“RELEASE” – Nelson Mandela Sculpture – “Love of the People: MANIFESTED IN AWESOME PIECE OF ART”

Re-blogged from Jean Haines … which struck me as such awesome piece of art emerging from our new mode of thoughts from inner heart and manifested as love and gratitudal signal of the people for the courageous life of one arisen from their mid fighting for their all freedom! And such is the nature of the accomplished sculpture … make people think and marvel at it … such as they marvel at the heart and life of Nelson Mandela !!!

Always for you with Compassionate and Unconditional Love yours



Re-blogged version from Jean Haines:

Nelson Mandela Sculpture . . . thanks to S.

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“Release” is a monumental sculpture to Nelson Mandela situated at the site in South Africa where he was arrested in 1962 (he remained in custody for 27 years). The sculpture is made of 50 steel columns between 21 and 31 feet high whose arrangement appears random from most angles. However, about 115 feet in front of the sculpture, the columns align to form an image of Mandela’s face. The sculpture was created by South African artist Marco Cianfanelli.

It consists of 50 ten metre high laser cut steel plates set into the landscape, representing the 50 year anniversary of when and where Nelson Mandela was captured and arrested, on August 6, 1962 prior to his 27 years of incarceration.

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