What Song Did the Plant Sing, Dear?

What a beautiful picture is being injected into our hearts and minds … plants are singing and their melodies are matching their colors ! ….

I cannot await the Nova Earth and the Golden Age of Gaia to hear and to listen to such miraculous melodies and see their joining to respective colours !!!

Yours (Contra)Mary

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What Song Did the Plant Sing, Dear?

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Anyone who has studied the literature of the afterlife knows that on the higher planes, plants make music. Well, now, here in what may be the rising Fourth Dimension on an ascendent Earth, researchers are connecting with the music that plants play.  Here is a video in which plant researchers have hooked up electrodes to plants and coaxed from them the music they emanate. Thanks to D’Arcy

Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson reported on this phenomenon from the Astral Planes:

“There was [an] astonishing feature I noticed when I drew near to [the plants], and that was the sound of music that enveloped them, making such soft harmonies as corresponded exactly and perfectly with the gorgeous colors of the flowers themselves. … These musical sounds were in precise consonance with all that I had so far seen – which was very little – and that everywhere there was perfect harmony.”  (1)
Just as here in the rapidly-dwindling Third Dimension, on the Fourth Dimension a rapport must be established between plant and human for them to pour out their song, Benson tells us.

“The flowers and all growing things respond immediately to those who love them and appreciate them. The music that they send out operates under precisely the same law. An attunement upon the part of the percipient, with that with which he comes into contact or relationship, is a prerequisite condition.”  (2)

Mary Bosworth also reported from the Fourth Dimension that the trees as well as flowers sing to us.

“You are part of the tree, in tune with it; it feeds you and you respond to it in that you recognize it as a reflection of God’s love as you are a reflection of God’s love. It emits a sound like a beautiful tiny bell, again quite impossible to describe, but you hear it within yourself and respond spiritually. The flowers can dance and sing in their own particular way. … Everything gives you of itself in a conscious overwhelming generosity of joy and you reciprocate, sharing everything around you with this giving and taking.” (3)

Now we here in the rapidly-passing Third Dimension are also able to hear the music of the plants.

If you’d like to read more about conditions in the Fourth Dimension or Astral Plane, visit New Maps of Heaven, specifically this page from which this data was taken.


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