Steve B.: “Exciting Time to Be Alive”- about Collaboration of Lighworking Teams

Collaboration …According to my belief I call this novelty of Nova World or earth “Co-operation” since we are learning in somewhat gentle and slower way how to put our hands and hearts together in order to work together and help each other without any hidden issue of “eating the otherone’s meal” but unconditionally solely with the target of the matter in one’s eye ! It is the matter only that counts and the elaboration on its evolution!

For us lightworkers this will come as some natural development into our work I daresay since I may judge from my own experience with Paula M. and her blog Auras.Cores e Números. It is by our sheer resonance of our mutual vibrational frequency that we felt drawn to each other and decided about a c.loser co-operation of our two blogs working and assisting each other and there are already some nice results which we achieved within a period of about one week!

Now reading what Steve Beckow writes here made me re-blogged his article from “Golden Age of Gaia” as it underlines my own a.m. experience as a remarkable trend folr us all. So please keep your eyes open if anything might show up and note it with your newly awakened awareness! It might turn out to be a hint to some collaboration or co-operation with some other lightworkers or groups in respect and compassionate assistance ! Now is the moment of sowing – it is springtime also in this very sense for us all – We – all lightworkers have to make use of our greatest chance to create a wonderful new Earth –

This is our Springtime when we cultivate the field of  Golden Age !

In compassionate and unconditional love from (Contra)M

Exciting Time to Be Alive

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Contact 33Usually I write posts that are organized around a topic or theme, but today I simply feel the need to share. And it may come out a bit randomly.

What I’m noticing behind the scenes is somewhat different to what’s been going on so far among lightworker teams. To date, we’ve been building teams, ironing out the wrinkles, and doing the work. But I ‘m now seeing the first contacts being made among teams and individuals representing teams.

An interesting aspect of this is that some of these contacts were made months ago but did not bear fruit, but all of a sudden these seeds planted in the ground are rising up as tender shoots.

We’ve had or will be having two sets of exchanges in which other team leaders or teams present their work and we mirror back what we’re up to.

You’ve already seen the results of some of this “collaboration.” I use the word carefully and will explain why below.

You’ve seen some of it over the issue of ending gender persecution on the planet. We worked with some teams that are actually in the United Nations and we supported Eve Ensler in her campaign.

You’ve been hearing from Laurie McCammon from her own collaboration with UN people and that is an instance of this collaboration.

You can also see that Eve Ensler’s efforts have ignited support from among many well-known individuals, like Sir Patrick Stewart for instance (Jacques Picard on Star Trek) who made a recent appeal to men to stop their violence towards women, who are carrying on past V-Day. That certainly is another instance of this collaboration.

I may not be aware of other instances because life is so busy at the moment and I’m still trying to do as much writing as I have been. It isn’t easy to remain in touch with  “all” that’s happening in the wider world when the more local world is ten times more interesting  and very busy. And I’m led to believe that, for members of our teams at least, we’ll be taking up more and new responsibilities and have even less time in the future.

In regards to the “collaboration,” the reason I put it in quotes is that it’s new-paradigm collaboration. There isn’t a view on anyone’s part of one group trying to swallow the other – or “eat the other’s lunch,” as predatory business types might have phrased it in the 1990s.  It is genuine collaboration based on wanting to know how one group can serve the other and simply wanting to advance the whole – or the Plan.

You may be seeing some of the fruits of that on this blog in the near future. But of more importance, I think you’ll be seeing many lightworker teams connect and begin working with each other. It just seems to be happening naturally and easily, as if the time has arrived.

The other interesting development is instances of contact from extraterrestrial … well, I guess the right and only word is “mentors.” I’ve just had two sessions with the Arcturians through Suzanne Lie. Contact with Suzanne is itself an instance of the collaboration I was mentioning.  And perhaps I could digress on that a moment.

Suzanne and I are both Arcturians and talking with her was like talking to myself. Our energies were the same. The way we talked was the same. It just felt like I had come home and was the easiest thing in the world.  Suzanne is so natural, genuine, and sincere. I feel so blessed to know her better.

Interestingly many members of our teams are also Arcturians. And the Arcturians through Suzanne (or “Suzille” as they know her) drew our attention to the many channels who are also the same. I’m not saying that Pleiadians and Sirians and Andromedan starseeds are not also doing yeoman’s work. I’m not trying to be chauvinistic.

I’m simply pointing out how the various groups of Starseeds are becoming aware of each other, just as lightworkers in general were becoming more aware of each other, say, two years ago. The clarity that’s emerging is itself growing. Or you could say that the awakening process is entering a new phase.

In addition to that, Suzanne reported that the Arcturians wanted to make contact because it was time for me (since it was my reading) to wake up. I get that. I’m ready for it. I’ve been feeling the inner urge as well. So again, everything was in right timing.

And throughout the next night, I felt like a balloon that someone was slowly blowing up. I feel even more detached than I did before. Things that would have rankled me roll off my back these days. I definitely feel something occurring, not like I can nail down what it is. Perhaps “hydration” might be the right word. I was spiritually and emotionally dehydrated before, like a flash-dried vegetable.

Other members of the team were also very interested – I might even say “moved” – to chat with Suzanne and many new friendships were made. And  … and this is a difficult thing to convey … there was a synergy that occurred.  The whole was greater than its parts. We all felt energized from what we learned, the bonds that were made, and what we contributed to each other.  We emerged a bit more, and felt a bit more, confident and committed, simply from the contact.

In the readings with the Arcturians, and I’ve given Suzanne permission to share from them, they gave a lot of advice on difficult aspects of lightwork that I’ve benefitted greatly from. I’ll probably be sharing some of that as well in the future.

You saw Archangel Michael coaching our teams on abundance issues. I’ve now had two enlightening chats with the Arcturians. These are examples of the mentoring that channels have been discussing recently.

Suzanne says teams are on the ground who will be moving closer and closer to lightworkers who are open to being involved in the work that lies ahead. Our teams are definitely on the move in ways that’ll become clearer over time. What I’m left with is that I cannot think of a more exciting time to be alive.

 I have also finished a second book, which will go on sale soon. The idea for the third book has already gelled and I’ll be getting to work on that almost immediately. All proceeds from these books will go to the support of the teams.

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