Crystal People – in Co-op with Auras, Cores e Números by Paula Mourato

As a matter of fact there is no need for any foreword or pretext of mine relating to the article hereunder. Paula does always this wonderful writings in Portuguese, her mother tongue, and transmit it to me in English which I proofread and she afterwards makes the necessary changes then. This is the sort of co-operation we have and much to our both delights we are matching in our resonance in a very fine way.

To me this is a well founded article with so many links which might be of immense help to all having to cope with this kind of children or people around them. So this is my sort of advice to them: “Please, for Heavens’ Sake, read it and make yourselves known with this specialities of many of our kids in order to assist them to cope with these still changing times as they have been made especially for the Golden age to come and Nova Earth because then it is upon them to return their help and assistance to us all!

Love as always unconditional and compassionate from yours


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“Those who pass us by,
will not go on alone without anything taking from us,
and also do not leave us alone without giving anything of them,
They all leave a little of themselves with us,
and take a little of us too with them.”
Antoine de Saint Exupéry
Writer and Airplane-Pilot
1900 – 1944


In a previous post I mentioned that the aura of some people is increasingly clear and transparent like a Crystal in which case we may call them “Crystal People”.

Still these different auras are a consequence of a new way of thinking and interacting socially which implies a new vision of the physical world .

This type of people are often associated with the mental Asperger Syndrome which is a sort of mild Autism.

The Asperger syndrome is largely defined and clarified in the book by Tony Attwood, “All about Asperger’s Syndrome”, in English: 20Complete%%% 20Guide% 20to% 20Aspergers 20Syndrome_Attwood.pdf

Among other features, Crystal people may be said to have as main features a different social reasoning, some different empathy and some social difficulties of making friends.

Consequently of the latter they may also have difficulties with communication and control of emotions.

Seldom they have language skills and advanced vocabulary and syntax. But conversational skills are inappropriate and they sometimes resort to use some pedantic way of speaking.

They are also born with a fixedtarget and often very early know what it is, so they tend to have an obsession or fascination with an unusual intensity for only one subject.

They experience a difference between what they hear and their own understanding of it.

They prefer to visualize what they need to know. Thus they find it also difficult to sustain attention in normal classes where spoken language is dominant.

They are very intelligent and uphold a unique learning profile – however need help in organizing when working on their studies, they tend either to disperse or to focus their attention on one matter solely.

Lack of coordination and a peculiar way to walk are also characteristics.

They also are extremely sensitive to sounds, smells, textures or touch.

Sometimes, when a child, if is not properly monitored by parents and teachers he/she may also develop “Attention Deficit Disorder” (ADS) with Hyperactivity, or disorder of language, or movement, of moods, or eating disorder or many difficulties of learning nonverbally.

For information on Tony Attwood studies of children and adults with Asperger’s syndrome and other publications go to

This web page will have a list of web pages for support groups in Australia, America and Europe.

This web address will also provide a list of seminars and workshops that he will be presenting.

The web address of the clinic for children and adults run by Michelle Garnett in Brisbane, Australia, is

For parents, I strongly recommend the OASIS web page, especially the message boards to post questions and access the wisdom and experiences of parents of children and adults with Asperger’s syndrome throughout the world.

I also recommend the web page of the National Autistic Society (NAS) in the United Kingdomforinformation for parents.

The NAS web address is

The web address for the Asperger’s syndrome support group in Brisbane, Australia, is

For people with Asperger’s syndrome I recommend the following:

This last site is for girls and women with Asperger’s syndrome.

For information on the ideas and strategies developed by Carol Gray go to

The primary publisher of books on Asperger’s syndrome is Jessica KingsleyPublishers and you can read about the latest publications at

Another publisher of books on Asperger’s syndrome and organizer ofconferences and workshops in the USA is

These capabilities, rather than being a deficiency will prove to be an advantage in the increasing energy continuing to go forward on path to 5D.

As I said, the Asperger Syndrome (AS) is considered a mild form of autism in which early diagnosis can greatly benefit from social skills of people with AS.

Ellen Notbohm book explains special issues of these kids: “Ten things every child with autism wishes you knew”:

I’d like to give hereunder my own take on the AS too…

If all the world had gone Crystal :

there would be no gossip or trial

since it would be a positive world

no malice would be able to exist

the 3rd vision, telepathy and spirituality were acquired data

lies would have no existence

all would be peaceful and quiet

and would have more creativity

have more sensitivity and intelligence

Earth energy would be much higher in frequence

connection between human beings and earth would be fully complete

then I conclude calling out:

We need more Crystal people !


The connection of these beings to other dimensions is made by the blue chakra or throat chakra hence the problems of allergies and ear, vision and speech but also is the chakra of the main senses of the body such as speech, hearing, seeing, tasting, smelling and even touch.

These senses the Crystal person has much more accurate.

This chakra is the first to be affected with various health problems, when one has the old body type, or even the Indigo body type, and passes on to the higher energy level, which corresponds to the energy level of the current Earth.


People like Indigo are in a lower energy level comparing to people like Crystal.

Generally an Indigo has Crystal children not otherwise. 

Although the mental profile is compatible and has many similar 
features , Indigo generation pave the way for the Crystal generation.

As the generation Crystal came to prepare the way for another generation who will be evolving 30 years from now .

Serving me is the Hebrew concept of generations because it is very appropriate to what has happened.

Although through the ages people have always born Indigo and Crystal, they appeared in greater numbers since 1990 and to the end of this decade we are living the number of Crystal people hit records.

These features of the crystal people as described above may also be circumvented for more comfort and education of crystal humans.
Still it is most advisable to be most careful when applying such methods to these children.

This “wonderful “head in the clouds” of Crystal people – by all means – should be preserved  in any case !

Someone being a Crystal may be reading this post – and I do hope so! –
 for the sake of his/her understanding I am meaning with “head in the clouds”  that they are free people who are not tied to any conventions nor materialism.

It is this characteristic which indicates that they are people who have access to others dimensions, it is also giving rise to a fragile look so charming and so nice because it is that of authentic innocence.

The chakra # 5 is considered the voice of God, is the second chakra of celestial energy level. To reach this level, you must have developed the heart chakra and have realized that we are all brothers and that our essence is Love.

In 2000 it was estimated that the proportion of people with SA was 1 to 250. Now past 13 years is 1 to 50. Soon all the people on this planet will be Crystal-Humans.

This is because almost all the people who are born is Crystal-Beings and also the humans with old type of bodys are changing their body and their mind to Crystal.

One method that helps to overcome some health problems associated with this development, crystal therapy and color therapy is associated with stones like quartz of a particular blue color (ultramarine-blue )similar to Lapislazuli.

The Lapislazuli gemstone is prized as a stone that is believed to help pave the fifth (known as the throat chakra) and sixth (known as the brow chakra) chakra and to grant self-consciousness to the person who wears it.

This color also stimulates the pituitary gland associated with the chakra 5.

And since we are going through a transition in the near future, it is the transition from chakra to chakra, indigo blue can give some attention to the pineal gland when applying the  existing therapy of Hathors tones of Tom Kenyon, for example, who said that it would stimulate the pineal gland.

I dedicate this post to everyone whom I came across in this life and in which  I detected the source of incipient crystal  and all others who were born that way.

Finally a curiosity, this post is numbered 55 which is a double change but also a beginning of something new.

Namasté Paula Mourato

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