High Vibrations from Marix Sirius through Sarinah dated 03.11.2013

High Vibrations from Marix Sirius

dated 03.11.2013 through Sarinah Aurelia

Source: http://marix-sirius.over-blog.de/

Sensual Desire in Golden Age

“I am craving in desire for you yet without devouring you …” thus would be the right expression to depict sensuality in Golden Age!

On reading these phrases do you sense any resonance?

Of course you will – since the old game of limitation has been finished and unconditional love instead will rise and be aglow in you!

Since the flow of incoming energies will sweep away from you everything that does not correspond to true all-embracing divine Love.

At first you may feel as if burned-out and emptied in your inner core – a short curtailed feeling of melancholy may turn in – however is being followed at once a highly felt bliss which will make you forget about all former clearing storms ! Transformations now are so gentle that they dock only to you – not in any case they will provide daylong tiredness or even sufferance and pain as formerly!

“Former Clearing Storms” that’s how we expressed it and still this relief and dissolution have been reached only recently for it was “The Creator” him-/herself announcing this divine decree of “Sovereignty for Lightbearers” on point of 12-21-2012 !

However shall we speak now about partnership in the new realm! Certainly our readers’ hearts will pound louder on reading that everything will become more intensive and more beautiful!

Even that so beloved and lived sexuality will be much more uplifting since it is no longer so much a matter of friction (sorry for our so distinct expression here) but it is much more like a deep merger of those concerned.
The unification itself is meant to assimilate the energies of the concerned couple. All relations will thus carry much more love and respect and this permanently !

This is no ” Future Music since long ago you began to yearn for this stage as one that  really matters – directing your looks towards what may be named “Essentials”.

It may very well turn out that everything has been swept to the surface which formerly had been on scrutiny being so blocking and heavily burdened in your life since it did not correspond to your own soul-contract.

Thus you can make your choice where you want to go on living and also what you want to do furthermore. And how youd want to express yourself via your body!

You may decide now when and how you want to pick up your very own target of your life or whether the old sort of profession is still valid for you in order to warrant your safety. And above all: with whom especially you may want to enter this stage of Galactic Era !

Since life itself is being well safeguarded in accordance with your Soul Agreements – however note please: if the higher frequencies of human bodies – Spirits – Souls will be achieved in their vibrational systems the more you will become “Angels of your Earth” !

All relevant Archangels are frequently so much moved and full of pride about your activities: Your Love, Compassion sharing with others and above all they fully appreciate that you have abandoned your former EGO ! This is due to your changed priorities in your life that happiness of your family and of the “Love of your Life” is more to your heart’s wish than your own fulfillment !

This, Beloveds, is the true wind of Golden Age : More feelings of bliss are being sensed throughout if one may add to the happiness of others – sharing loving feelings with them, and be it by one kiss only, one embrace or a loving look into the eyes of your vis-a-vis!

As your warmth, your compassion, and your love – everything you are sending out will form a circle and will return to you in the fastest way ever!

Thus you may bath yourselves daily in that pool of unconditional and divine love and sharing will no longer be tiring you or burning out like formerly!

Touching each other will become ever more important! As mentioned before your bodies are being inflooded with Light of the Creator ever more and kit will be no surprise if you appear so attractive to strangers – who cannot react otherwise than trying to touch you or to attract your looks to them. In such moments it is not your own personality they want to attract but more so the divine sparkle in you that will leap over to them.

Homogamous people particularly are far advanced to others since they generally have lived already since long all these particulars which we described above. And thus this has been accepted much more in such a society apparently not corresponding to “Normality” then. Please note especially, those homogamous couples and all those living this sort of life in accordance to divine energies – they are deserving every applause because there would not be any such change in society if they had not lived this partnership as an example before.

We are wishing you so much enjoyment and delight when diving into sensuality and soul-partnership of the Galactic Era!

How much we love you, how much ….


Thank you Marix


Translated by (Contra)Mary

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