True Mayan Teaching – 21 – 12 -2012 and Beyond by Ac Tah

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IMPORTANT- AC TAH True Mayan Teaching #1

IMPORTANT- AC TAH True Mayan Teaching #2

IMPORTANT- AC TAH True Mayan Teaching #3 – YouTube

IMPORTANT- AC TAH True Mayan Teaching #4

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AC TAH True Mayan Teachings #5 and #6

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Published on Mar 15, 2013

IMPORTANT- AC TAH True Mayan Teaching #3 – YouTube

True Mayan Teaching – 21.12.12. and Beyond by Ac Tah
Published on Mar 15, 2013

Published on Mar 15, 2013

AcTah Speaks: quotes taken from
“The Night of the Last Katun”

On the Maya Calendar:
“The Maya were aware that time is infinite and could be counted to infinity, however they left us a calendar up to the year 2012 to leave it to our generation to commence a new count, in the light of a new spiritual awareness.”

On the Meso-American Pyramids
“Pyramids are a natural technology, built by our ancestors to transmit ultrasound frequencies that activate the pineal gland of the brain, opening up perception to a wider range of spiritual frequencies and thus for us to become aware that we are part of a whole….”

On Actah’s Mission:
“We are not looking for followers, nor promoting a certain philosophy; we are uniting and motivating people so we can live as one body, in peace and harmony!”

On your responsibility:
“The shift towards a harmonious and well balanced humanity is not the responsibility of only one person, but of every human being on the planet.”

“… Evolution is all about emotion, passion, joy, happiness, energy and love. If humans cannot experience this, they are dead men walking , and they’d better get down to searching for the true meaning of their lives.”

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