been. It matters not… We know you have been killed for those things. We know you have been burned. We know you have been hung. We know you have been run down by horses. That will not happen anymore. It is not important. It is important that you own them. They are part of you too.

Suzanne: How can he own them?

Creator: Acknowledge.

Suzanne: Gathering different knowledge?

Creator: Acknowledge.

Suzanne: Acknowledge. OK. Gotcha.

Ron: You know who you are. It does not matter that others laugh when you say it.

Suzanne: And that’s something that he could work on? To help the messages come clearer?

Creator: Oh the messages are clear. But letting them into his mind, and letting them out of his mouth… He cannot say those things.

Suzanne: No? :)

Creator: No.

(Continued in Part 2.)

Ron Head’s Blog: http://www.oraclesandhealers.com.

Suzanne’s QHHT Website: www.infinityhealers.com

TAUK Website: www.TAUKsite.com

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