My Personal Experience of Rajah Yoga and activating 3rd Vision

In close co-operation with “Auras, Cores e Números” I wrote down what I experienced in my life in the late eighties learning about Rajah Yoga as one of a powerful medium to activate my 3rd Vision. Only – I must admit – at that time I never was consciously activating the power of my 3rd eye but seeked solely relief from my sadness and mourning about a broken marriage then …

After trying so many tools of assistance to this matter yet without any success I turned to the only “One Source” for help. With my inner heartpained decision of calling out ” I will do what is Thy Will”  a great network of assistance had been set henceforth around me (so I am able to perceive it now) that led me eventually to learning this prescious tool of Raja Yoga in meditating in a particular way.

This is what the following writing is all about and we, Curadora64 and I thought my personal story might fit in well as annex to her profound writing about the 3rd Vision.

As always with unconditional Love and compassion to all of you!

Yours (Contra)Mary

Durch den Garten des Lebens

Across the Garden of Life

À travers du Jardin de la Vie

Pelo Jardim da Vida

Por el Jardín de la Vida



Monday, April 8, 2013

3rd Vision – 6th Chacra

It is what we – over here in Germany –  call our – Third Eye –  and this also may be activated via Raja Yoga !
This I learned already in 1987 when I all of a sudden found myself in a swamp of some deep mess of my life turning over and breaking up my marriage with a  beloved husband of mine.
I was shocked to my most inner core … still life had to go on also on the professional side …. so I worked and I cried ,,,,,, worked and cried all the time simultaneously all my days long (had an office-room on my own) on and on …. and stayed in a huge newly-moved-in flat alone only with my two cats. And then one evening as sad and lonely as ever – something in all my mourning made me kneel down and I prayed to God Almighty : …”Your Will Be Done!”  and I surrendered to HIS Will entirely.
Help – so it seemed now to me – came instantly.  Reading some daily newspaper during a break of work I found a notice
of some church community looking for participants of married women having been left by their husband in order to build up some new group for them to discuss their painful experience.
There I went and met some nice lady telling me of a kind of meditation focusing on “The Point”.So I also went to the given address and arrived at the“Center of Brahma Kumaris” where I learned this kind of meditation which is world-widely known as “Raja Yoga”..
Raja Yoga is one of the approved methods to activate the Third Vision or Third Eye located in The 6th Chacra of our human bodies.
Since this particular Yoga turned out to be the unique means to ease the pains of my heart I practised it for a long long time and slowly I re-gained again the stillness and inner calmness of my heart and mind.
There is still a wonderful booklet with me (published by the same Society to which I still now give all my inner blessings as through this medium of the Divine Source I could relieve myself of all pains and hurts at that time which I found out were created by hugely wounded “Ego” of mine. I also read many books full of sage and wise words of enlightened humans like the Buddha and Ramakrishna etc. That made me go on my personal search seeking what really made me so unhappy and feeling like a deadly-wounded animal?  Among others I found out it was the disappointment of my expectations and furthermore my vast affixes to what I believed would bring about happiness into my life.., Surely something must have been gone wrong with all this kind of believes and philosophy of life!
With more practice of Raja Yoga my inner outlook on a happy life-view changed after some while to letting go more and more of my former Ego wanting Happiness in Life from Outside Sources.
I became aware that until then I had been fully dependent on what people around me in my life expected to be right ideologies and ways to become successful, happy, and the always-winning type.
I had adhered to those views hammering into me all my life and so became fully dependent on these views affixed to being a successful winner all the way.
And what if my research about those ideologies proved to be false in respect to these ideas affixed to the duality ofsuccess or failure which hurt my Ego-Image so much ?
It was the experience with Raja Yoga which made me aware – that letting go my former so-called Life-Philosophies would also liberate me from getting hurt in the old way!
Going on with Raja Yoga …my former pains slowly abandoned me and thus I was freed from my former bondages and enriching my life with some great authentic flavor.
This is how my personal story was running and my life was made by the use of meditation, some of the means of Raja Yoga  so worthwhile again.
Since this is my very own way to tell you of some effects Raja Yoga may have on us it is a way to opening another portal to life – first inside in your spiritual core and subsequently also to the outward – the so-called reality which eventually will be manifested into your transmuted daily life too.
To tell more about Raja Yoga I found such a wonderful interpretation of it in a. booklet titled: “The Alpha Point” (A Glimpse of God) by Anthony Strano. Never was and am I in the position to give such a illuminated declaration or explanation what Raja Yoga is all about … focusing and concentrating on the Alpha Point and the 3rd Eye.
And here is what Anthony S. reveals to us all:
All reality lies in the point. (Pythagorean School)
Imagine a huge, unlimited space far beyond this world of time, matter and action: a world of golden silence; not a drop of sound; no hands of time directing existence; a land of permanent peace and freedom. This is the world of eternity: silent and unchanging. In this world lives a point of conscient energy, eternally bodiless; a pure being who calls this world “Home”. This point of pure, benevolent and all-knowing energy radiates light. This is the Alpha Point. This is God.
Alpha, silent and incognito, is the Beginning, the Seed, the Source, the Original One. This Benevolent Being is the eternal reference point for human life within which exist the qualities we need for elevating our life.
…. and later he writes in this context:
When Silence is deep, brimming with fullness, when there is no more yearning for sound, when there is deep concentration on One, then thought like an arrow, finds and melts into its target.
There, the human soul not only glimpses God but is also absorbed in the purity of that Being, totally, wholly and absolutely. Filled with the pure light that has now become its being, the soul radiates this energy ad peace and love to others, a living lighthouse.
Silence is the bridge of communication between the Divine and the Divine in the human. Silence is there where we find what is most prescious.
Spiritual silence is the positioning of the heart and mind in readiness for communication with the One.
………Spiritual silence gives us pure energy from the Creative Source. Empowered, we burst out of the cocoon of routine and the unlimited horizons of a new vision opens for us. To release the self from negativity and routine we require silence.
Silence heals. Silence is like a mirror.  Everything is clear.
In its connection with God the soul becomes full. It feels itself to be complete, it has found what it was looking for. Divine Love especially through silence; the souls is awakened from its deep sleep of ignorance and given new life, as in the story of Sleeping Beauty
It is through Love that I, as a Soul am awakened and am able to acknowledge my eternity. My reality is far more than my material appearance.
My eternity is my reality.
And there is also a wonderful dedication in the beginning:
What Song can be sung
What Word can be spoken
What Act can be done
To give Thanks to the One
Who has given me existence
Who has given me truth
Who has given the Blessing of Eternity
More Words about Raja Yoga are missing here in my Treasure Chest of communicating with God – Our All Source – everyone who want to try out Raja Yoga in a very practical but also deeply spiritual mode I’d advice you to look out for the BRAHMA KUMARIS WORLD SPIRITUAL UNIVERSITY which has Centers all over the world. Please note that I have left this spiritual university long ago but in my my heart I am still in conjunct with these teachings and bless this society as it was sent to me like Angel-Guides in that crucial times of my life. “Bless you all my kumars” ! I am greeting you with so much Love !
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