Greetings from Herak Sirius dated 03.11.2013

Greetings from Herak Sirius
dated 03.11.2013

Channeled through Frank H. Scheffler

Dear Siblings of the Stars,

After a short interuption of our messages we’d like to contact our channel-medium again.

In order to stabilize furthermore all energies aiming at transforming consciousness this process has to be linked to activities of our vehicles which are stationed presently in your solar orbit and of planet Earth.

According to our recent reports all manifestations of energies for such improved update had been concluded already in January-
However regarding the morphogenetic field a certain frequency of power has to be maintained which will manifest – so to put it – the present status of energetic enrichment.

Not always you may be able to convert such processing on your mind-level. Perhaps on level of your earth you may satisfy yourself
by way of this explanation: each power station generating power has to to maintain some certain level of power frequency.

Many lightworkers – during the recent two months – have entered spheres of feelings presenting you with energies of peace and balanced evenness since last year’s influx of very intensive lights have arrived at your heart level. And these are – from time to time – quite some subtle spectra of feelings manifested in you and furthermore will be.

Also our channel medium who at first was somewhat disappointed will slowly get the inner sense of what has been changed on cellular level.

We can assure you that on Gaia there was no human being being excepted of this process. All of you have obtained the new basic outline for the new adjustment of coming times.

Even, if for many, ascension has not taken place according to the classical imagination of last year there remains that very summary that the majority then was not prepared and willing to make the leap ! However a great part of lightworking people has meanwhile understood what was good for them and has adjusted themselves accordingly.

In order to remain on the ball it was the intention before your incarnation – as some of the most important aspects – to make this planet reach the frequency-field of 5-D-Spectrum and for this target your inner process of working on it has been largely supported via all energies submitted to you.

Treat yourselves to rest while it is still winter in the Northern hemisphere of your planet. The tools of your inner spiritualization and thus your inner adjustment you should always carry in your baggage for daily use.

For our next following message we have asked our channel medium to deliver and publish his own reports about how his own perception has changed. Perhaps we may be able to open up together with him some forum of your experiences from your view. Since our channel medium has engaged himself in some circles of light it would be nice for us and him to obtain some sort of feedback from you.

Wholeheartedly we’d like to thank you all of you and are sending you white-golden light .

So Be It !
Herak Sirius

Channeled through Frank H.Scheffler

Translated by (Contra)Mary

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