Steve B.’s follow up of yesterday’s post: “Back in the Troughs and Waves Again”

Steve B. followed up his update of yesterday on his Blog titled as above – in which I regard his quote of Werner Erhard as the essential one for his description of the particular situation he is in now:

Quote:”…But I’m still in the cycle Werner Erhard called “getting it and losing it, getting it and losing it.”….Unquote

And for this truthful description what Steve is going through (being thrown into wild waters again, that’s how it is felt when reading his post) I believe I have to make it available to you too so that you are not misled when you read only Steve’s post of yesterday … it belongs to this one of today as this up-and-down (standing with each one leg in 3-D and 5-D – back and forth) might be the like case with many of us on-racing lighworkers. And this is the main reason I feel that I have simply to share this post with you.

As always with Compassionat and Unconditional Love to you all yours (Contra)Mary

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Back in the Troughs and Waves Again

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Stern CatMy belief that I had escaped once and for all from the exhaustion of the moment has proven premature. Within two or three hours after my breakthrough yesterday into a higher-dimensional place of being, I was back in exhaustion again.

For a time I could see what Archangel Michael was talking about when he discussed “facing into the Third” vs. “facing into the Fifth.”  My exhaustion had lifted earlier when I heard the thought “You are not tired. You are going through a dimensional shift.” I tell myself I had ceased facing into the Third and faced into the Fifth.

But I’m still in the cycle Werner Erhard called “getting it and losing it, getting it and losing it.”

But that insight was not helping me now. The exhaustion had settled on me and wasn’t seemingly going to budge. I had invited this situation. I asked AAM in my reading on Feb. 7 to increase the love and wisdom that I felt. I said I was willing to go faster than the norm if that would speed things up. Exhaustion is probably the price one pays when one invites going on the fast track.

As exhaustion settled back on me again, I could not shift it no matter what mental positioning I tried.

Other members of the team have been reporting a similar exhaustion. At the time they were, I was not experiencing it. But now I am.

As the exhaustion set in again, my awareness receded. There was a time when I was going through troughs and waves of fatigue and then matters settled into a general trough again.

One beneficial result of the breakthrough I had yesterday, however, was that I could clearly see this situation as an artifact, a product of the Ascension process. For that reason I feel not distress over it. On the contrary, I see it as a process that will probably repay careful study and I find myself making hypotheses about it.

I’m testing out what the impact on it is of acceptance, going with the flow, experiencing it deeply, and other approaches are. I know it’s a temporary phase and intend to examine it closely for as long as it’s happening.

But for now, it’s not possible to do nearly as much as there is facing me to do. I’m obliged to relax whether I wish to or not.

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