Greetings from Herak Sirius dated 03.11.2013

Greetings from Herak Sirius
dated 03.11.2013

Channeled through Frank H. Scheffler

Dear Siblings of the Stars,

After a short interuption of our messages we’d like to contact our channel-medium again.

In order to stabilize furthermore all energies aiming at transforming consciousness this process has to be linked to activities of our vehicles which are stationed presently in your solar orbit and of planet Earth.

According to our recent reports all manifestations of energies for such improved update had been concluded already in January-
However regarding the morphogenetic field a certain frequency of power has to be maintained which will manifest – so to put it – the present status of energetic enrichment.

Not always you may be able to convert such processing on your mind-level. Perhaps on level of your earth you may satisfy yourself
by way of this explanation: each power station generating power has to to maintain some certain level of power frequency. Continue reading

High Vibrations from Marix Sirius through Sarinah dated 03.11.2013

High Vibrations from Marix Sirius

dated 03.11.2013 through Sarinah Aurelia


Sensual Desire in Golden Age

“I am craving in desire for you yet without devouring you …” thus would be the right expression to depict sensuality in Golden Age!

On reading these phrases do you sense any resonance?

Of course you will – since the old game of limitation has been finished and unconditional love instead will rise and be aglow in you!

Since the flow of incoming energies will sweep away from you everything that does not correspond to true all-embracing divine Love.

At first you may feel as if burned-out and emptied in your inner core – a short curtailed feeling of melancholy may turn in – however is being followed at once a highly felt bliss which will make you forget about all former clearing storms ! Transformations now are so gentle that they dock only to you – not in any case they will provide daylong tiredness or even sufferance and pain as formerly!

“Former Clearing Storms” that’s how we expressed it and still this relief and dissolution have been reached only recently for it was “The Creator” him-/herself announcing this divine decree of “Sovereignty for Lightbearers” on point of 12-21-2012 !

However shall we speak now about partnership in the new realm! Certainly our readers’ hearts will pound louder on reading that everything will become more intensive and more beautiful! Continue reading

It’s New Here – In Co-operation with “Auras, Cores e Números” Title: “Moving Consciousness”

….   and hereto
A real foreword of mine :
on ground of change to Nova Earth and an updated new matrix of hers there is no coincidence !
This became evident when Curadora64 approached me with a comment to some posted article about the water research of Mazaru Emoto and thus we met – mailed – and found out that we resonate in a great way and not only from our spiritual background but also in our likes for certain threads of literature etc. Moreover we found out that for us both the target is the very same: “to spread Light, Love and spiritual knowledge as much as we can and we both knew : “Yes we can !”
Visits to both of our blogs and FB-Pages turned up a substantial proof of these similarities and as she needed some proofreading of her original articles turned into English translations I offered myself to do this job for her. In the following we agreed to link our blogs a bit more closely and you may be able to find hers in the blogroll here on the right column under “Auras, Cores e Números” in Portuguese and in English.
We have just started our co-operation and since she has sent me some original article in her language I did what I believed to be a first trial and test for me as I am the adventurous
Up to now I never used any translating machine like Google etc. lest in its function as a substitute for a Vocabulary Dictionary. All translations are being made are by my knowledge of the language concerned – my inner heart – and with the assistance of my spiritual mentors.
But now this was entirely different – I do not know any Portuguese ! So how could I get down to the true sense of this article ???  I thought about this challenge a bit and then I found out what I believed could solve this problem.
This was the first time I used the Google Machine but for the sole purpose to reveal the true sense of this Portuguese article of Paula’s to me in order to translate it eventually into some reasonable English for all our English readers.
So I had it translated first into German – each phrase – and then as a sort of confirming proof into English – in order to find out the true inner sense of it. It likewise was a great help that I know Latin quite well so I could also get a good feedback from the original Portuguese text.
And thus it was made possible for me to go ahead with my very translation which I sent on to Paula for proofreading of its true inner spiritual sense and again: with her changes and vice versa mine also …this most wonderful (as I am certain of according to my personal view) has been brought into existence.
I ‘d very much like to lay this writing and all others of hers on to your heart and sharing it with all whom you know please. As it is her guidelines of the famous author Antoine de Saint Exypéry which will also be the guidelines here – taken up from her:
“Aqueles que passam por nós,
não vão sós, não nos deixam sós.
Deixam um pouco de si,
levam um pouco de nós.”

Antoine de Saint Exupéry
Escritor e piloto-aviador
English Version
“Those who pass us by,
will not go on alone without anything taking from us,
and also do not leave us alone without giving anything of them,
They all leave a little of themselves with us,
and take a little of us too with them.
Antoine de Exupéry
Writer and Airplane-Pilot
1900 – 1944
 Moving Consciousness

It is something that is on everyone’s agenda which everyone has to learn about these days.

It is something 
 we all know and do instinctively because it is our birthright and also our true nature.

Before everything we solely have been  conscience upon the waters of universal mind.

The book
 of Genesis begins with the following sentence: “In the early days of everything it was the Spirit of God solely that moved upon the waters.” 

Here it is the Spirit or Consciousness symbolizing diversitiy of minds that moves upon the Universal Mind waters.

The next call also: “Light shall appear everywhere!” – Symbolizing the begin of all Divine Creation, is related to our purpose of putting our mindon to apprehend all various subjects.

For all clairvoyants this is quite clear. While meditating about some material subject we may perceive some cloud that comes out from the aura  covering completely the subject of meditation.

I have reason to believe that this is replicated in all dimensional planes of mind.

When being young
 I learned how to access the universal mind and now in older age I noticed that learning is more useful for practical things of life such as handling PCs, for example, and also about other more spiritual pieces of knowledge which will facilitate healing methods.

And how can we access the Universal Mind? Just as I told you earlier: not without inner silence and calmness… Continue reading

NorthPoint Astrology Journal March 11 to 17, 2013 By Pam Younghans

Astrology Journal
Your Guide to Planetary Energies for
March 11 to 17, 2013
By Pam Younghans
Today’s photo: Incredible auroras over Abisko National Park, Sweden on March 3, 2013 (photo by Chad Blakley, posted on
THIS WEEK marks the beginning of a gradual shift. Imagine we are surfers, sitting on our boards on a calm ocean, allowing the undulating waters to gently rock us. This is the Pisces zone — nothing specific we need to be doing or thinking about. We are aware of our connection with the motion of the water, knowing that our main task is simply to “be” with whatever process is underway, and to let go of our need to control outcomes.
Switch to scene two: A giant wave rises behind us, we’re energized, paddling, aiming the surfboard in the direction that will enable us the best ride. Our senses are awakened, we are highly focused. The adrenalin rush itself may be the biggest ride of all. This is the Aries zone.
MONDAY DAWNS with seven planets in Pisces — the six from last week now being joined by the Moon. By midday, the Sun and Moon will align to form a Pisces New Moon (at 12:52pm PDT), birthing a new lunar cycle with strong transcendent, spiritual, and creative overtones. Continue reading

Please listen to Hilarion when he speaks today, dated 03.10.2013

As ever before – in clear cut simple words inspiring he summarizes what is happening just now to us in the background of the NOW and is building us all up to become lighter – joyfuller – and more shining with our vibrations. (Re-blogged from Oracle and Healers)

Read it and enjoy ….

Yours (Contra)Mary as always…

Hilarion – March 10 – 17, 2013

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Beloved Ones,

Many of you are finding that you are in a period of quiet contemplation and restful moments. The assimilation of the latest energy downloads are being processed as you go about your daily lives. Much is being worked on even though it may not be immediately apparent to you. The transformation of your being is occurring on many levels and the changes are going deep. This is bringing out many patterns of thought and behavior that can be rather surprising and puzzling as it seems out of character to you. As more is refined in your cells, this process will abate.

The pace of life will begin to quicken once again and you will find yourselves feeling able to complete old projects and begin new ones. There will be increased flows of creativity and many wonderful works that come into physical manifestation. These will bring great joy and feelings of successful accomplishment. Enjoy these as they come forth from the deeper parts of your selves and know that there is more to come. The well is full and can be drawn upon at will.

As you go about your daily lives, remember that your energetic field reaches farther than is apparent so try to maintain peace and equilibrium within you, as your energy has influence upon the very atmosphere around you. Your loving presence can uplift the hearts of an entire building filled with others and with conscious intention a deeper impact can be made that will transform those lives in very positive ways. Bless all people everywhere you go whether you interact with them personally or simply be in their presence.

In these times it is good to follow the signposts of your inner guidance and the physical promptings from your body elemental. Whatever is occurring within you needs attention in whatever way is indicated, such as greater amounts of sleep and rest, the eating of different foods and drinking greater amounts of pure clean water. Sometimes it is important that you do not venture out where you will be amongst a great crowd so that you do not absorb the energies prevalent at that time. Listen to your guidance and all will be well. If you feel a great reluctance to do something or be somewhere, it is best to follow that feeling.

Connect with the deep feelings of joy that come spontaneously from within you. Write poetry, paint beautiful pictures, sing, read inspiring and uplifting books, plant flowers, work in your garden, do whatever it is that fills you with joy and do these often. Reward yourselves with these positive and life enhancing activities as often as you can for these help keep you in the harmonious flow of the cosmic energies that are inundating the atmosphere. Let the Light in your heart grow in its radiance and picture this happening often. A golden heart glowing brightly in your heart space can absorb more Light that can then be shared with those around you. Be in joy, Dear Ones, and be at peace.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

©2013 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe’s credit, copyright and website is included.

How the Divine Mother was born – re-blogged from Steve Beckow /Golden Age of Gaia

I never read something so complete as a kin d of summary presenting us with such a vast knowledge about spiritual matters as this one…  It covers all issues and blank spaces of knowledge one has to know if – just as I am concerned- so man y blanks have left my spiritual questioning unresponded in former 3-D-Life. Here you may find answers that never have been revealed before …

As always with compassionate and unconditional love to you


How the Divine Mother Was “Born”

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The Divine Mother creates from loveGiven that Mary just posted Linda Dillon’s channeling of the Divine Mother on the birth of the universe, or of the world of matter (mater, Mother), it occurs to me that you may enjoy listening to Maura O’Connor describe Rabbi Isaac Luria’s vision of the “birth” of the Divine Mother (mater, matter), which scientists call the birth of the universe. Continue reading

In Times of Flu ! How to prevent it catching on to you !!!

This is not exactly what our blog is titled and made for but I believe that staying healthy is one more imperative challenge for us ! And as I found this recipe of healthy beverage which can be homemade by ourselves this might be another substantial share for us to stay away from flues or other viruses impairing our healthy condition. And this is why I re-blogged it from the Rumor Mills of McHaffie.

Link to Illuminations Now for this post is:…hing-on-to-you/

As always with my love for you all

yours (Contra)Mary


Immune Tea: Nature’s Flu Shot (Complete Recipe)

 Immune Tea: Nature’s Flu Shot (Complete Recipe)Posted By: Dquixote1217 [Send
Date: Thursday, 7-Mar-2013 20:35:14

Immune Tea: Nature’s Flu Shot
This DIY is armed with: cayenne pepper, Manuka Honey, turmeric, garlic and organic ginger root, organic orange and lemon juices.
Cayenne will warm your body, help you sweat and eliminate toxins. Manuka Honey and garlic are natural antibiotics. Turmeric and ginger have strong antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.
4 organic garlic cloves crushed
2 tbsps Manuka Honey
1/2 tsp organic turmeric
2 tbsps grated organic ginger
1/2 tsp organic cayenne pepper
3 cups organic orange juice
1/3 cup organic lemon juice
How to take it:
Drink 1 cup 3 to 4 times daily to fight off flu and cold or when feeling under the weather. Take until symptoms are gone.
NOTE: You can keep up to 2 days refrigerated (without the garlic). I suggest you add the fresh garlic as you go. Please use a BPA-free container.
See also:
“Cold Kicker Remedy: A Tried and True Recipe for Warding off Colds and Flu”
“Use Colloidal Silver and Nature to Knock Out the Common Cold”
“This Year Use Nature to Avoid and Beat Seasonal Colds and Flu”

Red Crow: Native American Prophecy

An excellent short video from Red Crow, regarding Native American prophecy and how to live on the earth in balance.   This short video covers many issues in a succinct, easy to understand manner.   Please take the time to watch this.

~  Brother Dave (Shak’ta’i)

Red Crow: Native American Prophecy


Blessed Thoughts by Angela P. in the Morning of Today.

It is nothing new that is revealed hereunder still it such a great confirmation of inner pieces of truth that we all carry inside our core and inner divine sparkle that we all know now is our real being.

To me when reading it — shall I tell you what inner pictures arose before my eyes? It turned up as a solid proof for one great success that I achieved in my life years ago.

I used to be a heavy smoker – about 40 cigarettes daily did not present any issue for me. For about 37 years I tried in vain to give us smoking and I could mark about 2-3 periods when I succeeded in it so for instance when expecting a baby (meaning in times of extraordinary circumstances) for the sake of giving birth to a healthy offspring. … But in spite of these “smoking-free lapses” I always used to fall again under the spell of the cigarettes again.

And then there was a time in my life when I got deeply frustrated with all teaching, preaching, dictating guidelines of how we have to lead and live our lives which were – I realized all of a sudden – hammering down on all of us and finally something in me stood up asking for what reason this was all done to us ??? I realized then it was only I who had to live my life and to shape it throughout and no-one never elsewhere would relieve me from living it in the way I had to – with my very own issues, wishes, failures and glimpses of happiness that I had to procure for myself.

This all I realized and I was willing and prepared to shoulder my very own responsibilities and become accountable for it. At the same time I also made up my mind to “never accept any power directing my  this one and so prescious life of mine for which only I was to be held responsible” !

Thus I said to myself: “No-one shall be given by myself any power on my very life but God Almighty” and made this to be the pretext for all what life had to offer me from thereon!

And perusing through all matters of my life which I really did not approve of was also smoking. Consequently I embarked again on this so often tried-out attempt to give up smoking. And I did it from “Now to Then” in a moment ! I was so successful in it that whenever my nerves itched and urged me and I got somewhat restless yearning for another relaxing  “good smoke” I said to myself : “No-one has power on me but God Almighty !” and all that ailed me had gone in a whiff ! Later I even did not need the words but only looked into the sky …and achieved alike success! So I never had to go through the former so much known painful withdrawal symptoms and it turned out totally easy in a true way of :”with the help of God”!

This all dived out of the depth of my very life-experiences when I read today the blessing of Angela advising us “never to pay attention to outward sources since all the truth and wisdom is in our very core and in the connection to our Higher Self as our Godself!

At this point I reviewed my above written experience and again gave my thanks to God Almighty and my Godself guiding me in that very period of my life to this crucial turning point of reversing direction of my life-route.

Now I know such was the first step towards the return home from where we all have come once upon a time …… And it is only now that I recognize how blessed I was with such thoughts of revelation then… thanks to all my guides sent from our All-Source !

As always with compassionate and unconditional Love from yours (Contra)Mary

The Morning Blessing

There is no better way to bring one to a knowledge of himself than to lead him to a knowledge of the powers that are lying dormant within his own soul. – Ralph Waldo Trine.

In order to uphold the highest wisdom we must have absolute confidence in the Divine guiding us. We must have an intimacy with the Infinite Source itself.  Thus when we can go directly to the inner channels of intelligence and wisdom we are no longer slaves to personalities, institutions, media or books.  We should always be open to suggestions of truth but there is no greater guide than your own interior illumination. Browning recognized that the “Truth is within ourselves; it takes no rise from outward things, whate’er you may believe. There is an inmost centre in us all, where truth abides in fullness.” In other words, our only allegiance is to the voice of our own soul. This is the interior guide. This is the light that lighteth every man that cometh into the world. This is the voice of the higher self, the voice of soul, the voice of God. Continue reading

Indigenous Prohecies and Star-Knowledge by Laura Bruno

I re-blogged this from Laura Bruno’s blog to which the link is: since I strongly believe that in the “Now-Time” the crossroad of these two knowing paths has arrived to be considered by us all.

We have now to learn again new structures of Nova Earth and one besides our unconditional love is that there are so many Old/New Matters around us which are sacred – The Air that we breathe together with the trees,  the Water that we drink together with the animals and plants …all is to be shared in full consciousness and to become sacred in our conscious hearts and minds …. which – when recognized fully and consciously will eventually lead to another virtue of Nova Earth and Conscious Mankind i.e. Compassion to all around us as woven with Mankind into a large network of Interconnection and the ONE-SOURCE-OF- ALL:

This is why I believe it imperative to share this video and post with you and here it is for our all learning to enter the new realms of Golden Age – the “Paradise Lost” again and to live in in an never-ending bliss and divine delight that we are all One and never be lonely and separated again from our All Source !!!

As always yours (Contra)Mar


Red Crow: Native American Prophecy
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New post on Laura Bruno’s Blog

Indigenous Prophecies and Starknowledge

by laurabruno

“Everything is coming to a time where prophecy and man’s inability to live on Earth in a spiritual way will come to a crossroads of a great problem.” We must remember how to live spiritually on Earth. Remember that “water is sacred; the air is sacred.” We and the trees breathe together. “We have a common destiny with the tree.” Red Crow shares prophecies about this time in America and speaks of the connection between Ireland and Native Americans. He ends the video with a special song for honoring and healing:

More below on the shift and our own personal responsibility to heal ourselves and our planet. Thanks for the link to this video, Lucas:

Via Colleen/Pao: A Call for Love by Alan Cohen

A Call for Love by Alan Cohan … this was sent by Colleen embedded in a Newsletter from and it touched my heart … what is there more to explain and say why I want to share it with you ? Love is all that matters everywhere, everywhen …..

Unfortunately I do not know how to retrieve the Source of this loving script of Alan C. however I assume I am not surpassing any reserved right when I re-blog this prescious message hereunder…. as Love is meant to be spread everywhere-wide !!!!

Yours (Contra)Mary as always ……..

A Call for Love

by Alan Cohen

Dee recently went into the post office to mail a package while I waited in the car. She returned with tears in her eyes. She had encountered a particularly nasty clerk who didn’t even want to tell her any optional rates for mailing her package. Dee had to resist the temptation to argue with the clerk or criticize her.

Then the clerk stepped away for a moment and as she walked, Dee could see that the woman was in great pain, physically and psychically. Her body was stiff and bent, and her heart was obviously broken. The environment in which she worked was oppressive, with flickering, humming fluorescent lights, and a machine inside the office making an ongoing beep beep beep like a truck’s backup signal. In that moment Dee’s attitude shifted from resistance to compassion. The woman was older and Dee felt sad she had to work at that age in a stifling environment to sustain herself.

A Course in Miracles tells us that all human actions are either pure expressions of love, or calls for love. Anyone who is upset, angry, or nasty is in pain. Hurt people hurt people. No one at peace with him or herself would do anything to hurt anyone else. The Course urges us to not take the nastiness of others personally. Their dark actions are not about you. They speak of that person’s consciousness. They are a call for love. Continue reading

Today’s Blessings BY Angela P.: You are made of Molecules of Divinity …..

Here Angela talks of you in the NOW as “There is only a Being filling up the space of what used to be you – a being wondering what has happened to the old you.”

And as this message of hers is full of good and simple explanations and advice it has made my morning – this morning over here in Europe since each day of my life the early morning waking-up-hour of mine I consciously try to connect myself to my celestial guides and AAMichael for the day to come.

So when I opened up this message in my mail-box I found this message as a kind of confirming response to my earlier meditation and prayer.

Share it with me and have the same peaceful and inner enjoyment like I had already.

As always with so much Love of compassion and uncondtion to you all yours (Contra)Mary

The Morning Blessing

Are you feeling your new identity yet? Are you ready to see the new form? To expose the leaves of your new found Being? Do not worry if during this transitional time that you are confused, or filled with a sense of unknowingness because essentially we all are in the space of no identity. There is only a Being filling up the space of what used to be you – a being wondering what has happened to the old you.The good news is now you no longer have the old you. The Life force energies now enveloping the planet are constructing the molecules of Divinity that will be the building blocks of the co-creator known as you! This alone will stimulate and increase the vibration of your new physical being to create a New emanation of Divinity. You will now seek this New unlimitedness in all that you see and touch each day. The Soul will now bring its point of view and slip it into your awareness. Soul is destroying the limited form known as you. It is the great cultivator, the great eliminator of what was. Spirit delivering us our Souls is the destructive energy that is rearranging all you have known; all you have been up unto this moment.For today just step into the Nowness that is resurrecting and beautifying the world and the space that you inhabit. Look into the mirror, straight into your eyes, and see the fascination of your Soul. Know that you are now following your Soul’s instructions first and that it is now equal with the personality in the guidance of affairs around you. This is the New you that is blossoming into a vibration of purity as the unfoldment of Ascension occurs on all levels and dimensions of life. Continue reading

Hilarion speaks – an extraordinary message channeled through Marlene S. forwarded via Michael Quinsey

I did read the last  message of Hilarion (which I always appreciate for his deepwarming yet sensible and simple way of expressing himself) but I did not post it here. Why? I do not know and today it arrived here on my blog via Mike Quinsey all of its own via his Newsletter that I susbcribe to. I take this apparition of Hilarion’s message as a gentle nudge to re-blog it. And here it is since again for the importance of it all essential matters for  being forwarded on our ascension it may be another valuable “aide-de-mémoire”  for us.
As always with compassionate and unconditional love from me
Yours (Contra)Mary
Mike Quinsey (
An: ‘Etfirstcontact’
Bild von Mike Quinsey

Hi Friends, This is another timely message from Hilarion, helping us to adjust to the new reality.

                    In Love and light. Mike Quinsey.


Hilarion SPEAKS – March 3-10, 2013

Telepath, Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana


Beloved Ones,

You are experiencing another energetic download and are being upgraded yet again. As you know, this process will continue until all is cleansed and purified in your four body system. It is a time to spend going within as much as is possible for you and for allowing your heart chakra to open more fully so that any areas that still need purging can be worked on. If this process feels very intense for you, go out into nature and simply connect. This will ground you and remind you that you are a part of All That Is and that these feelings too, shall pass.

Each layer that is cleared connects you more deeply with your authentic self that lies at the core of your being and this is important in order for you to move forward and the fastest and most accelerated way to accomplish this is to practice looking at each situation in your life and forgiving everyone and everything throughout this lifetime and most especially, yourself. Your human operating system has absorbed many false messages and signals throughout your journey in the physical and these each need to be recognized as such and released. It is important to discern between what is actually your energy and that of the collective consciousness. Sometimes, this can be a difficult process and many of you spend needless hours getting caught up in the dramas that are being enacted all over the Earth. Continue reading

“Calendarium” The 13-Moon Calendar: Abolishment of Ophiuchus by Milna

I rebloged this from “Oracle and Healers” as it contains so valuable thoughts how to amend our present fragmental Gregorian Calendarium of Now. Frankly said – I myself do not  appreciate so much all this calculation which will be something like a huge issue for me when I follow up closely Milna’s proposal and thread of her calculation but thanks God we all are not alike and for the sake of those taking more delight and enjoyment to do this calculating work I decided to re-blog this script hereunder.

We are all of ONE Source – however since we sparkle the vast number of various talents and gifts I leave this article with joy to those who are deeply rooted in talents that are not mine.

As always with compassionate  and unconditional Love to all of you

yours (Contra)Mary


Montague Keen channeling on Ophiuchus:

From my dear friend, Milna. Thank you.

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Dearest Ones,

I have written up the following document for you to read, share, post spread…


With much Love



The 13-Moon Calendar: Abolishment of Ophiuchus

 3.15569e7 seconds, 525949 minutes, 8765.81 hours, 365 days, 52 weeks, 12months in one year …. our calendar year that we all know by heart, our heart  beats to it, our bodies live by it … but do any of you know that there actually exists a 13-month calendar? One that is far more ancient.  Before we actually look into this 13-month lunar calendar, which our  civilised world seems to have lost somehow, let’s first have a look at  the calendar that runs our lives today.

The Gregorian Calendar

The Gregorian calendar which we currently use internationally (named after  Pope Gregory the 13th) was a modification of the Julian calendar (named  after Julius Caesar) and was introduced in 1582. The Gregorian calendar  is in fact inaccurate, and in some respects arbitrary and irregular  lacking any correspondence to the cycles of nature itself. Some months  have 31 days, others 30 or even 28 days (as in February) which then once every four years gets an extra day. This lack of harmony, though generally un-examined, has a profound effect on the way we relate to the Universe we live within.

Just something to ponder on: wonder why the months named September through December, which literally mean 7-10, are actually months 9-12?

Our year consists of 12 months while only one month actually should run  from one full moon to another, and of these type of months there are 13  per year. Originally there existed a thirteenth zodiac in the heavenly  constellation by the name of Ophiuchus, the Serpent Bearer. This zodiac  was with the suppression of the thirteenth month. Continue reading

Message from AAMichael through Ron Head : “Today we will speak about health and what you term ascension symptoms.”

Michael – Today we will speak about health and what you term ascension symptoms. – channeled by Ron Head

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healing hands


Today we will speak about health and what you term ascension symptoms.

The energies which are being sent to your  environment, and those which your planet is passing through, are causing minor discomforts in some, major discomforts in others, and still others, though few, are experiencing real pain.

Of course the differences can be attributed to several things.  Firstly, what is the condition of the body, mind, and spirit of the subject?  That is you.  How freely are you giving yourselves to the transition?  How rapidly has your higher self and your soul determined that you should make this change?  And do not overlook the possibility that there may be conditions which can and should be treated by your medicine.

In many cases, however, your medicine cannot find or understand the conditions you are reporting.  Pain and discomfort are signals, dear ones.  Either signals of the existence of a condition or of the existence of resistance.  The easiest thing to try would be for you to truly fling yourselves into the future with all your hearts.  So much for resistance. Continue reading

“Living without Controlling” Re-blogged from Golden Age of Gaia

A wonderful read about a way of original living without any controlling bondage or better expressed “without any bondage at all” in a relationship with animal creatures freed of everything also of human thoughts and wishes to be dominant in any way !!! Gosh I This has warmed my heart and joined ideals I have encountered in vital experience in my childhood – since I had these very feelings towards the animals on the farm of my grandparents especially I loved a particular calf with its big dark eyes which I felt was my special friend.

All these pictures arose before my inner eyes when reading this post and my heart again felt warm in the sunshine of early childhood with all its true and enchanted summer-hazy airs under deep blue skies of Prussian Eastern Skies. Still now looking at films, pictures of this parts of Poland now makes you feel nearer to celestial realms and this I also felt being a small kid: near to Heaven above !

This was the time when I slept on the usual straw-bags instead of matrasses which were renewed beginning of each spring ,,, the light of morning when blossomed branches of the appletree outside looked into the small window into our bedroom and swallows nestled underroofed at our window side.  Waking up I could hear the scratching of mice near to me in the wall and all was natural and nothing to get excited at all about. These were the times of my life I cherished most of all and when I recall them here – even now a smile is coming up from my deep heart filled and pushed with this magnificent great stream of love and light and lights my face and runs all through my body …. there is so much more  I want to tell you – still this would enlarge this article and distract you from the original core. But all this I described above was called forth by this wonderful story Steve posted from Stuart at the Sacred Camel Gardens …..(The Source is given at the beginning of the post).

I felt so blessed when reading it and that is why I want to share it with you as another way or path to another and new Happy Life of Nova Earth and Virtues we have to learn from scrap again .... a Nova Earth that works for everyone and all realms !

As always with Compassionate and Unconditional Love from yours


Living Without Controlling

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Getting in touch with our need to control. Thanks to Terry.

What Does a Man Do ?

Stuart, Sacred Camel Gardens, Feb. 10, 2013

If I was a man, naked, without tools or ropes, sticks, whips or techniques, just a man on two feet, naive in the world, what would I do to get a camel, or a horse to like me, to respect me, to want to be with me? How would I go about developing such a relationship with the life around me? How would we arrive at a clear, mutual, understanding? How would love come into it?

You might be a horse, or a camel, a bird, or a woman… you might be another man, or a dolphin…

When I first see you I’m disarmed. I see only mystery and wonder in your eyes. I feel how powerful yet vulnerable you are. I’m drawn… I want to know you. Continue reading

NorthPoint Astrology Journal – March 4 to 10, 2013 by Pam Younghans

Today’s photo: Auroras over Inari, Lapland, Finland on February 28, 2013 (photo by Alexander Keen, posted on
THE WAVE of Pisces energy we’ve been riding for the past couple of weeks is at its crest this week, as more than half of the planets are in the 12th sign. And, many of the other planets that are currently traveling through other signs are forming exact aspects with one or more of those Pisces planets. This adds even more emphasis on the lessons of Pisces and provides insights into how we might best use this time.
More specifically, on Wednesday:
  • Six planets are lined up in Pisces: Neptune, Chiron, Venus, Mercury, the Sun, and Mars
  • Venus and retrograde Mercury are exactly conjunct (at the same degree) in Pisces
  • Saturn is exactly trine Mercury and Venus, and also within orb (range) of being trine the Sun and Chiron
  • Pluto is exactly sextile Mercury and Venus, and also within orb of being sextile the Sun and Chiron
  • Jupiter is closely square Chiron and within orb of being square Neptune, Venus, Mercury, and the Sun 
  • Saturn and Pluto are strongly sextile each other (exact on Thursday) 
  • Saturn is sesquisquare Mars
  • Even the fast-moving Moon is joining in the mix, being conjunct Pluto and sextiling all the Pisces planets on that day
That’s a lot! And if so many astrological terms are causing your mind to blur, you’re already getting a preview of some of the energy this week. Continue reading

Beginning the Process of Ascension Proper? Posted by Steve Beckow on 03-03-2013

I cannot write anything sage/highly elaborate/deep thinking/or else about this topic since I myself feel to be in the middle of this ascension signals …. and as always when it comes to anything significant for myself and I am the very concerned one – I never feel apt to depict and interpret any signals of such personal symptoms.

For this reason I am to be counted among you reading this script and left pondering about it!

Sharing with you these thoughts and observing my very own body – higher heart – and brain all through this transmutation I am just one amid you –  going with you through this evolution.

With regard to Stephen B’s particular meditation I may be allowed to refer to my very own one meditation channeled from AAMichael supporting the alike thread of meditating- To follow this meditation click on the link :…-to-father-sun/

so that you may follow sequence to what Steve is describing in his post here.

With Love Unconditional and Compassion to,you all yours as ever



Beginning the Process of Ascension Proper?

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Light Body 3829At each stage of our journey, we’ve heard the Company of Heaven describe how the relevant process underway is manifesting itself. We’re now beginning to hear descriptions of how our physical body is transmuting into our Lightbody – in other words, descriptions of the Ascension process itself.

Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman tells us that:

“The old areas of your brain which contain your past are gradually being refined or dissolved, so it is beginning to seem as though everything that happened before, even last year, is a vague dream. New areas of your brain are being activated and you must learn to think in a whole new way.” (1) Continue reading

Something more about Water and its Healing Capacity / Sebastian Kneipp “My Water Cure”

This post will not be a long one although this field of “Water Treatment for Healing” developed by the German Parson Sebastian Kneipp (1821-1897 ) is really a vast and proven one. As it has already become some sort of traditional one in the alternative healing methods this will relieve me from listing here all the good results of its application. They all do speak for themselves as having been applied for a lapse of roughly more than 100 years since Sebastian Kneipp published his famous book “My Water Cure”.

So if you click on the google link : “sebastian kneipp my water cure” you will find a full list of topics about this famous water cure with sources of literature about it. Continue reading

Another Message from AAMichael: That is the power, and it exists in your hearts. – Channeled by Ron Head

According to my inner wisdom : no Preface is required here since all is being said already ….

As always yours (Contra)Mary

P.S: Read it once – read it twice and a third time and you will always find something more prescious in its contents …that I am sure of !!!


That is the power, and it exists in your hearts. – channeled by Ron Head

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Today we shall speak to the subject of the cleansing of your world.  Although it is something which does not seem to have begun as yet in your eyes, we assure you that it has.

You, of course, look to see results, and everywhere you look you see continued polluting, what you call fracking, destruction of forests, and depredations of your corporate system.  As bad as that still is, we can tell you that it might have been still worse at this point.  But, referring to our recent message about manifestation becoming obvious only in its last stages, we say now that the same is true in this matter as well. Continue reading

Something about Pyramids built once with more advanced Technology than ours today…

Browsing through the Internet means to me also I’m now collecting facts of knowledge about pyramids to be found all over earth … and more than originally expected since they apparently were used as power-generators then in times when they were constructed….

It is most interesting and whenever I shall come across more actual facts unkown to us until now – I ‘ll continue and will expand this line with subsequent sharing with you all.

Source :galactichu​mans@yahoo.​com (

With so much compassionate and unconditional love to you as always yours


Greetings from Galactic Heart. . .

Pyramids have now been found on every continent on Earth and prove—beyond a shadow of a doubt—that pyramids were built by ancient civilizations with far greater technology than we now possess and that they were used to produce energy. The placement of the tens of thousands of pyramids around the globe on the earth’s energy grid, aligned with the universal energy field is a lost science that is now being rediscovered. This science can only be explained when we reexamine much of what we have been taught about history and open our minds to unfold the truth.

By learning to harness the beneficial frequencies of zero point energy, we can create a better world. If you are interested in learning more about zero point energy, check out Sheldan’s dvd: Zero Point: The Endless Sea of Energy or his archived webinar, Technologies That Will Transform Our World.

We are living in exciting times as more Truth is revealed.

Selamat Ja!

Suppressed Scientific Evidence Proves Free Energy Source Dating Back 25,000 Years

by Michael Forrester, Waking Times

pyramid discovery

A monumental discovery with four years of comprehensive geo-archaeological research has failed Continue reading

The Message of Water – found out by Dr.Masaru Emoto

Stirred up by Kauilapele’s announcement of a lecture by Dr. Masaru Emoto about the healing and other qualities of WATER I want expressly point out to you what Dr. Emoto found out more than a decade ago (for all who might not know the full evidence) how water may heal our earth and seas and also is permeatable to our loud outspoken speech and thoughts. I have read many a book and scripture about  water and how we – ourselves – may do a lot to make our water consumption into a changed one regarding its Health’qualitities. And believe me; these were always good reads and inflaming hopes and spiritual love of my inner heart !

So even if not able to attend these lectures we could do something very valuable for ourselves and so I made a research in the Internet about the results found out by Dr. Masaru Emoto and some bibliographic reports on it.

I googled : Dr.Mazaru and found via Wikipedia a large article about him – his life – research – as the outcome of some lectures of him At Mexico City but unfortunately in Spanish only. So for our Spanish readers in South America and everywhere else – go ahead and take all the knowledge you can find there.

Click on : Wikipedia : Dr,Mazaru   and you will find a blog titled: “Infinite Love energy-consciousness tag Masaru Emoto” English-French

Google  on: and you arrive at Emoto’s blog itself …..

Masaru Emoto

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Dr Masaru Emoto in Anglet congres, September 2011, photo Serge Briez

Dr Masaru Emoto in Anglet congres, September 2011, photo Serge Briez

After studying international relations at the University of Yokohama, Masaru Emoto created IHM Corporation in Tokyo en 1986.

In 1992 he received the degree of doctor of alternative medicine from the Open International University for Alternative Medicine in India.

Today he runs the research institute of IHM Corporation, where he is also the president.

He is also president of the “Project of Love and Thanks to Water.”

He has published several books of water crystal photography.

Masaru Emoto interprets these photographs as proof that that the structure of crystals changes in response to various stimuli such as the music of Bach or hard rock, as well as simple words like “Thank you.”

His research demonstrates that human consciousness is intimately linked to water and it is essential for humanity’s well-being that we become aware of the fundamental role water plays in all of our lives.

His message of peace: LOVE and GRATITUDE for WATER which we are made of and nourished by.

After studying international relations at the University of Yokohama, Masaru Emoto created IHM Corporation in Tokyo en 1986.
In 1992 he received the degree of doctor of alternative medicine from the Open International University for Alternative Medicine in India.
Today he runs the research institute of IHM Corporation, where he is also the president.
He is also president of the “Project of Love and Thanks to Water.”
He has published several books of water crystal photography.
Masaru Emoto interprets these photographs as proof that that the structure of crystals changes in response to various stimuli such as the music of Bach or hard rock, as well as simple words like “Thank you.”
His research demonstrates that human consciousness is intimately linked to water and it is essential for humanity’s well-being that we become aware of the fundamental role water plays in all of our lives.

There is another link that I found:

  • Emoto’s hypothesis has evolved over the years of his research. External links : net/ Masaru Emoto’s web site. http://whatthebleep.
    13 KB (1,789 words) – 12:23, 1 March 2013

Lifestyle | Gratitude

It was Dr. Mazaru Emoto’s famous water study that showed us that words and intention change the molecular structure of molecules. In his study Dr. Emoto

All these above links are to retrieved via Wikipedia.

If you click on Google: ….

and this I estimate the big find of me with Dr. Emoto’s Office-Blog itself : and here click on the arrow pointed to “English” and you will arrive at the final and actual – original blog of Dr.Mazaru Emoto which is a wonderful treat …..

Of course you may go on your own quest about this so splendid Teacher about the Consciousness and Crystalline Shape of Water and what is means for us all living on the surface of Gaia ! This what has been found by Dr- Emoto carries so much hope for restoring  Earth to her pristine Glamor and creating Nova Earth! Continue reading

The Mediator – A Stunning Story by SaS – reblogged from Jean Haines’ Blog

“No Pretext of mine required”… said my inner sage voice !

With so much compassionate and unconditional love from (Contra)Mary

Source: http://www.2012 what’s the’real’truth?

The Mediator – by SaS

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After a time of quiet, SaS now offers us another one of his instructive stories with, I might add, a delightful ending! I know you will enjoy it and find it heartening! Thanks, SaS and hugs, ~Jean

The Mediator

By SaS

“There is a great deal of work that must be done,” Lazarus exclaimed!  “Why are all of you so petulant with one another?”

Everyone in the square stood motionless and silent.

“Geoffrey, pick up your tools and go help Nathan finish his house,” he instructed.  “Before long, winter will arrive and Nathan’s little family will be freezing their behinds off!  What kind of life experience would you call that?”

“It’s not a life experience, boss,” Nathan humbly replied, “that would be an aggravation under any circumstance.”

“Right,” Lazarus replied!  “All of you!  Off you go!”

The people began to stir moving toward their tool chests and barrows; their gardening tools and hay making implements—they selected each article from their household storage closets, took up their draft animals, and turned toward the broad paths that radiated out from the community center walking into a brilliant sunny morning. Continue reading

THE SECRET OF SECRETS – Story by Drunvalo Melchizedek

I am at loss of words here with regard to the script which I re-blogged from Jean Haines. Read it – these are real jewels of Now and Then – and shine on, dear-ones, when thinking all over what you are going to read hereunder.

As always with the same qualities of Love from


Source: Spirit of Ma’at Magazine

THE SECRET OF SECRETS – Story by Drunvalo Melchizedek

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Source: Spirit of Ma’at MagazineThe Secret Of Secrets

So much has been lost, but being eternal, it is never lost forever, only veiled!

The Secret of Secrets — the hidden space within the human heart that all of creation emerges from — was in ancient times almost completely an oral tradition kept secret by the priests and shamans of the tribe or culture. Seldom was anything written down, primarily because it cannot be learned or experienced from the written word. Only through direct experience can it truly be known.

Nevertheless, this month [August 2003] I am publishing a new book about this very subject. It’s called Living in the Heart.

What I have found is that although the direct experience is paramount to knowing the Secret of Secrets, talking or reading about the Sacred Space of the Heart can prepare the mind for this change.

In order to help accomplish this change, I have created a CD that will be included in the book. It will lead you into the heart space in a similar manner that was used in ancient times, thousands of years ago. At least, this is my hope and prayer.

What Is this Secret of Secrets?

First of all, on a mundane level, it is a physical space within the body that is found, depending on the tradition, either inside the heart or very close to it. Some traditions say it is behind the heart, some say it is off to one side, and others say it is in front of the heart. But most believe it is located inside the physical heart, and that’s what I believe.

One aspect is clear. It is not the heart chakra.

The Secret of Secrets has been referred to, in the Jewish tradition, as the Secret Chamber of the Heart. The Upanishads, the Hindu sacred texts, refer to it as the Tiny Place Within the Heart. It also is sometimes referred to as the Sacred Space of the Heart, which is the designation I use in my new book.

In truth, there is very little found that has ever been written about this most important part of human experience.

It is apparent that in ancient times, this place within the heart was known and entered into in their ceremonies, for this is still being done today in a few “lost” tribes in remote areas of the world.

In modern times, the HeartMath Institute is the forerunner of research into this ancient knowledge, and at the same time they are finding new information that probably even the Ancient Ones didn’t know.

From my perspective and the view of many indigenous tribes, this Sacred Space within the Heart holds the only possibility of there ever being peace on Earth. All political actions on the Earth are being taken from Duality Consciousness — the result of the Fall — and this form of consciousness is based on ego.

As long as ego runs the course of events in the world, we will never know peace. Ego judges all events as either good or bad from its own viewpoint, and ego always thinks of itself first. As long as ego is safe and comfortable, ego doesn’t usually care what happens to that which seems external to itself.

The Reality Within the Heart Continue reading

“Alignments with Gaia, Galactic, Cosmic Energetics” GaiaPortal Update 2-28-13

This I re-blogged from Kauilapele’s Site as to me this hints at three different energy-threads arising to us lightworkers of which we have to decide on for our choice of line in due time to come attracted by the very sense of our personal energy, i.e. working with the Energy of Gaia, the Galactics, or the Cosmos.

After the elapse of some silent and appearently vacant period since the beginning of this year leaving us at guessing what will be the further outcome of 2012 and all our work of that period we were told ever again to create and anchor the new realm here on earth …..but how we were left in the dark – which was very harassing to us. At least it was for me and so I tried with simple known tools of grounding into Gaia. blessing all around me and spreading light via my breath.

These pieces of message from GaiaPortal here I believe to be something stable and solid news regarding the ways we shall go forward in due course: “joining one of the three energetic routes according to our individual and personal resonance”. And that is why I want to share this message with all of you hereunder.

As always with compassionate and unconditional Love yours


GaiaPortal Update 2-28-13… “Alignments with Gaia, Galactic, Cosmic Energetics”

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gaiaportal_logo26This one really rang bells for me. There are many “levels” of work. I also feel that these levels of operation, and those who work on them, are, indeed, to be honored. Each has its own value. Just because some may not see it, or understand it, does not mean it’s not there. Continue reading