Poofness for this Week “Slight Delay of the Finish” – 3/24/2013

Dear Friends,

it took me two days (another slight Delay of the Finish of this my Post)  until I had the flash of a bundle of ideas coming to me about this message ….

Alike the majority of readers – so I assume – I stumbled about his explanation that “the C is in the atmosphere now” but not so much that I pondered on it much. It just aroused some sort of my curiosity and I clicked on the blog of Ron Head from it was sent to me iin order to see what kind of comments have been made by his forum.

And there it was when it flashed through me when reading all comments made : I – all of a sudden knew what was meant by the “C” ! It was the return of Crist in his form as Spirit as foretold in the Bible. – and I wrote my first comment to it yesterday.

Now another day – yesterday has elapsed meanwhile – and clearing my mailbox I came across another comment to this topic. So I clicked on the message of Poofness again and found this last comment to mine. Another flash I received and so I wrote it down as fast as I could in order not to miss anything of it.

And this exchange of comments I want to share with you as I believe it is a totally true reflection of what is commonly thought in the Time of Now while trying to manifest Change towards Nova Earth.

We all are dwelling with our thoughts to solve some “itching” questions of Now still with our brains and mind (former left side of duality) … and this is is another of our big challenges of letting go too in order to bring about the -great Change on Earth and to manifest it here for creation of Golden Age of Gaia !

So this will be our next upcoming challenge of work as Wayshowers …going deeper and deeper down our own “Tunnels of Light” in order to become “like children again” thinking with the former right side of our brains and thus effecting eventually that conjunction of the former two halves of our brain will take place – initiated by our cores’ evolving lights!

For all to recapitulate everything here again I copied the whole message of Poof anf the subsequent comment thereto – reblogged again from Ron’s wonderfujl blog “www.oracleand healers”.

So what is being said in the 16 comment to the Poof’s Message below since as mentioned above it is a true reflection of our lightworkers’ way of thinking-

Thanks Ron — I think the song was Led Zeppelin’s “The Battle Of Evermore”
what does poof mean by “the C is in the atmosphere”?
Puzzled about that myself.
Wonder what “C” is exactly … frequency?
Yeah, somebody…what does he mean by “the C is the atmosphere”?
I have thought, since it is ‘in the atmosphere’, it must be CHANGE. Anyone have a better?
Oracles and Healers
After thinking about it, I agree the word must be CHANGE…”in the atmosphere”, “insanity is happening” and “the pope got it”. Thanks for the feedback.
Could “C” stand for Catholics? Hes is speaking about the Pope!
The catholics are in the atmosphere?
LOL!! catholics in the atmosphere? I thought it might refer to the “Creator”, but yeah most probably, “change”…..then again, you never know what Poof says most times……
I resonate with “C” to mean change or changeover. But would welcome a clarification from Poof. The Pope exited so quickly and in the middle of a such a very important religious time for Catholics…I am wondering if he didn’t have a very special, urgent incident. And, I will leave it at that. Thanks you everyone.
The Pope left quickly because he was served with a “diplomatic note” of criminal conviction of genocide; take a look at ITCCS. (itccs.org)
I read it as “the BIG C” we call cancer “the big C” meaning it will take them down as it claims its victims ????
For me this ominous “C” is the spirit of Christ which is said to return in the socalled “end-times” ! Also look at the prophecies in the Bible ….Christ is in the Atmosphere .- as the songtext saying “Spring is in the air”Christ is in the air – every blossom sings it out
Christ is in the air – all around us now
and we shall greet him with love
and light of crystal shine
Christ is in the air
to help us get divine …….

Love to all from me …and please: ” Think great !”

Good, good, good, good look :)

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March 26, 2013 at 4:57 AM

And this is what I commented still under that a.m. flash of thoughts :


Yea, think great and this in the sense of thinking from your intuitive hearts (former right side of brain)and not with your minds and brain (former left side of brain)… then everything is easy …it is said in the bible long ago: “we have to become like children again” and this is the clue : become simple again and think – live from your heart’s sage wisdom …!Om Shanti, Peace – Pax – Pace – Paix – Frieden – Shalom  —  all will come up like blossoms of this Spring !!!
Eva Maria = (Contra)Mary = Havah

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Poofness – Slight Delay of the Finish – 3/24/2013

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poofGreetings and Salutations;

Most of what I have to say, is in the song. It really is the end and activity has already begun. Some must have lost their minds to defy the treasury sec, as if they had a choice. The trick is the only choice they had was a new cell to sit in, when they were caught with their pants down around their ankles. The old grey mare ain’t what she used to be, fellas. That greed will get you every time. It’s a vice that will no longer be permitted. There are a bunch of folks sitting at home with ankle bracelets as the finality arrives. The rest will be hustled off to undisclosed locations at the final moment. Don’t be shocked when the announcements begin, truth can be a real humdinger, and some won’t even believe the evidence when it’s put at the end of their noses. This will be the real ‘shock and awe’. The ripping down of the ‘Lie’ curtain is happening folks, for the whole world. Not a hole left to hide in. The C is in the atmosphere now and that’s why there’s all this insanity is happening. The pope got it and signed off straight away.

Love and Kisses,


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