Angela Peregroff: The Morning Blessings of Today

The main question Angela deals herewith is:

If your limitations were there to teach you something – and you weren’t going to manifest what you want until you get it – what is it?  What is the lesson?

Read on and then find out for our selves.

Om Shanti

Yours (Contra)Mary

The Morning Blessing
There is so much to be said about core beliefs and the limiting patterns that stand between you and everything you want to attract into your life – more than can be adequately addressed in one article. So I’m going to cut right to the chase…
What would be possible for you right now if, rather than fighting against your limitations, you were to explore the gifts you’ve received from your particular struggles?
Think about it: Why would YOU have the blockages, patterns, and pain that you’ve had? Who have you become because of those particular limitations? And what would be available to you if you knew that the suffering you’ve endured in your life is an integral part of the evolution of your soul?
You’ve heard me say it before, but I must say it again:
If your limitations were there to teach you something – and you weren’t going to manifest what you want until you get it – what is it?  What is the lesson?
There are core beliefs that as human beings we all share in one way or another. They sound like this: I’m not worthy. I don’t deserve. I’m not enough. I’m unlovable. I’m stupid. I’m flawed. I’m not safe. And I’m all alone. They are the shadow beliefs that operate beneath the surface – appearing to keep us from having our needs met and our dreams fulfilled in at least one area of our lives. And over time, they become the gospel by which we privately live our lives.
When it comes to having (creating, manifesting, allowing, receiving, or attracting) the things we most want, these core beliefs look like our greatest enemies. The “problem” seems so obvious; the equation so simple: “If only I felt deserving of love, I would have the man (or woman) of my dreams.”
No doubt you too are familiar with the suffering that occurs when there is something in the outer world that you want that you’re just not getting! It might be better health, more money, a different job, a love relationship, or greater emotional freedom and happiness. You talk about it, dream about it, meditate on it, pray for it, and write it down on your wish list. But often there is an old belief that seems to have dug in its heels and insists on keeping you from your heart’s desires.
But rather than look at what we can do together to nip this pattern in the bud and end your suffering – to agree about how wrong it is and try to make it all go away – I want to suggest that you actually make a little room for it. Imagine that you’re going to look through new eyes this week that may give you a new interpretation of your life experiences – one that will dramatically alter your life from the inside.
Give yourself permission this week to see one shadow belief that you’ve revisited time and time again. And if you’re not immediately seeing what that might be, think of something you’ve been wanting but not getting, and then ask yourself what a person might think or believe in order to NOT have that.  And then, rather than reframing it, minimizing it, or sugarcoating it, just let it be. Instead of making things a little better, embrace everything…as it is. Acceptance is one step in the transformational process. But embracing it is actually thanking God for it!
Embracing it is seeing the value in it, being awed by it, extracting the gold from it, and knowing that your limiting belief and the experiences it leads you to are so central to who you are and how you’re evolving that you wouldn’t give it up for anything.
What possibilities could you open up to and how deeply could you relax in your heart if you stopped fighting with the universe? If you trusted that there is a profound wisdom orchestrating the unfolding of your life? If you knew that the ONLY thing that’s wrong with your limitations is that you’ve made them wrong -and you’ve made them mean something about YOU?
What would be possible? Come with me and find out…


Spirit is always in perfect balance. It knows when to stay in motion, and it knows
when to be still. And so do I. Like nature, like the tides, like the seasons, I honor
the times when I’m active and energized equally with the times when I feel dormant
and led to my interior. Because Life is all an infinite cycle of goodness, I know that
every cycle has a beginning, middle, and end. I don’t need to worry or fear when
I feel stuck, because that ‘stuckness’ is a temporary thing, like clouds passing
before the sun.In the midst of my life, whatever the cycle, I pay attention to the inner guidance
I receive from the Self, and honor it. I regularly return my mind to a place of peace and understanding through daily spiritual practice. I always go within for the answers, because that’s where answers are to be found. The key that sparks my understanding may come from a glance or  word, but the consciousness in me is what makes me ripe for that understanding. I give thanks for this understanding: that spirit is always with me, inside and out, through every day of my life. And I know it. And it’s good. And so it is.


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