Status Update of My-Today-Yesterday & un/likely Tomorrow … ?

As it is my very own way to go through my own life very intuitively – skipping off all analyzing features of former past life under the old matrix – this is something quite new to me ! Also I am quite unsure still how to handle this new approach ! I come across so many matters of mine which are unusual and not habitual to me. For instance : I do no longer want to read longwinded and sharp-analyzed articles which I took formerly such a great pleasure in. No more of sophisticated and highbrow intellectual argumentations which delighted me before ! If I go back to old judgements of mine it looks to me like losing all intellectual powers (like the beginning of Alzheimer ??? if I am very true and frank in a strict way)  …. but I do trust in the Divine Decree and believe this is just one of the signals of the shift and ascension – passing with gainining more upward steps of my very ascension ladder !

Shall I tell you how I pass through my days? I am on my own – having lived a single life since 1988. These days I sleep long into the morning irrespectively when I turn in the evening before. All through the night I wake up every 1-2 hours or having wild dreams – sometimes very weird landscapes of ruins or earth being full of vast and deep craters and I am among other fews on the brink of them being fenced off of all the rest of mankind by huge fences… I know these landscapes from earlier dreams – long before now and they appear to have returned … I know I have to release them and they do not frighten me any more … but it is weird … and when I sleep late in the morning I see also the other hopeful part of my dreams e.g. flowers on the pavement on which I walk which (in my dream) I find quite in order to pick them … all these signals appear in my daily night-sleep-life and when my big long tom-cat comes to wake me insistently in the morning … I do have to take some longer time than usually to wake up fully.

So I wake up and at the same time I feel so tired … could go to sleep just again …. but have to start my daily life …. breakfasting with my ginger Tome-Cat sharing one kitchenstool as he loves to sit behind me…. and I am feeding him some delicate bites before he jumps down to his own food.
He loves some inner cuts of fresh cucumbers as he does not drink any water and his meals contain also thin-sliced cucumbers as well with meat of course.
When I turn to the PC after this kind of breakfast (mine consists of fresh oranges and bananas followed by some milkcoffee) I browse habitually throuigh the internet of posts and am barred off these from reading by such huge unlust… just searching for my former deep resonance of my heart when reading and very often I just quit posts since my former resonance has gone.

Formerly I should have been upset – but now I am not – I feel a deep tiredness and usually I lie down on a couch (potato-coluch in a some sense) and my cat is joining me and away I drift for abt. 2 hours with my cat in a spoonwise constellation.

To go out I have to make a very strong decision — still some matters have to be attended to like shopping groceries or some other errands. And when I do I try to  manifest my thoughts of light and love for the New Age to Come while going by bus and walk in the streets When returning home I am again so tired, I can barely unpack all goods shopped.  Thus my daily life passes so fast nowadays and soon my today has gone ! Thus is my daily life running away from me so quick these days !

I believe thus is the way we all have to cope with the new way of “Zero Time” and the “Now” we start to live in – and I found out it is not so easy !
Sitting before the PC and trying to write down my thoughts – makes me always wonder where I have been  all the time typing … as time according to our old clockwise-routine seems to slip away in some alike fast way so that I wonder after writing a passage to where the time has slipped away from  me… when Ilook at the clockwise-time passing so fast !

I do hope all this this will not surprise you so much … there might be some others out there with similar experiences in their life-threads …and it is for the sake of those that I have revealed something here about the core of my daily life. If you find it tedious ? I do too ! But having decided to shift and stepped up on the Ascension-Ladder-of-Mine I possibly have to go through all this and I am firmly determined to do so – as for once and all I have perceived this to be not only the goal of my Now-life-Incarnation but also of all incarnations before !

I am in for this road as so many others and I am seeking these others here by my blogging – re-blogging – posting e.g. my thoughts as above in all confidence and trust with compassionate and unconditional love which I learned to open up to with my inner heart in all these years before while trying to keep on with ascension ……

So as always with compassionate and unconditional love to you all on your very own path !

Do you know that also any of my former curiosity of what is going on and what has been done to us from the Dark Gamers in outward worldly life and else in posts depicting what is coming to us until the final shift …. has also disappeared from my mind ? I am thus occupied with trying to ascend on my very own ladder of ascension so I – for the reason of the vanishing speed of time – cannot be bothered with all these events any more – and perhaps my unlust and frust to read much of the former channelled messages may have some vital reason : because many of them entail so many elements of the former matrix of 3-D which accordingly slowly decrease and will eventually disappear in the new realm to be manifested on Earth !

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The Years of Life tell me that I am old - My Inner Heart tells me that I am young - it is proof that I still live in Duality and as I decided to outgrow this Matrix I am prepared to ascend into some other realm leaving all the old and shabby patterns behind me pluck up all my courage for the New Age with shining lights so Golden of Promise - And take with me nothing but love - peace - harmony and one only virtue of 3-D density : staying a pioneer all my lifes ... ready for another adventure ... with the Help of God Almighty...