High Vibration from Marix Sirius dated Feb.18.2013

After quite a while here is another message of Marix which shows what personal great progress has been made between Marix and his channel Sarinah regarding their nearness and intimacy. Their high increase of vibrational frequency is also felt by myself when I translate their original message in German. It flows and spreads over to me and fills my inner core with joy and sheer divine delight.

I should like you to read this message hereunder with your hearts wide opened and share this inner delight with me and make you willpower stronger again to go forward and create/manifest Nova Earth accordingly !!! Wishing you successful actions in that very way !

As always with Unconditional and Compassionate Love to,you


High Vibrations from Marix Sirius


Channeled through Sarinah dated 02.18.2013

In Life there is never-ending Ascension into heavenly Realms above – however it is getting always easier to achieve ….

While the influx of celestial energies are penetrating everything and everyone – reaching all hearts and even those totally hardened – there is free access for our all mutual being together ! And meanwhile you will be able to sense what is going on in your inside and outward around you.

Sometimes it may be felt like floating or even as if you were swimming in a pool  of love.

Whereby change in yourself may be so strong and powerful that you automatically are becoming and living your “I Am” that you verily are and always have been.

Angels of the Earth, Ascended Masters, Mentors, Joining Link to all Friends of Inner Earth or Member of the Galactic Federation of Light! No matter what you are feeling in your inner hearts. whoever you are. the way however you live, wherever your home is. whatever profession you have or whomever you love – you may well assured that everything you did was in a rightful way and that we are very proud of you!

No matter how hard and how fateful your past years of life have been and whichever drama you have been confronted with – these past years were so very essential for you and just the phases when you possibly thought you would never find your real vocation/mission – all these phases have made you become what you are now !

Wonderful you are – powerful, strong, loving, sage and compassionate beings that you are – just about to create Nova Earth and to fill new connections to partners with life and which are about to find fullfilment in their vocation/mission in mutual joining with other human fellows of lightwork.

Sometimes there is still missing the somewhat elevated view on matters so that you will not be able to perceive the forest least for all the trees around you. This is more than well understood however since this is solely a matter of training !

As you have been imprisoned in dualities and forgetfulness for many incarnations while busy in many of your lives to dissolve old Karma – not solely for your very selves but also for the human collective.

However “Karma” is some old and antique term of expression since it has been extinguished by divine decree in train of the living ascension of human mankind.

Many a reader will certainly have experienced much pain, mourning, or even traumatic events since with loving relatives and friends pain is immense when their beloved ones are journeing into their spiritual homeland – very often all of a sudden – without any chance of bidding farewell to them as they passed on from your side by change and death of their bodies.

However, by your ascension while still in life here it is possible for you to unite again with your beloved ones so that you must NOT wait until you are floating without your body through the Channel of Love.

Since just when your heart grows heavy with spreading sadness it is essential to go into trust and confidence. Trusting in one’s very own life-planning that you had known very exactly before your incarnation which kinds of experience you wanted to go through and why!  And also knowing that you never punished yourselves by way of living out your prior life-agreements – and  also so that there is always an underlying sense for every experience even if it is not dissolving itself to you in the momentum of experience. Later you will become grateful for each and every stone in the way since these were no blockades but wayshowers to you …

We ‘d like to address here too that it is important to lay all your trust into the Divine Guidance since by your letting-go the Angels, your spiritual Mentors, may be able to lead to you everything you are wishing to have or what you need just in the very moment!

Sometimes it happens that there is a door which you are just about to pass through will be slammed and closed again before your very nose – still please keep in mind to leave this door behind you – meaning let-go of passing through this door and to stay in your very deep trust ! Do not despair please, if the conclusion thereof is in case some certain wish is not being fulfilled at first in the way you wanted it to be !

As this will create another vortex of increasing energies for new possibilities – new chances will open up which will be filled with even more – better – more intensive – with more happiness than those which you believed to have already lost for ever.

Actually I, Marix, am in the middle of an Interview with Sarinah in order to talk about the new and lightful sensuality. However we agreed upon to postpone this subject to our next interview.

Whereby to talk about the lightful sensuality of the new epoch is not the absolute ultimate pinnacle!

Most important is : Doing it – the execution thereof – that the attachment, nearness, compassion and also the meeting of each other humans via their sensuality – that all this will be filled with life/love,

Since you are the prototypes for all those following. They are those which solely by touchingyour energy are getting the nudge into the direction that is the very right one for them.
Thus I am thanking you and bid you farewell for this moment.

Never forget, dear friends, you are immeasurably beloved !

Thank you Marix


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