Life can change Now in a Heartbeat – My Thoughts thereto and Update in the Timeline Now

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This is what Steve B..writes in his post today “Life can change Now in a Heartbeat”  and also: “Strange voyage we are on. Unpredictable. Unknowable. Wonderful.”

and all he depicts in his post may be underlined under these two passages – and also what was moved into my heart and stormed out into the open as a sort of inner update of  mine below hereunder:

And I can only stress these facts for my very own life … we are told to let loose everything that appears not true to us any longer and from our changing inside it comes out into the open —with the effect that we separate ourselves of old habitual reactions and compromises ! As examples I may give that so many matters and joints with people or tasks in the past that I only felt obliged to do and to be of service (to which I held on from pure what I thought was my responsibility and not to disappoint people was) I cut myself off those as I realize all these became to be a burden to me as i did not feel any pleasure for myself any longer as it was solely to the service of others and not to myself at all  – only a falsely felt obligation – obligation for what or for whom ?

As we enter into the Nova Earth and are trying to let go all so hard learned and deeply rooted ethical outlines for our life under the former 3D-Matrix  we have to find out which is true to our life in Respect and Unconditional Love to Ourselves being the divine sparkles of our all One-Divine-Source-of-Light
I believe if we keep this line or link from this our Divine Source to our very own Inner Self in some clear and straight joint or link (somehow mathematical  direct line)
and submit all our thoughts and actions under this sort of pre-requisite ideas – this will truly manifest  all basics whatever they will be into the new Matrix of the Golden Age.

This means also that each one of us has to cut him/herself off from any old guideline of judging, analyzing oneself and others according to so fixed rules of past duality of what is good or bad … so that we get conscious now that we are in a space of a sort of “No-Mans-Land” regarding any fixed or manifested basic rules of ethics lest for the One I described above. The whole impact of what is asked from us all will only become clear when we try to follow these thoughts up and manifest them into the solid outward realities of life ! I daresay we all will be surprised and amazed about the numerous ideas, outlines, ethical basics which we have to discard all of a sudden – it will turn up our whole life from ground onward ….

For this reason and contemplations above – if I am going to surprise many people and acquaintances in the near future by some un-precedented moves – it because of these ideas and because I am moving forward into the new age of higher dimensions where ther are new and changed basic matricularities for my life and my inner intuitions.

This is my update for today – what will become my basic ideas of to-morrow – I do not know – I just follow this new line I sketched out above: I am a divine sparkle of our all One Divine Source and in full consciousness of this being  I shall proceed on from day to day – listening to my gentle inner voice in my deep heart and try to act accordingly …. in all my great Love – Praise to our One-Source as Creator and Admiration and Compassionate Respect to all my Fellow Humans
following their very own way according to their soul contracts.

These are my update greetings to you all and may you be blessed on your road !
Yours (Contra)Mary

And for your good read to be fulfilled – here is the re-blogged post of Steve Beckow too:

Life Can Change in a Heartbeat

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Happy 3920These days we can be in hell one moment and in heaven the next.
For the last twelve hours, I’ve been so fatigued that I couldn’t get out of bed. And when I did, I felt like a drunk, almost ready to keel over. So what did I do with that? I said: I felt tired.
And of course I did feel tired.  As Benjamin Lee Whorf said, (1) life showed up the way I described it. Believing was seeing.
And then something happened that changed it all – and I can only report on it. It’s not as if I can explain to you what actually did happen. I can’t.
I had an inspired thought that said: You are not tired. You are going through a dimensional shift.
You know that I’ve said in regards to vasanas that we should take the first image of the original incident that the mind brings to our attention. No rejection of a thought, no editing. Unconditional acceptance of the very first thought.
Well, here too, I almost ignored this thought, but then I reminded myself of how I would proceed with a vasana (2) and embraced the thought. OK, I’m going through a dimensional shift.
The minute I did so, the whole situation shifted. Immediately I was no longer tired. If anything I was energized. But the “me” that was energized was a lighter version of me, not at all related to the older version.
As long as I centered my awareness in the older version of me – let’s call it the older Third (3) version – I was tired, bedraggled, energyless. But as soon as I shifted my awareness, and allegiance, to the newer version – let’s call it the nova me – I was absolutely fine again.
I think I just went through the process of moulting that I talked about yesterday.  I believe I was inspired to use the word “moulting” yesterday and then taken through the process one day later. I believe that this is the way things work round about now.
(And even talking about this right now is exactly me doing my job as a starseed and going through the process of Ascension consciously, sharing as I go along, and acting as leaven in the loaf.)
I believe that I have indeed just gone through a dimensional shift, whose exact dimensions are not known to me. I feel lighter, way, way lighter.  I feel wonderful. I feel absent of any negative condition or emotion.
As I was making the shift from the one dimensional experience to the other, there was a moment during which I first contemplated letting go of the old Third experience. And as I did so I became aware of feeling some ennui, despondency. Part of my old Third experience was feeling tired and feeling bad about feeling tired.
This ennui entirely evaporated the minute I stopped holding onto my old Third experience.  I feel no ennui at all now. And we’re talking about a transition of just seconds in duration. One minute I was tired and despondent; the next minute I am fine, lighter, resilient, energetic. Life can change in a heartbeat.
If that is not a birth experience or a moulting or whatever, I’d be hard-pressed to know what might be. I’ve passed through some kind of portal, some kind of birth, and I feel totally marvellous. I think this is what is meant by gradual Ascension or Ascension as a process.
I take a deep breath and it’s as if my body is cloudlike compared to what it was. I feel a total absence of any situation, any condition, to which I could attach a word of complaint. I feel wonderful.
I’m going to continue with my day off because I have so much to catch up on that was postponed while I was writing this latest book. But I’m no longer dragging myself around! Ah, now here comes the bliss. I am steeped in bliss at this moment. Just up it arose and completely took me over. Welcome, friend.  Welcome, comforter.
Strange voyage we are on. Unpredictable. Unknowable. Wonderful.


(1) “The Difficulty with Words,” at

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